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Subject: degrib1.85
From: "arthur.taylor"
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2007 11:20:56 -0500

Hi everyone,

You have the unique distinction of being registered on the degrib mailing list (all 1984 of us). Please email me if you want to unregister. The latest version of the program is on: or

----------- General News (see: or

On 2/27/2007, the following elements were added to the NDFD for the CONUS and sub sectors: Convective Hazard Outlook, Probability of Tornadoes, Probability of Hail, Probability of Damaging Thunderstorm Winds, Probability of Extreme Tornadoes, Probability of Extreme Hail, Probability of Extreme Thunderstorm Winds, Total Probability of Severe Thunderstorms, Total Probability of Extreme Severe Thunderstorms. (TIN 07-05)

----------- News about this release:

I've just finished putting together (on Tuesday 2/27/2007) version "1.85" (last one that I announced was "1.84" on 11/3/2006). Sorry to take so long sending this release note out, but surgery on a broken leg slowed things down.

This release focused primarily on handling the new SPC grids, but included some needed upgrades (particularly upgrading the g2clib library and emapf library, and improving the code for the change in daylight savings)

1) Added support for the SPC grids.

2) Upgraded to NCEPs g2clib-1.0.4 library (from version 1.0.2), and fixed a glitch in the memory allocation in g2_unpack2.c.

3) Upgraded to most recent version of the emapf-c library.

4) Overhauled clockstart.c to improve clock.exe, and added support for the 2007 change to daylight saving time

5) Added support for labeling analysis error grids in the RTMA

6) Enabled Wind Gust and Tropical cyclone winds for -DP. Need to investigate the -DC option with tropical cyclone winds.

7) Fixed an indexing glitch in Grib2DataProbe which caused it to be unable to handle multiple -DP points.

8) Thanks to a user, I fixed the bi-linear interpolation. I had been interpolating by holding y constant, but accidentally used the values as if I was holding x constant.

9) Thanks to a user, I fixed some bugs in strTrimRight() and strTrim().

10) Modified the categorical units to consistently use ';' instead of ',' to allow for easier parsing

11) Adjusted genprobe to grab nhemi data as well if the point falls in PR or CONUS since 'nhemi' entirely covers the CONUS and PR sectors.

12) Changed behavior of -DP so a point falling outside the grid returns missing instead of nearest grid cell. (Wash D.C. should not have a value on the Hawaii grid).


Please let me know if you have problems.


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