Presentation of MDL/NCEP NGM Parallel Test - NGM MOS Results

The Side-by Side Comparison of NGM MOS is no longer available.

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MDL's verification of NGM MOS guidance made from parallel runs.

Verifications of the current operational NGM MOS versus the proposed 2-way nested NGM MOS are listed below. The warm season forecasts were verified for July 1999, and the cool season forecasts were verified for December 27 - February 7, 2000. The overall verification results include more than 700 stations in the CONUS and Alaska.
Cool Season
Warm Season

Presented to the Committee for Analysis and Forecasting Techniques Implementation (CAFTI) on Wednesday, March 1, 2000.

NCEP's Environmental Modeling Center NGM Parallel Test Verification


Details of Parallel test including verification statistics - no longer available

"Changes to the NCEP Regional Analysis and Forecast System (RAFS): Initial Conditions for the Nested Grid Model (NGM)" , NWS Draft Technical Procedures Bulletin, No.464.


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Last Updated April 2, 2002