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Idaho Propagation Coverage Map

Coverage Map Notes
The coverage statistics and maps are calculated using a computer model and station data assuming ideal conditions. Coverage may be 5 to 10 percent below the computer predicted coverage for the following reasons:
  • The computer model is sensitive to antenna performance. Antenna performance is a function of local conditions, causing signals to be stronger signal level in some directions than others.
  • Placement of NWR antennas is dictated by the tower owner, which may result in a less than ideal set up.
  • The antenna may be affected by nearby structures or bodies of water.
  • In some special instances, the antenna may have been intentionally adjusted to be "directional" and provide better coverage to a specific area to the detriment of other areas.
  • Because of variations in local site conditions, the performance of an individual transmitter and antenna may be less than predicted or expected.
  • Seasonal environmental conditions, such as icing or heavy rain, affect performance of a transmitter station and its various components, particularly those subject to continuous weather exposure.
  • The coverage maps are shown in a single color format, which relates to an estimated signal level.
    • White: Signal level of greater than 18dBuV: Reliable coverage

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Weather Forecast Office (WFO)

Station Listing

Site Name Transmitter Name Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Driggs Relay Ridge KJY57 162.450 100Pocatello, ID
Salmon Mt Baldy KPS509 162.500 100Missoula, MT
Grangeville Grangeville KXI82 162.450 100Spokane, WA
Sedgwick Peak Soda Springs KZZ72 162.425 100Pocatello, ID
Burley Alibon WNG605 162.475 100Pocatello, ID
McCall Brundage Mtn. WWF58 162.475 100Boise, ID
Bonners Ferry Black Mountain WWG99 162.500 100Spokane, WA
Boise Doe Point WXK68 162.550 300Boise, ID
Payette Syme Hill / Ontario OR WXK88 162.400 100Boise, ID
Lewiston Winchester Grade WXK98 162.550 300Spokane, WA
Pocatello Atomic City WXL33 162.550 100Pocatello, ID
Twin Falls Jerome WXL35 162.400 300Boise, ID
Sun Valley Bald Mtn WZ2520 162.450 150Pocatello, ID
Orofino Norton Knob WZ2535 162.500 100Spokane, WA
Number of Stations in Idaho = 14

County Coverage Listing

County/City/Area SAME Transmitter Site State Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Shoshone 016079 ---No NWR Coverage---0
Camas 016025 ---No NWR Coverage---0
Custer 016037 ---No NWR Coverage---0
Clark 016033 DriggsIDKJY57162.450100Pocatello, ID
Madison 016065 DriggsIDKJY57162.450100Pocatello, ID
Teton 016081 DriggsIDKJY57162.450100Pocatello, ID
Bonneville 016019 DriggsIDKJY57162.450100Pocatello, ID
Jefferson 016051 DriggsIDKJY57162.450100Pocatello, ID
Fremont 016043 DriggsIDKJY57162.450100Pocatello, ID
Lemhi 016059 SalmonIDKPS509162.500100Missoula, MT
Idaho 016049 GrangevilleIDKXI82162.450100Spokane, WA
Bannock 016005 Sedgwick PeakIDKZZ72162.425100Pocatello, ID
Bear Lake 016007 Sedgwick PeakIDKZZ72162.425100Pocatello, ID
Franklin 016041 Sedgwick PeakIDKZZ72162.425100Pocatello, ID
Caribou 016029 Sedgwick PeakIDKZZ72162.425100Pocatello, ID
Oneida 016071 Sedgwick PeakIDKZZ72162.425100Pocatello, ID
Bingham 016011 Sedgwick PeakIDKZZ72162.425100Pocatello, ID
Minidoka 016067 BurleyIDWNG605162.475100Pocatello, ID
Cassia 016031 BurleyIDWNG605162.475100Pocatello, ID
Power 016077 BurleyIDWNG605162.475100Pocatello, ID
Lincoln 016063 BurleyIDWNG605162.475100Pocatello, ID
Jerome 016053 BurleyIDWNG605162.475100Pocatello, ID
Blaine 016013 BurleyIDWNG605162.475100Pocatello, ID
Valley 016085 McCallIDWWF58162.475100Boise, ID
Adams 016003 McCallIDWWF58162.475100Boise, ID
Bonner 016017 Bonners FerryIDWWG99162.500100Spokane, WA
Boundary 016021 Bonners FerryIDWWG99162.500100Spokane, WA
Kootenai 016055 Bonners FerryIDWWG99162.500100Spokane, WA
Owyhee 016073 BoiseIDWXK68162.550300Boise, ID
Gem 016045 BoiseIDWXK68162.550300Boise, ID
Boise 016015 BoiseIDWXK68162.550300Boise, ID
Ada 016001 BoiseIDWXK68162.550300Boise, ID
Elmore 016039 BoiseIDWXK68162.550300Boise, ID
Canyon 016027 BoiseIDWXK68162.550300Boise, ID
Canyon 016027 PayetteIDWXK88162.400100Boise, ID
Washington 016087 PayetteIDWXK88162.400100Boise, ID
Payette 016075 PayetteIDWXK88162.400100Boise, ID
Gem 016045 PayetteIDWXK88162.400100Boise, ID
Owyhee 016073 PayetteIDWXK88162.400100Boise, ID
Nez Perce 016069 LewistonIDWXK98162.550300Spokane, WA
Lewis 016061 LewistonIDWXK98162.550300Spokane, WA
Latah 016057 LewistonIDWXK98162.550300Spokane, WA
Idaho 016049 LewistonIDWXK98162.550300Spokane, WA
Clearwater 016035 LewistonIDWXK98162.550300Spokane, WA
Butte 016023 PocatelloIDWXL33162.550100Pocatello, ID
Bingham 016011 PocatelloIDWXL33162.550100Pocatello, ID
Bonneville 016019 PocatelloIDWXL33162.550100Pocatello, ID
Power 016077 PocatelloIDWXL33162.550100Pocatello, ID
Blaine 016013 PocatelloIDWXL33162.550100Pocatello, ID
Bannock 016005 PocatelloIDWXL33162.550100Pocatello, ID
Madison 016065 PocatelloIDWXL33162.550100Pocatello, ID
Clark 016033 PocatelloIDWXL33162.550100Pocatello, ID
Jefferson 016051 PocatelloIDWXL33162.550100Pocatello, ID
Cassia 016031 Twin FallsIDWXL35162.400300Boise, ID
Twin Falls 016083 Twin FallsIDWXL35162.400300Boise, ID
Jerome 016053 Twin FallsIDWXL35162.400300Boise, ID
Gooding 016047 Twin FallsIDWXL35162.400300Boise, ID
Lincoln 016063 Twin FallsIDWXL35162.400300Boise, ID
Bear Lake 016007 Bear LakeUTWXL63162.500100Salt Lake City, UT
Kootenai 016055 SpokaneWAWXL86162.400100Spokane, WA
Benewah 016009 SpokaneWAWXL86162.400100Spokane, WA
Bonner 016017 SpokaneWAWXL86162.400100Spokane, WA
Franklin 016041 LoganUTWXM22162.400100Salt Lake City, UT
Blaine 016013 Sun ValleyIDWZ2520162.450150Pocatello, ID
Lewis 016061 OrofinoIDWZ2535162.500100Spokane, WA
Nez Perce 016069 OrofinoIDWZ2535162.500100Spokane, WA
Clearwater 016035 OrofinoIDWZ2535162.500100Spokane, WA
Idaho 016049 OrofinoIDWZ2535162.500100Spokane, WA