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Subject: degrib1.94
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 04:10:43 -0400 (EDT)

Hi everyone,

You are amongst the 4,830 degrib users registered on the degrib update mailing
list. Please email me if you don't want to receive them anymore. The latest
version of the program is on: (

The focus of release 1.94 is:

A) To respond to the various TINs since July 24, 2008. These include:
1) TIN08-57: 12 climate outlook probability elements become operational on
2) TIN09-14: 9 convective outlook hazard probability elements become
operational on 4/30/2009.
3) TIN09-20: 9 additional gridded forecast elements for Alaska added
in experimental mode on 7/8/2009.
4) TIN09-24: Hazard elements become operational on 9/15/2009.
For more on NWS's Technical Implementation Notices (TINs) go here:

B) Update the GRIB tables to synchonize with NCEP's documentation at:

C) Syncrhonize work with Paul Hershberg's 'dwmllib'. This is the library that
produces XML from the NDFD (see: By joining
degrib and dwmllib we provide you with the ability to create XML from the
GRIB files (or an expanded version of them) which for large numbers of
stations should be more efficient than repeatedly hitting the SOAP server.

Paul ( would appreciate any feedback you may have
about dwmllib, the -XML option, or the SOAP server. Particularly any success

D) Provide a kml/kmz option. NHC asked me to help them produce kml/kmz files
for my Probabilistic Hurricane Storm Surge (p-surge) product this season.
Fortunately there hasn't been a need to do so in realtime as we haven't had
any hurricane landfalls in the continental US. However if you want to use
the kml/kmz option try either:
1) degrib maxt.bin -C -Kml -poly 2 -KmlIni kml.ini
2) degrib maxt.bin -C -Kmz -poly 2 -KmlIni kml.ini
There is a sample kml.ini file located in "c:/ndfd/degrib/MapIni/kml.ini"
Unfortunately the kml.ini control file may be a bit tricky, and I have not
had an opportunity to document it. Please try it out and if you have
problems send me an email.

Please let me know if you have problems.


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