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FFMP Troubleshooting Tips

Basic FFMP Information

If your problem is not mentioned in the Troubleshooting Tips below, please try our Field Reports page, which contains communications between the developers and the field.

Version # and
Symptom Potential Solution
OB8.3+ FFMP Display fails to display, but only for a Service Backup D2D session. Copy the file /awips/fxa/data/localizationDataSets/PPP/purgeInfo.txt to
for each workstation.  (PPP = Primary CWA ID, XXX = Service backup CAW ID(s))
OB8.3+ The FFMP Data Monitor web page display an "Internal Error" message
instead of the expected web page.
Check the file px1:/var/log/httpd/error_log for messages regarding
get_ffmp_data.tcl and "Warning...Redundant" product entries. if you
find such redundancies, check the noted file and remove the
redundancy. This is likely in a custom or local file.
OB8.3+ FFMP Display does not seem to update in the D2D properly when
new data comes in.
Re-start the notificationServer, as user fxa on dx1:
OB8.3+ FFMPA Data Config File details



OB7.2+ The FFMP Basin Table seems to re-rank in no discernible order. - Shut down all FFMP's on all D2Ds.
- Delete the two files:
- re-start FFMP on an LX D2D.
OB7.2 to OB8.2 In the past, re-localization fixed a number of FFMP issues. With OB7.2, you should not need to re-localize to solve FFMP problems anywhere near as much, but just in case, here are the steps to take . . . Re-localization: As user fxa on px1, issue the commands:
1) cd /awips/fxa/data/localization/scripts
2) ./mainScript.csh f -scan
3) (if no errors) cd /awips/fxa/data/localizationDataSets/XXX
4) scp *aggr_basin* xxx:/awips/fxa/data/localizationDataSets/XXX
where XXX = upper case WFO ID and xxx = machine short name (ie: lx1). Copy to all lx machines as well as px2.
OB5(OB4.2) If I try to switch radars in FFMP, only the first radar loaded has the color image working.  Any subsequent radars do not have a good color image. (Work-around) switch panes to load a different radar for FFMP.
4.2 only The FFMP color image in the D2D does not show any color-filled shapes.

Try setting your default time duration value to 1 hour or less.  The next time you load FFMP in the D2D, it should be OK.  If it is not, try re-starting the D2D and verifying that the time duration viewed when FFMP starts is actually less than or equal to 1 hour.  If this still doe snot fix things, contact the NCF and inform them of these attempts.  

Remember - changing default settings requires you to use the File menu in the Basin Table to save the configuration to default.

OB4.2 & 5 I cannot re-rank the Basin Table. In the file /awips/fxa/data/Config_Attrib.txt on each workstation, change a section of text from




This should do it.  (The only item changed is "rank".)
OB4 FFMP table doesn't load, but the "FFMP loading window" stays up and hangs.

For each affected radar (some radars may be unaffected:)

 cd   /data/fxa/radar/kxxx/radar/ffmp/lookupFiles/  (where kxxx is the name of the radar)
 cp  scanGridToBasin.dat  scanGridToBasin.dat.backup (for safekeeping)
 sed   's/-999/0/g'   scanGridToBasin.dat  > tmp1
 mv  tmp1  scanGridToBasin.dat

This workaround will remain in effect until you alter your basins andrelocalize (repeat in that case if necessary)

OB4 and up After AWIPS installation or basin shapefile update, basins appear disjointed, or rainfall is being mapped into the wrong areas. First, try a partial FFMP localization, using these instructions: FFMP localization. If this does not help, run the more extensive "forced" scan localization, with some extra steps--see this link: Forced scan localization. Note that each of these procedures will require removal of FFMP's rate/accumulation data. The table will be blank or have N/A's until FFMP has time to accrue new data.
OB2 to OB3.2 Precip is missing from areas of FFMP's D-2D display or counties are missing from the FFMP table.

The likely cause is an accidental shifting of basin coverage during a localization for a neighboring site. Follow these instructions to correct the basin coverage.
FFMP Localization (PDF Format)

OB2 to OB3.2
In the FFMP table, Virtual Gage Basins have absurdly high rates (OB2) or indicate "NO BIN" (OB3). Contact MDL. This problem will be patched in OB3.2, but a fix is available immediately (as of 4/20/04) for any OB3 site which would like it before the OB3.2 MR in late May.
OB2 Rates appear successfully in the FFMP table, but the accumulations are all zero Check to see if all three of the following conditions are met:
1. AWIPS is still at OB2.3 or OB2.4
2. ORPG is Build 5
3. The Bias Applied Flag (set with the MPE product) is "True".

If all three conditions are met, then a workaround is to use MPE to set the Gage Bias Applied Flag to "False". The bias will default to a meaningless value of 1.0 in FFMP, and in other
radar precipitation products such as OHP and STP. MPE will not be affected. This bug will be fixed with the first OB3 installation, at which time FFMP will be able to read the
activated gage bias.

5.2.2 and up FFG does not appear in FFMP table even though Gridded FFG seems to be current in
D-2D displays.
Click on the "FF" button at the top right of the D-2D to bring up the Flash Flood Threat Index GUI.  Under the "FFG
Expiration Time" box, extend the time (in hours). Click "Save". Then clear the FFMP and reload. Note that while most RFC's generate FFG every 12 hours, there can be a couple hours lag between the valid time and the actual issuance time, creating an effective FFG age of 14 or 15 hours.
5.1.2 and up FFMP Rate display indicates ~65 inches per hour. * Contact MDL. There may be a shapefile problem.
5.1.2 and up FFMP Display in D-2D appears, but FFMP table does not appear. * Check your /data/fxa/radar/????/ffmp directory for files labeled for dates: YYMMDD and YYMMDD_inv. Remove any YYMMDD or YYMMDD_inv files that were labeled prior to the previous day (i.e., you should only have files for today and yesterday , at most). Make sure you have an even number os such files.
5.1.2 and up FFMP's FFG does not have a green time and is not updating even though FFG is being ingested by AWIPS. This is likely OK. FFMP will not update its FFG unless it cycles with precipitation, which requires the DHR in the RPS list, proper localization, and actual precipitation. (See the "Basic FFMP Information" link above this list.)
5.1.2 Basin maps at extreme magnification reveal doubled basin borderlines. Removal of Superfluous Doubled Lines in the FFMP Basin Map Files
5.1.2 and up The Basin Table shows no good data - just a bunch of 'N/A's and 'xxx's. Check your time frame in the Basin Table. If your time frame is set to a value longer than how long the FFMPprocessor has been processing precipitation, no data valid for that time frame will exist.


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