Changes to Text Message by Station List - Form Method

On Monday, September 16, 2002 we made some changes to our web pages. We have had several requests asking us to change the method used to post the requests of MOS bulletins by station names. These changes will allow users more flexibility in automatically retrieving desired station text bulletins. In addition, if a user is interested in requesting the same set of stations everyday, he/she will be able to bookmark the link to request those stations without going through the selection form each time.

We have also added a new link which will allow users to select a station id, or group of ids, and get back multiple versions of the MOS guidance. Our One-Stop MOS link will return the MOS text products from the AVN-, MRF- and Eta-based MOS messages for the desired stations in one request. We hope to add the NGM stations soon, but the NGM uses an older form of the station list which will require a little more time and thought on our end to fit into the script.

For those users who like the programming details, we changed the FORM METHOD from "POST" to "GET" and changed our cgi scripting language from Fortran to Perl. If you want to get to the desired stations without going through the form, the stations can be entered on the URL line following the question marks at the end of the address. For an example, try

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