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The System for Convection Analysis
and Nowcasting (SCAN)


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03/01/06 SCAN and Service Backup
Did you know that you can get SCAN to display for various backup radars? Just follow these instructions .
03/01/06 SCAN and Time of Arrival Tool
In AWIPS OB6 there will be an additional tool under the Tools menu called the 'Time of Arrival Tool', which behaves very similar to the Speed/Distance Tool, except it is geared towards time-of-arrival (of course). Try it out some time and let us know what you think.
03/01/06 Future of SCAN
In the future, we want SCAN to operate in a Rapid Update fashion update at the end of every radar elevation scan) and possibly with multiple radars. Keep an eye on this web page for updates - or send us an email. If you really want to see this become operational, let your NWS Regions know.



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