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Science and Technology Seminar

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Satellite-Based Thunderstorm Nowcasting

Brian Vant-Hull / Bob Rabin


A collaborative framework is being pursued by personnel at NOAA/NESDIS, the NOAA/NWS Meteorological Development Laboratory (MDL), the NOAA/OAR National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL), and the NOAA Cooperative Remote Sensing Science and Technology Center (CREST) at the City College of New York (CCNY) to develop a prototype satellite-based nowcasting capability for the New York City metropolitan area. This nowcasting capability would also serve as a test bed for MDL efforts in implementing satellite based nowcasting capability throughout the United States as part of the System for Convection Analysis and Nowcasting (SCAN) which is a component of the NWS’ Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS).

Still in the exploratory phase of the project, the CREST nowcasting team has implemented the Hydro-Estimator (HE: NESDIS) and Rapidly Developing Thunderstorm (RDT: Meteo-France) models to compare their ability to detect convective cells. We have also employed other collaborators to run the FORTRACC (Daniel Vila) and K-Means Correlation (Valiappa Lakshaman) models to compare their forecasting abilities. The results of these comparisons will be discussed, and ideas to improve detection and extrapolation of convective storms will be demonstrated.


May 07, 2008

2:00-3:00 p.m., E.T.

SSMC#2, Room 2358

RDT Contours +HE rainfall (left) and RDT Contours + Radar rainfall (right)

(Contact: Bob Glahn at (301) 713-1768)

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(Contact: Bob Glahn at (301) 713-1768)