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Subject: degrib1.90
From: "arthur.taylor"
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2007 13:51:23 -0400

Hi everyone,

You are amongst the 2,780 people registered on the degrib mailing list.
Please email me if you wish to unregister.

The focus of release 1.90 is to fix some bugs in the dwmllib library
(used for the -XML option) released in 1.89.

------- General News:

------- Details about release: 1.90 (last one was 1.89 on 10/23/2007)

1) dwmllib bug: in which number of days formatted in XML was 1 more day
then specified in -numDays command line argument. The bug occurred from
05Z to 12Z.

2) dwmllib bug: in which weather data was not falling into the correct
summary period.

3) dwmllib bug: in which too much data was clipped when user specified
startTime and endTime arguments for time-series and glance products.

4) In pack.c::fillSect3(), there is a request for angle, which is
intended to define the basic unit of angle (lat/lon) for lat/lon grids
when not the default value of 10-6. I accidentally used "angleRotate"
which was undefined instead. This caused a failure for -Grib2 on some
linux machines. Others randomly had a default value of 0 which made it
work sporadically.

5) Introduced a -avgInterp option which, when doing bilinear
interpolation (see -Interp), if a point is surrounded by 1 or more
missing corners, it returns the inverse distance weighted average of the
non-missing corners, instead of missing.

6) Added a check to degrib2.c::ReadSECT0() to make sure the edition is 1
or 2 when detecting a "GRIB". If not, it ignores the false positive and
keeps looking for "GRIB". This should help people who have wrapped GRIB
messages with text containing the word "GRIB".

7) Added a table for some support for Norway GRIB1 products.

------- Please let me know if you have problems.


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