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What is the NDGD?

The National Digital Guidance Database (NDGD) is a sister to the National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD).   Information in NDGD may be used by NWS forecasters as guidance in preparing official NWS forecasts in NDFD. The experimental/guidance NDGD data is not an official NWS forecast product.

NDGD contains forecasts and observations of sensible weather elements that relate to and supplement NDFD.  It will also contain digital data that help in the use and interpretation of NDFD, such as model probabilities, climatological normals, and NDFD verification scores.

NDFD is always current.   It is intended to provide a complete and consistent forecast in time and space, among elements, and with other official NWS forecast products.   In contrast, NDGD is updated on a schedule from a variety of model sources.   It is not necessarily consistent with other parts of NDGD nor with official NWS forecast products.  Access to the data and a description of NDGD elements can be found here. Images of grids for many NDGD elements can be viewed on the web.

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