Flash Flood Monitoring
Prediction (FFMP)




FFMP and Dual Pol

FFMP is ready to make use of the Dual Pol radar product: DPR (Digital Precipitation Rate)! Check the Docs/Pubs --> FFMPA Data Config OB9.3+ document in the left-side menus to see guidance on how to configure FFMP to use DPR for whatever radars are of interest to you. You can even use the old non-Dual-Pol DHR product along with the new DPR products, in FFMP, at the same time, to compare the performance of the two.

FFMP and Q2

Eastern Region has adopted the use of Q2 in AWIPS, and have configured FFMP to make use of this new data. Q2 is basically a suite of generated data fields, some of which are precipitation-based. It uses more QC smarts, pulling in data from other sensors to improve its precipitation estimates (both QPE and QPF), similar to HPE and HPN. If you'd like to know more about how they did it, contact Laurie Hogan.

FFMP and Precipitation Frequency as Guidance

Sometimes the intensity of a flash flood or rain event is coined in terms of frequency, such as a "100-year event". Now, such precipitation frequency (or ARI - "Average Recurrence Interval") can be used as Guidance data in FFMP (like RFC FFG). The process has been documented by Mike Mclane and David Brown of the Phoenix WFO (PSR). If you are interested in using ARI in FFMP, contact Ed Clark (or Mike or Dave).


FFMP has been completely re-written for AWIPS II. The basic behaviors are the same, but the guts needed to be changed to suit the new AWIPS II architecture. MDL DAB is continuing to test and evaluate this new version of FFMP to ensure it can do all of the things the old version could do, and at least as good, but hopefully better.