Listserver Tips

To check on your memberships and to edit your settings

It is recommended that you use one password for all lists. If you use different passwords for different lists, you will have to login separately for each list.

To "search" the archives of a list you belong to, please login, and select the list desired, and click on the search tab.


For email administration of your membership

To get a list of your memberships, send email to:


subj: (leave blank)



Passwords are encrypted - admins cannot see them, thus, cannot give them to you; they can only provide a new password, which a member should then change.You will have the option of setting all your passwords to the same when you add or change a password to a new or existing list.

To get your settings (excluding password) for a list, send email to:


subj: (leave blank)

query {listname}

(You may make multiple requests ("which", "query {listname}", "query {listname}", in each email.)

*************************************** on addresses that it can't deliver to):


Subj: (leave blank)



To "unsubscribe" or to "leave" the list,

Send an email to:
No subject is needed
In the body of the message: unsubscribe name of list

or: click on the message with your ID-- at the bottom of a list email
example: You are currently subscribed to {name of list} as: {} To unsubscribe click here:
send a blank email to


For additional assistance, contact: