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Subject: degrib1.97b
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 04:00:00 -0400 (EDT)

-------- DRAFT -----

Hi everyone,

You are amongst the 6,300 degrib users registered on the degrib update mailing
list. Please email me if you don't want to receive them anymore. Also,
since its been a while since I sent out a release note, the list may have
some errors.

The latest version of the program is on: (

The focus of release 1.97b is:

A) To respond to the move to NIDS (NWS Internet Dissemination System) which
adversely impacted gribcut (which provides NDFD data on user defined subsectors). The degrib client code needed to be changed,
and the URL on the server has moved. The new URL is
Tthe various TINs since Sep 14, 2009. These include:
1) TIN11-03: Two experimental Fire Wx outlook elements added to NDFD
2) TIN09-38: Convective hazard outlooks to go operational 12/1/2009
For more on NWS's Technical Implementation Notices (TINs) go here:

B) Syncrhonize work with Paul Hershberg's 'dwmllib'. This is the library that
produces XML from the NDFD (see: By joining
degrib and dwmllib we provide you with the ability to create XML from the
GRIB files (or an expanded version of them) which for large numbers of
stations should be more efficient than repeatedly hitting the SOAP server.
Paul ( would appreciate any feedback you may have
about dwmllib, the -XML option, or the SOAP server. Particularly any success

C) Some minor enahancements such as:
1) Enabling Visibility to convert from m to statute miles
2) Adding a -Split option
3) Modifing metaparse.c to not complain about master table version 4,5
4) Modifying code to handle template 4.7

D) Performance : Removing some un-necessary memory swapping resulting in a
potential 10% speed improvement.

Please let me know if you have problems.


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