Impact of June 19, 2001 backup test

The 1200 UTC AVN MOS guidance will NOT be available on Tuesday, June 19th due to the NCEP site outage backup test. More information on the backup test is included below.


This is a reminder that on Tuesday, 19 June 2001, NCEP will be exercising its site outage backup processing located at OPS in Silver Spring, MD. The exercise will occur during the 12 UTC model cycle and last approximately 4 hours. This exercise is now being performed on a quarterly basis and will be similar to a test performed earlier this year on 06 February. If we are unable to perform this exercise on the 19th we will try again the following day, Wednesday 20 June 2001.

During this exercise a limited set of products will be distributed by the backup processing from NOGAPS, AFWA, FSL, and UKMET model guidance. Only limited NCEP model guidance will be available for 12 UTC this day. The models affected by this are the ETA, AVN, RUC2, RSAS, and NWW3 (wave) models. There will be no 12 UTC AVN MOS products generated, but the 12 UTC NGM and NGM MOS products will be disseminated at the conclusion of this test, which will make them about 4 hours late. All of these products will have NCEP identifying headers in them except for the global WAFS grids which will have a EGRR header instead of KWBC.

Further information regarding NCEP's site outage backup processing can be found at the following link:

We apologize for any inconvenience this may create, however this exercise is needed to assure the continued flow of model guidance in case of a catastrophic site outage.

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