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California Propagation Coverage Map

Coverage Map Notes
The coverage statistics and maps are calculated using a computer model and station data assuming ideal conditions. Coverage may be 5 to 10 percent below the computer predicted coverage for the following reasons:
  • The computer model is sensitive to antenna performance. Antenna performance is a function of local conditions, causing signals to be stronger signal level in some directions than others.
  • Placement of NWR antennas is dictated by the tower owner, which may result in a less than ideal set up.
  • The antenna may be affected by nearby structures or bodies of water.
  • In some special instances, the antenna may have been intentionally adjusted to be "directional" and provide better coverage to a specific area to the detriment of other areas.
  • Because of variations in local site conditions, the performance of an individual transmitter and antenna may be less than predicted or expected.
  • Seasonal environmental conditions, such as icing or heavy rain, affect performance of a transmitter station and its various components, particularly those subject to continuous weather exposure.
  • The coverage maps are shown in a single color format, which relates to an estimated signal level.
    • White: Signal level of greater than 18dBuV: Reliable coverage

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Weather Forecast Office (WFO)

Station Listing

Site Name Transmitter Name Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Yosemite Turtleback Dome KAD94 162.450 80Hanford, CA
Big Rock Ridge N. San Francisco Bay KDX54 162.500 100Monterey, CA
Monterey Mt. Umunhum KEC49 162.550 330Monterey, CA
Sacramento Fairplay KEC57 162.550 330Sacramento, CA
San Diego Mt. Woodson KEC62 162.400 100San Diego, CA
Eureka Mt. Pierce KEC82 162.400 330Eureka, CA
San Francisco Mount Pise KHB49 162.400 500Monterey, CA
Coachella Riverside County KIG78 162.400 100San Diego, CA
Point Arena Cold Springs Peak KIH30 162.550 330Eureka, CA
San Luis Obispo Cuesta Peak/Santa Margarita KIH31 162.550 330Oxnard, CA
Santa Barbara Broadcast Peak KIH34 162.400 330Oxnard, CA
Fresno Bear Mtn. KIH62 162.400 300Hanford, CA
Malibu Marine Point Dume KWL22 162.425 300Oxnard, CA
Los Angeles Mt. Lukens/Tujunga KWO37 162.550 300Oxnard, CA
Avalon Catalina Island WNG584 162.525 100Oxnard, CA
San Simeon Hearst Castle WNG592 162.525 100Oxnard, CA
Conway Summit Bridgeport WNG595 162.525 300Reno, NV
San Diego Marine Mount Soledad WNG637 162.425 100San Diego, CA
Contra Costa County Mt. Diablo WNG655 162.425 100Monterey, CA
El Paso Mtns. Ridgecrest WNG659 162.425 300Hanford, CA
Coachella / Spanish Riverside County WNG712 162.525 120San Diego, CA
Ukiah Laughlin Range WNG720 162.525 300Eureka, CA
Santa Barbara Marine Broadcast Peak WWF62 162.475 100Oxnard, CA
Monterey Marine Mt. Umunhum WWF64 162.450 100Monterey, CA
Grass Valley Wolf Creek Mtn. WWF67 162.400 100Sacramento, CA
Santa Ana Beeks Place WWG21 162.450 100San Diego, CA
Yuma Black Mtn. WXL87 162.550 100Phoenix, AZ
Redding South Fork Mtn. WXL88 162.550 100Sacramento, CA
Bakersfield Shirley Peak WXL89 162.550 100Hanford, CA
Victorville San Bernardino WXM66 162.500 100San Diego, CA
Sonoma County Sonoma County WZ2504 162.475 300Monterey, CA
Sandberg Los Angeles County WZ2505 162.425 100Oxnard, CA
Bishop Bishop WZ2524 162.425 100Las Vegas, NV
Susanville Shaffer Mtn WZ2530 162.500 100Reno, NV
Horse Mtn Willow Creek WZ2550 162.450 150Eureka, CA
Number of Stations in California = 35

County Coverage Listing

County/City/Area SAME Transmitter Site State Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Tuolumne 006109 ---No NWR Coverage---0
Trinity 006105 ---No NWR Coverage---0
Marin 006041 San FranciscoCAKHB49162.400500Monterey, CA
Imperial 006025 CoachellaCAKIG78162.400100San Diego, CA
Merced 006047 FresnoCAKIH62162.400300Hanford, CA
Madera 006039 FresnoCAKIH62162.400300Hanford, CA
Kings 006031 FresnoCAKIH62162.400300Hanford, CA
Kern 006029 FresnoCAKIH62162.400300Hanford, CA
Sonoma 006097 San FranciscoCAKHB49162.400500Monterey, CA
Napa 006055 San FranciscoCAKHB49162.400500Monterey, CA
Inyo 006027 PahrumpNVWNG634162.400100Las Vegas, NV
Nevada 006057 Grass ValleyCAWWF67162.400100Sacramento, CA
San Diego 006073 San DiegoCAKEC62162.400100San Diego, CA
San Francisco 006075 San FranciscoCAKHB49162.400500Monterey, CA
Santa Barbara 006083 Santa BarbaraCAKIH34162.400330Oxnard, CA
San Mateo 006081 San FranciscoCAKHB49162.400500Monterey, CA
San Bernardino 006071 PahrumpNVWNG634162.400100Las Vegas, NV
San Bernardino 006071 Lake HavasuAZKXI84162.400100Las Vegas, NV
Placer 006061 Grass ValleyCAWWF67162.400100Sacramento, CA
Santa Cruz 006087 San FranciscoCAKHB49162.400500Monterey, CA
Riverside 006065 CoachellaCAKIG78162.400100San Diego, CA
Santa Clara 006085 San FranciscoCAKHB49162.400500Monterey, CA
Humboldt 006023 EurekaCAKEC82162.400330Eureka, CA
Mariposa 006043 FresnoCAKIH62162.400300Hanford, CA
Alameda 006001 San FranciscoCAKHB49162.400500Monterey, CA
Fresno 006019 FresnoCAKIH62162.400300Hanford, CA
Tulare 006107 FresnoCAKIH62162.400300Hanford, CA
Yolo 006113 Grass ValleyCAWWF67162.400100Sacramento, CA
Butte 006007 Grass ValleyCAWWF67162.400100Sacramento, CA
Glenn 006021 Grass ValleyCAWWF67162.400100Sacramento, CA
Contra Costa 006013 San FranciscoCAKHB49162.400500Monterey, CA
Yuba 006115 Grass ValleyCAWWF67162.400100Sacramento, CA
Colusa 006011 Grass ValleyCAWWF67162.400100Sacramento, CA
Ventura 006111 Santa BarbaraCAKIH34162.400330Oxnard, CA
Contra Costa 006013 Contra Costa CountyCAWNG655162.425100Monterey, CA
Los Angeles 006037 Malibu MarineCAKWL22162.425300Oxnard, CA
Alameda 006001 Contra Costa CountyCAWNG655162.425100Monterey, CA
San Bernardino 006071 El Paso Mtns.CAWNG659162.425300Hanford, CA
San Bernardino 006071 KingmanAZKXI83162.425100Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles 006037 SandbergCAWZ2505162.425100Oxnard, CA
Los Angeles 006037 El Paso Mtns.CAWNG659162.425300Hanford, CA
Inyo 006027 BishopCAWZ2524162.425100Las Vegas, NV
Inyo 006027 El Paso Mtns.CAWNG659162.425300Hanford, CA
Kern 006029 El Paso Mtns.CAWNG659162.425300Hanford, CA
San Diego 006073 San Diego MarineCAWNG637162.425100San Diego, CA
Orange 006059 Santa AnaCAWWG21162.450100San Diego, CA
Humboldt 006023 Horse MtnCAWZ2550162.450150Eureka, CA
San Mateo 006081 Monterey MarineCAWWF64162.450100Monterey, CA
Plumas 006063 FernleyNVWWG20162.450150Reno, NV
Alameda 006001 Monterey MarineCAWWF64162.450100Monterey, CA
San Benito 006069 Monterey MarineCAWWF64162.450100Monterey, CA
San Francisco 006075 Monterey MarineCAWWF64162.450100Monterey, CA
San Bernardino 006071 Santa AnaCAWWG21162.450100San Diego, CA
Santa Clara 006085 Monterey MarineCAWWF64162.450100Monterey, CA
Napa 006055 Monterey MarineCAWWF64162.450100Monterey, CA
Santa Cruz 006087 Monterey MarineCAWWF64162.450100Monterey, CA
Riverside 006065 Santa AnaCAWWG21162.450100San Diego, CA
Sierra 006091 FernleyNVWWG20162.450150Reno, NV
Contra Costa 006013 Monterey MarineCAWWF64162.450100Monterey, CA
Lassen 006035 FernleyNVWWG20162.450150Reno, NV
Monterey 006053 Monterey MarineCAWWF64162.450100Monterey, CA
Mariposa 006043 YosemiteCAKAD94162.45080Hanford, CA
Santa Barbara 006083 Santa Barbara MarineCAWWF62162.475100Oxnard, CA
Ventura 006111 Santa Barbara MarineCAWWF62162.475100Oxnard, CA
Siskiyou 006093 Mt. AshlandORWWF97162.475100Medford, OR
Mono 006051 HawthorneNVWWF59162.475100Reno, NV
Sonoma 006097 Sonoma CountyCAWZ2504162.475300Monterey, CA
Marin 006041 Big Rock RidgeCAKDX54162.500100Monterey, CA
Napa 006055 Big Rock RidgeCAKDX54162.500100Monterey, CA
San Mateo 006081 Big Rock RidgeCAKDX54162.500100Monterey, CA
Sonoma 006097 Big Rock RidgeCAKDX54162.500100Monterey, CA
Santa Clara 006085 Big Rock RidgeCAKDX54162.500100Monterey, CA
San Francisco 006075 Big Rock RidgeCAKDX54162.500100Monterey, CA
San Bernardino 006071 VictorvilleCAWXM66162.500100San Diego, CA
Lassen 006035 SusanvilleCAWZ2530162.500100Reno, NV
San Bernardino 006071 Bullhead CityNVKQC45162.500200Las Vegas, NV
Contra Costa 006013 Big Rock RidgeCAKDX54162.500100Monterey, CA
Riverside 006065 VictorvilleCAWXM66162.500100San Diego, CA
Lake 006033 UkiahCAWNG720162.525300Eureka, CA
San Luis Obispo 006079 San SimeonCAWNG592162.525100Oxnard, CA
Mono 006051 Conway SummitCAWNG595162.525300Reno, NV
Riverside 006065 Coachella / SpanishCAWNG712162.525120San Diego, CA
Imperial 006025 Coachella / SpanishCAWNG712162.525120San Diego, CA
Mendocino 006045 UkiahCAWNG720162.525300Eureka, CA
Los Angeles 006037 AvalonCAWNG584162.525100Oxnard, CA
Stanislaus 006099 SacramentoCAKEC57162.550330Sacramento, CA
Sutter 006101 SacramentoCAKEC57162.550330Sacramento, CA
Siskiyou 006093 Klamath FallsORWXL97162.550100Medford, OR
Ventura 006111 Los AngelesCAKWO37162.550300Oxnard, CA
Shasta 006089 ReddingCAWXL88162.550100Sacramento, CA
Santa Cruz 006087 MontereyCAKEC49162.550330Monterey, CA
Yolo 006113 SacramentoCAKEC57162.550330Sacramento, CA
Solano 006095 SacramentoCAKEC57162.550330Sacramento, CA
Santa Clara 006085 MontereyCAKEC49162.550330Monterey, CA
Tulare 006107 BakersfieldCAWXL89162.550100Hanford, CA
Tehama 006103 ReddingCAWXL88162.550100Sacramento, CA
Nevada 006057 RenoNVWXK58162.550300Reno, NV
El Dorado 006017 RenoNVWXK58162.550300Reno, NV
Del Norte 006015 BrookingsORKIH37162.550500Eureka, CA
El Dorado 006017 SacramentoCAKEC57162.550330Sacramento, CA
Fresno 006019 BakersfieldCAWXL89162.550100Hanford, CA
Imperial 006025 YumaCAWXL87162.550100Phoenix, AZ
Glenn 006021 ReddingCAWXL88162.550100Sacramento, CA
Contra Costa 006013 MontereyCAKEC49162.550330Monterey, CA
Colusa 006011 SacramentoCAKEC57162.550330Sacramento, CA
Alpine 006003 RenoNVWXK58162.550300Reno, NV
Alameda 006001 MontereyCAKEC49162.550330Monterey, CA
Amador 006005 SacramentoCAKEC57162.550330Sacramento, CA
Butte 006007 ReddingCAWXL88162.550100Sacramento, CA
Calaveras 006009 SacramentoCAKEC57162.550330Sacramento, CA
Kern 006029 BakersfieldCAWXL89162.550100Hanford, CA
Kings 006031 BakersfieldCAWXL89162.550100Hanford, CA
Sacramento 006067 SacramentoCAKEC57162.550330Sacramento, CA
Riverside 006065 YumaCAWXL87162.550100Phoenix, AZ
San Benito 006069 MontereyCAKEC49162.550330Monterey, CA
San Francisco 006075 MontereyCAKEC49162.550330Monterey, CA
San Luis Obispo 006079 San Luis ObispoCAKIH31162.550330Oxnard, CA
San Joaquin 006077 SacramentoCAKEC57162.550330Sacramento, CA
Placer 006061 SacramentoCAKEC57162.550330Sacramento, CA
Placer 006061 RenoNVWXK58162.550300Reno, NV
Mendocino 006045 Point ArenaCAKIH30162.550330Eureka, CA
Los Angeles 006037 Los AngelesCAKWO37162.550300Oxnard, CA
Modoc 006049 Klamath FallsORWXL97162.550100Medford, OR
Monterey 006053 MontereyCAKEC49162.550330Monterey, CA
Napa 006055 MontereyCAKEC49162.550330Monterey, CA
San Mateo 006081 MontereyCAKEC49162.550330Monterey, CA