Addition of AVN and MRF MOS Guidance in BUFR Format - Effective 1200 UTC April 3,2001

Beginning on April 3, 2001 at 1200 UTC, MDL is putting the new AVN- and MRF-based MOS forecasts into BUFR (Binary Universal Form for the Representation of meteorological data) messages. These messages contain a more complete set of MOS forecasts than is included in the MAV and MEX alphanumeric bulletins. For example, the BUFR messages contain the probabilities of each category of sky cover, ceiling, visibility, and precipitation type, as well as the categorical forecast. The messages are sent through the OOS Telecommunications Gateway to AWIPS and the Family of Services. The stations included in these messages are the same as the MAV and MEX bulletins, and can be found at

The AVN BUFR messages are transmitted under the following WMO headers:

JSMT20 KWNO - Pacific Region
JSMT21 KWNO - Northeast Region
JSMT22 KWNO - Southeast Region
JSMT23 KWNO - North Central Region
JSMT24 KWNO - South Central Region
JSMT25 KWNO - Rocky Mountains Region
JSMT26 KWNO - West Coast Region
JSMT27 KWNO - Southeast Alaska Region
JSMT28 KWNO - Southwestern/Central Alaska Region
JSMT29 KWNO - Northern Alaska Region

The MRF BUFR messages are transmitted under two sets of headers. WMO headers JSMT60-69 contain forecasts for projections between 18-84 hours. WMO headers JSMT70-79 contain forecasts for projections between 90-198 hours.

JSMT60 KWNO - Pacific Region
JSMT61 KWNO - Northeast Region
JSMT62 KWNO - Southeast Region
JSMT63 KWNO - North Central Region
JSMT64 KWNO - South Central Region
JSMT65 KWNO - Rocky Mountains Region
JSMT66 KWNO - West Coast Region
JSMT67 KWNO - Southeast Alaska Region
JSMT68 KWNO - Southwestern/Central Alaska Region
JSMT69 KWNO - Northern Alaska Region

JSMT70 KWNO - Pacific Region
JSMT71 KWNO - Northeast Region
JSMT72 KWNO - Southeast Region
JSMT73 KWNO - North Central Region
JSMT74 KWNO - South Central Region
JSMT75 KWNO - Rocky Mountains Region
JSMT76 KWNO - West Coast Region
JSMT77 KWNO - Southeast Alaska Region
JSMT78 KWNO - Southwestern/Central Alaska Region
JSMT79 KWNO - Northern Alaska Region

The Word Perfect 6.0 documents below provide more detailed information on the AVN- and MRF-based MOS BUFR messages. Attachment 1 provides an overall description of each section of the BUFR message, while attachments 2 and 3 are tables containing the lists of descriptors and corresponding Table B entries included in the AVN and MRF BUFR messages, respectively. Attachment 4 provides the code tables used to indicate categorical forecasts.
Attachment 1
Attachment 2
Attachment 3
Attachment 4

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