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Georgia Propagation Coverage Map

Coverage Map Notes
The coverage statistics and maps are calculated using a computer model and station data assuming ideal conditions. Coverage may be 5 to 10 percent below the computer predicted coverage for the following reasons:
  • The computer model is sensitive to antenna performance. Antenna performance is a function of local conditions, causing signals to be stronger signal level in some directions than others.
  • Placement of NWR antennas is dictated by the tower owner, which may result in a less than ideal set up.
  • The antenna may be affected by nearby structures or bodies of water.
  • In some special instances, the antenna may have been intentionally adjusted to be "directional" and provide better coverage to a specific area to the detriment of other areas.
  • Because of variations in local site conditions, the performance of an individual transmitter and antenna may be less than predicted or expected.
  • Seasonal environmental conditions, such as icing or heavy rain, affect performance of a transmitter station and its various components, particularly those subject to continuous weather exposure.
  • The coverage maps are shown in a single color format, which relates to an estimated signal level.
    • White: Signal level of greater than 18dBuV: Reliable coverage

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Weather Forecast Office (WFO)

Station Listing

Site Name Transmitter Name Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Atlanta Stone Mtn. KEC80 162.550 1000Peachtree City, GA
Washington Wilkes County KPS506 162.500 300Peachtree City, GA
Ashburn Ashburn KWN50 162.450 300Tallahassee, FL
Brasstown Bald  (OUT OF SERVICE)Brasstown Bald Mtn. KXI22 162.500 100Peachtree City, GA
Sandersville Sandersville KXI28 162.450 1000Peachtree City, GA
Blue Ridge Blue Ridge KXI75 162.475 300Peachtree City, GA
La Grange La Grange KXI76 162.450 300Peachtree City, GA
Eastman Eastman KXI77 162.400 1000Peachtree City, GA
Clayton Glassy Mtn. KXI81 162.450 300Greer, SC
Eatonton Eatonton KXI89 162.525 1000Peachtree City, GA
Blakely Blakely KZZ70 162.525 1000Tallahassee, FL
Buchanan Buchanan WWH23 162.425 1000Peachtree City, GA
Toccoa Currahee Mtn. WWH24 162.425 250Greer, SC
Metter Metter WWH25 162.425 1000Charleston, SC
Valdosta Hahira WWH31 162.500 1000Tallahassee, FL
Brunswick Arco WWH39 162.425 300Jacksonville, FL
Jesup Jesup WXJ28 162.450 300Jacksonville, FL
Americus Americus WXJ30 162.425 1000Peachtree City, GA
Thomaston Thomaston WXJ31 162.500 1000Peachtree City, GA
Cleveland Wauka Mtn. WXJ53 162.525 300Peachtree City, GA
Summerville Taylors Ridge WXJ72 162.450 300Peachtree City, GA
Chatsworth Cohutta Mtn. WXK52 162.400 200Peachtree City, GA
Pelham Pelham WXK53 162.550 1000Tallahassee, FL
Augusta Wrens WXK54 162.550 1000West Columbia, SC
Athens Neese WXK56 162.400 500Peachtree City, GA
Macon GA Forrestry Comm. WXK71 162.475 1000Peachtree City, GA
Waycross Hasty WXK75 162.475 1000Jacksonville, FL
Baxley Plant Hatch WXM65 162.525 300Jacksonville, FL
Waynesboro Shell Bluff WXM88 162.425 325West Columbia, SC
Number of Stations in Georgia = 29

County Coverage Listing

County/City/Area SAME Transmitter Site State Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Carroll 013045 AnnistonALKIH58162.4751000Calera, AL
Muscogee 013215 ColumbusALWXM32162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Marion 013197 ColumbusALWXM32162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Harris 013145 ColumbusALWXM32162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Webster 013307 ColumbusALWXM32162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Talbot 013263 ColumbusALWXM32162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Chattahoochee 013053 ColumbusALWXM32162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Quitman 013239 LouisvilleALKIH56162.4751000Calera, AL
Stewart 013259 ColumbusALWXM32162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Seminole 013253 SneadsFLWNG633162.4251000Tallahassee, FL
Decatur 013087 TallahasseeFLKIH24162.4001000Tallahassee, FL
Grady 013131 TallahasseeFLKIH24162.4001000Tallahassee, FL
Decatur 013087 SneadsFLWNG633162.4251000Tallahassee, FL
Early 013099 SneadsFLWNG633162.4251000Tallahassee, FL
Brooks 013027 TallahasseeFLKIH24162.4001000Tallahassee, FL
Thomas 013275 TallahasseeFLKIH24162.4001000Tallahassee, FL
Charlton 013049 JacksonvilleFLKHB39162.5501000Jacksonville, FL
Miller 013201 SneadsFLWNG633162.4251000Tallahassee, FL
Camden 013039 JacksonvilleFLKHB39162.5501000Jacksonville, FL
Oglethorpe 013221 AthensGAWXK56162.400500Peachtree City, GA
Oconee 013219 EatontonGAKXI89162.5251000Peachtree City, GA
Oconee 013219 ClevelandGAWXJ53162.525300Peachtree City, GA
Paulding 013223 BuchananGAWWH23162.4251000Peachtree City, GA
Peach 013225 EastmanGAKXI77162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Peach 013225 MaconGAWXK71162.4751000Peachtree City, GA
Johnson 013167 EastmanGAKXI77162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Oconee 013219 AthensGAWXK56162.400500Peachtree City, GA
Newton 013217 EatontonGAKXI89162.5251000Peachtree City, GA
Morgan 013211 AthensGAWXK56162.400500Peachtree City, GA
Jones 013169 EatontonGAKXI89162.5251000Peachtree City, GA
Morgan 013211 EatontonGAKXI89162.5251000Peachtree City, GA
Murray 013213 ChatsworthGAWXK52162.400200Peachtree City, GA
Newton 013217 AtlantaGAKEC80162.5501000Peachtree City, GA
Johnson 013167 SandersvilleGAKXI28162.4501000Peachtree City, GA
Johnson 013167 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
Peach 013225 ThomastonGAWXJ31162.5001000Peachtree City, GA
Putnam 013237 EatontonGAKXI89162.5251000Peachtree City, GA
Pulaski 013235 EastmanGAKXI77162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Polk 013233 SummervilleGAWXJ72162.450300Peachtree City, GA
Quitman 013239 BlakelyGAKZZ70162.5251000Tallahassee, FL
Jefferson 013163 SandersvilleGAKXI28162.4501000Peachtree City, GA
Jefferson 013163 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
Rabun 013241 ClaytonGAKXI81162.450300Greer, SC
Polk 013233 BuchananGAWWH23162.4251000Peachtree City, GA
Pike 013231 ThomastonGAWXJ31162.5001000Peachtree City, GA
Pickens 013227 ClevelandGAWXJ53162.525300Peachtree City, GA
Pickens 013227 ChatsworthGAWXK52162.400200Peachtree City, GA
Jenkins 013165 MetterGAWWH25162.4251000Charleston, SC
Jenkins 013165 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
Pierce 013229 WaycrossGAWXK75162.4751000Jacksonville, FL
Pierce 013229 JesupGAWXJ28162.450300Jacksonville, FL
Montgomery 013209 MetterGAWWH25162.4251000Charleston, SC
Jones 013169 MaconGAWXK71162.4751000Peachtree City, GA
Macon 013193 AmericusGAWXJ30162.4251000Peachtree City, GA
Lee 013177 AmericusGAWXJ30162.4251000Peachtree City, GA
Lumpkin 013187 ClevelandGAWXJ53162.525300Peachtree City, GA
Macon 013193 MaconGAWXK71162.4751000Peachtree City, GA
Madison 013195 AthensGAWXK56162.400500Peachtree City, GA
Madison 013195 ClevelandGAWXJ53162.525300Peachtree City, GA
Laurens 013175 SandersvilleGAKXI28162.4501000Peachtree City, GA
Lumpkin 013187 Brasstown Bald (OUT OF SERVICE)GAKXI22162.500100Peachtree City, GA
Lowndes 013185 WaycrossGAWXK75162.4751000Jacksonville, FL
Liberty 013179 JesupGAWXJ28162.450300Jacksonville, FL
Lee 013177 PelhamGAWXK53162.5501000Tallahassee, FL
Lincoln 013181 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
Long 013183 JesupGAWXJ28162.450300Jacksonville, FL
Lowndes 013185 ValdostaGAWWH31162.5001000Tallahassee, FL
Lowndes 013185 PelhamGAWXK53162.5501000Tallahassee, FL
Marion 013197 AmericusGAWXJ30162.4251000Peachtree City, GA
Laurens 013175 EastmanGAKXI77162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Mitchell 013205 PelhamGAWXK53162.5501000Tallahassee, FL
Lamar 013171 ThomastonGAWXJ31162.5001000Peachtree City, GA
Lanier 013173 ValdostaGAWWH31162.5001000Tallahassee, FL
Monroe 013207 EatontonGAKXI89162.5251000Peachtree City, GA
Monroe 013207 MaconGAWXK71162.4751000Peachtree City, GA
Monroe 013207 ThomastonGAWXJ31162.5001000Peachtree City, GA
Lamar 013171 EatontonGAKXI89162.5251000Peachtree City, GA
Miller 013201 PelhamGAWXK53162.5501000Tallahassee, FL
Miller 013201 BlakelyGAKZZ70162.5251000Tallahassee, FL
McIntosh 013191 BrunswickGAWWH39162.425300Jacksonville, FL
McDuffie 013189 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
McIntosh 013191 JesupGAWXJ28162.450300Jacksonville, FL
Meriwether 013199 La GrangeGAKXI76162.450300Peachtree City, GA
Lanier 013173 WaycrossGAWXK75162.4751000Jacksonville, FL
Meriwether 013199 ThomastonGAWXJ31162.5001000Peachtree City, GA
Lee 013177 AshburnGAKWN50162.450300Tallahassee, FL
Rockdale 013247 EatontonGAKXI89162.5251000Peachtree City, GA
Walton 013297 ClevelandGAWXJ53162.525300Peachtree City, GA
Walton 013297 AtlantaGAKEC80162.5501000Peachtree City, GA
Walton 013297 AthensGAWXK56162.400500Peachtree City, GA
Walton 013297 EatontonGAKXI89162.5251000Peachtree City, GA
Ware 013299 WaycrossGAWXK75162.4751000Jacksonville, FL
Washington 013303 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
Warren 013301 SandersvilleGAKXI28162.4501000Peachtree City, GA
Warren 013301 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
Walker 013295 SummervilleGAWXJ72162.450300Peachtree City, GA
Walker 013295 ChatsworthGAWXK52162.400200Peachtree City, GA
Turner 013287 EastmanGAKXI77162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Turner 013287 AshburnGAKWN50162.450300Tallahassee, FL
Troup 013285 ThomastonGAWXJ31162.5001000Peachtree City, GA
Twiggs 013289 EastmanGAKXI77162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Twiggs 013289 MaconGAWXK71162.4751000Peachtree City, GA
Upson 013293 ThomastonGAWXJ31162.5001000Peachtree City, GA
Union 013291 Brasstown Bald (OUT OF SERVICE)GAKXI22162.500100Peachtree City, GA
Washington 013303 SandersvilleGAKXI28162.4501000Peachtree City, GA
Wayne 013305 JesupGAWXJ28162.450300Jacksonville, FL
Wilkes 013317 WashingtonGAKPS506162.500300Peachtree City, GA
Wilkes 013317 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
Wilkes 013317 AthensGAWXK56162.400500Peachtree City, GA
Wilkinson 013319 EastmanGAKXI77162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Wilkinson 013319 MaconGAWXK71162.4751000Peachtree City, GA
Worth 013321 PelhamGAWXK53162.5501000Tallahassee, FL
Worth 013321 AshburnGAKWN50162.450300Tallahassee, FL
Wilkinson 013319 SandersvilleGAKXI28162.4501000Peachtree City, GA
Wilcox 013315 EastmanGAKXI77162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Whitfield 013313 ChatsworthGAWXK52162.400200Peachtree City, GA
Wheeler 013309 EastmanGAKXI77162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Webster 013307 AmericusGAWXJ30162.4251000Peachtree City, GA
Wayne 013305 WaycrossGAWXK75162.4751000Jacksonville, FL
White 013311 Brasstown Bald (OUT OF SERVICE)GAKXI22162.500100Peachtree City, GA
White 013311 ClaytonGAKXI81162.450300Greer, SC
White 013311 ToccoaGAWWH24162.425250Greer, SC
White 013311 ClevelandGAWXJ53162.525300Peachtree City, GA
Troup 013285 La GrangeGAKXI76162.450300Peachtree City, GA
Treutlen 013283 SandersvilleGAKXI28162.4501000Peachtree City, GA
Stephens 013257 ClevelandGAWXJ53162.525300Peachtree City, GA
Spalding 013255 ThomastonGAWXJ31162.5001000Peachtree City, GA
Seminole 013253 PelhamGAWXK53162.5501000Tallahassee, FL
Stephens 013257 ToccoaGAWWH24162.425250Greer, SC
Stewart 013259 AmericusGAWXJ30162.4251000Peachtree City, GA
Taliaferro 013265 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
Talbot 013263 ThomastonGAWXJ31162.5001000Peachtree City, GA
Sumter 013261 AmericusGAWXJ30162.4251000Peachtree City, GA
Seminole 013253 BlakelyGAKZZ70162.5251000Tallahassee, FL
Screven 013251 MetterGAWWH25162.4251000Charleston, SC
Richmond 013245 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
Randolph 013243 BlakelyGAKZZ70162.5251000Tallahassee, FL
Randolph 013243 AmericusGAWXJ30162.4251000Peachtree City, GA
Rockdale 013247 AtlantaGAKEC80162.5501000Peachtree City, GA
Jeff Davis 013161 WaycrossGAWXK75162.4751000Jacksonville, FL
Screven 013251 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
Schley 013249 AmericusGAWXJ30162.4251000Peachtree City, GA
Taliaferro 013265 EatontonGAKXI89162.5251000Peachtree City, GA
Tattnall 013267 BaxleyGAWXM65162.525300Jacksonville, FL
Toombs 013279 BaxleyGAWXM65162.525300Jacksonville, FL
Tift 013277 PelhamGAWXK53162.5501000Tallahassee, FL
Tift 013277 AshburnGAKWN50162.450300Tallahassee, FL
Toombs 013279 MetterGAWWH25162.4251000Charleston, SC
Towns 013281 Brasstown Bald (OUT OF SERVICE)GAKXI22162.500100Peachtree City, GA
Treutlen 013283 MetterGAWWH25162.4251000Charleston, SC
Treutlen 013283 EastmanGAKXI77162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Towns 013281 ClaytonGAKXI81162.450300Greer, SC
Thomas 013275 PelhamGAWXK53162.5501000Tallahassee, FL
Terrell 013273 PelhamGAWXK53162.5501000Tallahassee, FL
Taylor 013269 AmericusGAWXJ30162.4251000Peachtree City, GA
Tattnall 013267 MetterGAWWH25162.4251000Charleston, SC
Tattnall 013267 JesupGAWXJ28162.450300Jacksonville, FL
Taylor 013269 ThomastonGAWXJ31162.5001000Peachtree City, GA
Telfair 013271 EastmanGAKXI77162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Terrell 013273 BlakelyGAKZZ70162.5251000Tallahassee, FL
Terrell 013273 AmericusGAWXJ30162.4251000Peachtree City, GA
Rabun 013241 ToccoaGAWWH24162.425250Greer, SC
Jeff Davis 013161 BaxleyGAWXM65162.525300Jacksonville, FL
Clay 013061 BlakelyGAKZZ70162.5251000Tallahassee, FL
Clarke 013059 ClevelandGAWXJ53162.525300Peachtree City, GA
Clarke 013059 AthensGAWXK56162.400500Peachtree City, GA
Clayton 013063 AtlantaGAKEC80162.5501000Peachtree City, GA
Clayton 013063 ThomastonGAWXJ31162.5001000Peachtree City, GA
Cobb 013067 BuchananGAWWH23162.4251000Peachtree City, GA
Cobb 013067 AtlantaGAKEC80162.5501000Peachtree City, GA
Clinch 013065 WaycrossGAWXK75162.4751000Jacksonville, FL
Cherokee 013057 ClevelandGAWXJ53162.525300Peachtree City, GA
Cherokee 013057 ChatsworthGAWXK52162.400200Peachtree City, GA
Bacon 013005 JesupGAWXJ28162.450300Jacksonville, FL
Catoosa 013047 ChatsworthGAWXK52162.400200Peachtree City, GA
Carroll 013045 La GrangeGAKXI76162.450300Peachtree City, GA
Charlton 013049 WaycrossGAWXK75162.4751000Jacksonville, FL
Atkinson 013003 WaycrossGAWXK75162.4751000Jacksonville, FL
Cherokee 013057 AtlantaGAKEC80162.5501000Peachtree City, GA
Chattooga 013055 SummervilleGAWXJ72162.450300Peachtree City, GA
Coffee 013069 WaycrossGAWXK75162.4751000Jacksonville, FL
Colquitt 013071 PelhamGAWXK53162.5501000Tallahassee, FL
Appling 013001 BaxleyGAWXM65162.525300Jacksonville, FL
Crisp 013081 EastmanGAKXI77162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Crisp 013081 AshburnGAKWN50162.450300Tallahassee, FL
Dawson 013085 ClevelandGAWXJ53162.525300Peachtree City, GA
Decatur 013087 PelhamGAWXK53162.5501000Tallahassee, FL
Dodge 013091 EastmanGAKXI77162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
DeKalb 013089 AtlantaGAKEC80162.5501000Peachtree City, GA
Crisp 013081 AmericusGAWXJ30162.4251000Peachtree City, GA
Crawford 013079 ThomastonGAWXJ31162.5001000Peachtree City, GA
Cook 013075 PelhamGAWXK53162.5501000Tallahassee, FL
Columbia 013073 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
Colquitt 013071 ValdostaGAWWH31162.5001000Tallahassee, FL
Cook 013075 ValdostaGAWWH31162.5001000Tallahassee, FL
Coweta 013077 La GrangeGAKXI76162.450300Peachtree City, GA
Crawford 013079 MaconGAWXK71162.4751000Peachtree City, GA
Coweta 013077 ThomastonGAWXJ31162.5001000Peachtree City, GA
Carroll 013045 BuchananGAWWH23162.4251000Peachtree City, GA
Candler 013043 MetterGAWWH25162.4251000Charleston, SC
Ben Hill 013017 EastmanGAKXI77162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Bartow 013015 ChatsworthGAWXK52162.400200Peachtree City, GA
Bartow 013015 BuchananGAWWH23162.4251000Peachtree City, GA
Berrien 013019 ValdostaGAWWH31162.5001000Tallahassee, FL
Berrien 013019 WaycrossGAWXK75162.4751000Jacksonville, FL
Bibb 013021 MaconGAWXK71162.4751000Peachtree City, GA
Bibb 013021 EatontonGAKXI89162.5251000Peachtree City, GA
Barrow 013013 ClevelandGAWXJ53162.525300Peachtree City, GA
Barrow 013013 AthensGAWXK56162.400500Peachtree City, GA
Banks 013011 AthensGAWXK56162.400500Peachtree City, GA
Baldwin 013009 SandersvilleGAKXI28162.4501000Peachtree City, GA
Baldwin 013009 EatontonGAKXI89162.5251000Peachtree City, GA
Baker 013007 PelhamGAWXK53162.5501000Tallahassee, FL
Banks 013011 ClaytonGAKXI81162.450300Greer, SC
Banks 013011 ToccoaGAWWH24162.425250Greer, SC
Banks 013011 ClevelandGAWXJ53162.525300Peachtree City, GA
Bibb 013021 ThomastonGAWXJ31162.5001000Peachtree City, GA
Bleckley 013023 EastmanGAKXI77162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Butts 013035 ThomastonGAWXJ31162.5001000Peachtree City, GA
Butts 013035 EatontonGAKXI89162.5251000Peachtree City, GA
Burke 013033 WaynesboroGAWXM88162.425325West Columbia, SC
Calhoun 013037 BlakelyGAKZZ70162.5251000Tallahassee, FL
Calhoun 013037 PelhamGAWXK53162.5501000Tallahassee, FL
Camden 013039 WaycrossGAWXK75162.4751000Jacksonville, FL
Camden 013039 BrunswickGAWWH39162.425300Jacksonville, FL
Burke 013033 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
Bulloch 013031 MetterGAWWH25162.4251000Charleston, SC
Brantley 013025 JesupGAWXJ28162.450300Jacksonville, FL
Brantley 013025 BrunswickGAWWH39162.425300Jacksonville, FL
Bleckley 013023 MaconGAWXK71162.4751000Peachtree City, GA
Brantley 013025 WaycrossGAWXK75162.4751000Jacksonville, FL
Brooks 013027 PelhamGAWXK53162.5501000Tallahassee, FL
Bacon 013005 WaycrossGAWXK75162.4751000Jacksonville, FL
Brooks 013027 ValdostaGAWWH31162.5001000Tallahassee, FL
Dooly 013093 AmericusGAWXJ30162.4251000Peachtree City, GA
Decatur 013087 BlakelyGAKZZ70162.5251000Tallahassee, FL
Habersham 013137 ClaytonGAKXI81162.450300Greer, SC
Gwinnett 013135 ClevelandGAWXJ53162.525300Peachtree City, GA
Gwinnett 013135 AtlantaGAKEC80162.5501000Peachtree City, GA
Habersham 013137 ClevelandGAWXJ53162.525300Peachtree City, GA
Habersham 013137 ToccoaGAWWH24162.425250Greer, SC
Hall 013139 ClevelandGAWXJ53162.525300Peachtree City, GA
Hall 013139 ClaytonGAKXI81162.450300Greer, SC
Hall 013139 AthensGAWXK56162.400500Peachtree City, GA
Greene 013133 EatontonGAKXI89162.5251000Peachtree City, GA
Greene 013133 AthensGAWXK56162.400500Peachtree City, GA
Glynn 013127 WaycrossGAWXK75162.4751000Jacksonville, FL
Glynn 013127 BrunswickGAWWH39162.425300Jacksonville, FL
Dooly 013093 EastmanGAKXI77162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Gordon 013129 ChatsworthGAWXK52162.400200Peachtree City, GA
Appling 013001 JesupGAWXJ28162.450300Jacksonville, FL
Grady 013131 PelhamGAWXK53162.5501000Tallahassee, FL
Gordon 013129 SummervilleGAWXJ72162.450300Peachtree City, GA
Hall 013139 ToccoaGAWWH24162.425250Greer, SC
Hancock 013141 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
Houston 013153 EastmanGAKXI77162.4001000Peachtree City, GA
Henry 013151 ThomastonGAWXJ31162.5001000Peachtree City, GA
Henry 013151 EatontonGAKXI89162.5251000Peachtree City, GA
Houston 013153 MaconGAWXK71162.4751000Peachtree City, GA
Irwin 013155 WaycrossGAWXK75162.4751000Jacksonville, FL
Jasper 013159 EatontonGAKXI89162.5251000Peachtree City, GA
Jackson 013157 ClevelandGAWXJ53162.525300Peachtree City, GA
Jackson 013157 AthensGAWXK56162.400500Peachtree City, GA
Henry 013151 AtlantaGAKEC80162.5501000Peachtree City, GA
Heard 013149 La GrangeGAKXI76162.450300Peachtree City, GA
Haralson 013143 BuchananGAWWH23162.4251000Peachtree City, GA
Hancock 013141 SandersvilleGAKXI28162.4501000Peachtree City, GA
Hancock 013141 EatontonGAKXI89162.5251000Peachtree City, GA
Harris 013145 ThomastonGAWXJ31162.5001000Peachtree City, GA
Hart 013147 AthensGAWXK56162.400500Peachtree City, GA
Hart 013147 ToccoaGAWWH24162.425250Greer, SC
Hart 013147 ClevelandGAWXJ53162.525300Peachtree City, GA
Glascock 013125 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
Glascock 013125 SandersvilleGAKXI28162.4501000Peachtree City, GA
Fannin 013111 Blue RidgeGAKXI75162.475300Peachtree City, GA
Douglas 013097 BuchananGAWWH23162.4251000Peachtree City, GA
Fannin 013111 Brasstown Bald (OUT OF SERVICE)GAKXI22162.500100Peachtree City, GA
Douglas 013097 AtlantaGAKEC80162.5501000Peachtree City, GA
Echols 013101 WaycrossGAWXK75162.4751000Jacksonville, FL
Fannin 013111 ChatsworthGAWXK52162.400200Peachtree City, GA
Evans 013109 MetterGAWWH25162.4251000Charleston, SC
Emanuel 013107 SandersvilleGAKXI28162.4501000Peachtree City, GA
Early 013099 PelhamGAWXK53162.5501000Tallahassee, FL
Echols 013101 ValdostaGAWWH31162.5001000Tallahassee, FL
Elbert 013105 AthensGAWXK56162.400500Peachtree City, GA
Early 013099 BlakelyGAKZZ70162.5251000Tallahassee, FL
Emanuel 013107 AugustaGAWXK54162.5501000West Columbia, SC
Dougherty 013095 PelhamGAWXK53162.5501000Tallahassee, FL
Fayette 013113 AtlantaGAKEC80162.5501000Peachtree City, GA
Franklin 013119 ToccoaGAWWH24162.425250Greer, SC
Franklin 013119 ClevelandGAWXJ53162.525300Peachtree City, GA
Fulton 013121 AtlantaGAKEC80162.5501000Peachtree City, GA
Gilmer 013123 Blue RidgeGAKXI75162.475300Peachtree City, GA
Dougherty 013095 AshburnGAKWN50162.450300Tallahassee, FL
Gilmer 013123 ChatsworthGAWXK52162.400200Peachtree City, GA
Appling 013001 WaycrossGAWXK75162.4751000Jacksonville, FL
Franklin 013119 AthensGAWXK56162.400500Peachtree City, GA
Floyd 013115 BuchananGAWWH23162.4251000Peachtree City, GA
Fayette 013113 ThomastonGAWXJ31162.5001000Peachtree City, GA
Forsyth 013117 ClevelandGAWXJ53162.525300Peachtree City, GA
Floyd 013115 SummervilleGAWXJ72162.450300Peachtree City, GA
Forsyth 013117 AtlantaGAKEC80162.5501000Peachtree City, GA
Richmond 013245 AikenSCWNG627162.450300West Columbia, SC
Wilkes 013317 KirkseySCKHC28162.4251000West Columbia, SC
Richmond 013245 BarnwellSCKHC29162.5001000West Columbia, SC
Jenkins 013165 BarnwellSCKHC29162.5001000West Columbia, SC
Lincoln 013181 KirkseySCKHC28162.4251000West Columbia, SC
Bryan 013029 Jasper CountySCKEC85162.4001000Charleston, SC
Bulloch 013031 Jasper CountySCKEC85162.4001000Charleston, SC
Burke 013033 BarnwellSCKHC29162.5001000West Columbia, SC
Chatham 013051 Jasper CountySCKEC85162.4001000Charleston, SC
Chatham 013051 BeaufortSCWXJ23162.4501000Charleston, SC
Columbia 013073 AikenSCWNG627162.450300West Columbia, SC
Screven 013251 BarnwellSCKHC29162.5001000West Columbia, SC
Effingham 013103 Jasper CountySCKEC85162.4001000Charleston, SC
Elbert 013105 KirkseySCKHC28162.4251000West Columbia, SC
Liberty 013179 Jasper CountySCKEC85162.4001000Charleston, SC
Effingham 013103 BeaufortSCWXJ23162.4501000Charleston, SC
Dade 013083 ChattanoogaTNWXK48162.5501000Morristown, TN
Murray 013213 ChattanoogaTNWXK48162.5501000Morristown, TN
Gordon 013129 ChattanoogaTNWXK48162.5501000Morristown, TN
Chattooga 013055 ChattanoogaTNWXK48162.5501000Morristown, TN
Catoosa 013047 ChattanoogaTNWXK48162.5501000Morristown, TN
Walker 013295 ChattanoogaTNWXK48162.5501000Morristown, TN
Whitfield 013313 ChattanoogaTNWXK48162.5501000Morristown, TN