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Subject: degrib1.86
From: "arthur.taylor"
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 14:11:44 -0400

Hi everyone,

You have the unique distinction of being registered on the degrib mailing list (all 2180 of us). Please email me if you want to unregister. The latest version of the program is on: or

Note: Someone emailed me a week or so ago about converting degrib's NetCDF to something AWIPS/GFE could read. I accidentally deleted the message before I could respond. If I haven't responded to an email, please send me a new message. Thank you.

---------- General News (see: or

TIN 07-31,07-32: On 5/31/2007, Significant wave height, and probabilistic tropical cyclone surface wind speed elements became operational elements in the NDFD with the 12Z issuance.

RTMA: Around 4/24/2007, the RTMA (Real Time Mesoscale Analysis) grids became part of the NDGD.

Smoke: Around 2/27/2007, the air quality's NDGD smoke grids changed from experimental to operational.

---------- News about this release:

I've just finished putting together version "1.86" (last one that I announced was "1.85" on 3/5/2007).

This release focused primarily on reconfiguring the wave height, and tropical cyclone wind speed probability grids, smoke grids, and handling RTMA grids. In addition it included removing the FORTRAN dependency, and expanding support for "gribcut"

1) Added support for NDGD-RTMA, and reconfigured the NDGD Smoke Grids, and the NDFD tropical cyclone wind probabilities, and significant wave heights.

2) Simplified the GRIB2 library to no longer be dependent on FORTRAN (degrib is now pure C). Now uses a slightly modified NCEP g2c-1.0.4, with a wrapper API, for both decoding and encoding purposes (had used g2c-1.0.4 for just decoding).

3) Expanded variables which "-DC -cube" can handle to include all NDFD variables. This option is used by "gribcut" the custom sector NDFD GRIB2 service.

4) At the request of NCEP, added "" script to /degrib/bin. This is a sample command line script for creating shapefiles from a GRIB file.

5) Adjusted variable look up code to handle CPC's probability of X above/below average grids, and Gridded MOS's QPF06/QPF12 and SnowAmt24 grids.

6) Added better probing support for SPC's p* and conhazo grids.

7) Updated dwmllib based on the latest modifications, most notably the new file structure (1 procedure per file). In addition added weather summaries support.

8) Updated emapf-c library to the latest version

9) Updated the variable look up code based on NCEP's web pages from 5/14/2007.

10) Fixed a bug when converting all messages, and the last one is a subgrid.


Please let me know if you have problems.


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