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Subject: degrib1.87
From: "arthur.taylor"
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 18:04:50 -0400

Hi everyone,

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The focus of release 1.87 is to reconfigure the NDFD Wind Gust and to be
able to handle the new encoding details for Probability of Severe
Thunderstorms. (Note: 1.87 was available on 9/20/2007, but I was unable
to email the release notes until now.)

------- General News (see

A) TIN07-58: On 9/20/2007, some of the encoding details changed for
"Total Probability of Severe Thunderstorms" and "Total Probability of
Extreme Severe Thunderstorms".

B) TIN07-56: On 9/20/2007, Wind Gust became operational in the NDFD.

C) TIN07-71: On 10/18/2007, there will be an addition of 12 more climate
outlook probability elements to the NDFD

------- Details about release: 1.87 (last one was 1.86 on 5/31/2007)

1) Modified code to handle the 203,204 -> 215,216 renumbering of Tot.
Prob. Sev. T-Storm, and Tot. Prob. Ext. Sev. T-Storm.

2) Updated Wind Gust to operational.

3) Switched from a makefile.* system to a "configure / make" system for
compilation. For more info, see "/degrib/src/README.config".

4) Adjusted the interpretation of "-Interp". With "-C" it had been
intended as 0="don't interpolate to a coverage grid", 1="interpolate to
a coverage grid using nearest neighbor", 2="interpolate to a coverage
grid using bi-linear". With "-P" it was 0="use nearest neighbor", 1 or
2="use bi-linear". This was confusing, so now a value of 1 with "-P"
means to use nearest neighbor.

5) Added support for gridded MOS elements: qpf06, qpf12, sky, snw24, and
wgust, and now allows custom sector to handle all NDFD elements.

6) Updated to NCEP's latest (as of 9/17/2007) local use tables.

7) When creating GRIB2 from a "cube" file (for custom sectors), fixed an
error when calculating the portion of the file to read. The error only
occurred when it was provided a lower left corner west of the western
most part of the grid.

8) On the GIS tab: Changed the default view from "small" to "list"; the
"list" view now reacts properly to "double click"; and the focus doesn't
change when the cursor moves through the middle list boxes.

9) Added ability to handle time units of month, year, decade, normal
(aka 3 decades), and century.

10) The shapefile's ".dbf" files only allow 11 characters for a column
name, and dislikes the use of ' ', so the code uses the "short" element
name, but now replaces "Prob" with "P" before truncating if it has to,
and it avoids ' '.

11) Enhanced the speed of creation of point shapefiles by not allocating
as much memory.

12) Enhanced the labels for the color ramp in drawshp and added a
lat/lon lattice option.

------- Please let me know if you have problems.


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