MDL Begins Producing Experimental Eta MOS Guidance

MDL is now producing test messages of their experimental MOS forecast guidance based on NCEP's Eta model, and is making these forecasts available on their webpage at

At this time, the experimental Eta MOS bulletins contain guidance for wind direction, wind speed, probability of precipitation (PoP), and quantitative precipitation amount (QPF). In the near future, we will be adding guidance for maximum/minimum temperature, surface temperature, dewpoint temperature, and sky cover.

The Eta MOS guidance will be produced during the 0000 and 1200 UTC forecast cycles. Guidance will be available for 1258 sites in the continental United States. The alphanumeric text messages will be disseminated under the WMO headers FOUS41 - 46. For a complete list of available MOS sites and their associated WMO and AWIPS headers, click here.

For more details on the Eta MOS alphanumeric messages, please see Technical Procedures Bulletin 486

At the current time, this product is experimental in nature. As such, we do not guarantee availability on our webpages. We hope to begin producing this guidance operationally sometime in late April or early May.

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Page created March 21, 2002