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Montana Propagation Coverage Map

Coverage Map Notes
The coverage statistics and maps are calculated using a computer model and station data assuming ideal conditions. Coverage may be 5 to 10 percent below the computer predicted coverage for the following reasons:
  • The computer model is sensitive to antenna performance. Antenna performance is a function of local conditions, causing signals to be stronger signal level in some directions than others.
  • Placement of NWR antennas is dictated by the tower owner, which may result in a less than ideal set up.
  • The antenna may be affected by nearby structures or bodies of water.
  • In some special instances, the antenna may have been intentionally adjusted to be "directional" and provide better coverage to a specific area to the detriment of other areas.
  • Because of variations in local site conditions, the performance of an individual transmitter and antenna may be less than predicted or expected.
  • Seasonal environmental conditions, such as icing or heavy rain, affect performance of a transmitter station and its various components, particularly those subject to continuous weather exposure.
  • The coverage maps are shown in a single color format, which relates to an estimated signal level.
    • White: Signal level of greater than 18dBuV: Reliable coverage

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Weather Forecast Office (WFO)

Station Listing

Site Name Transmitter Name Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Ryegate Ryegate KAD95 162.450 300Billings, MT
Livingston Livingston WNG682 162.525 100Billings, MT
Forsyth Forsyth WNG719 162.525 100Billings, MT
Hardin Yellowtail / Crow Reservation WNG724 162.450 100Billings, MT
Broadus Five Mile Hill WNG567 162.425 300Billings, MT
Baker Bechtold Hill WXK57 162.550 300Billings, MT
Billings Emerald Hills WXL27 162.550 300Billings, MT
Ekalaka Carter County WZ2533 162.475 300Billings, MT
Miles City Gov't. Hill WXL54 162.400 300Billings, MT
Wibaux Wibaux WZ2528 162.500 300Glasgow, MT
Glendive Makoshika Peak WWF93 162.475 100Glasgow, MT
Malta Malta WWG85 162.475 75Glasgow, MT
Plentywood Plentywood WWF50 162.475 50Glasgow, MT
Glasgow Signal Hill WXL32 162.400 300Glasgow, MT
Scobey Scobey WWF92 162.450 25Glasgow, MT
Glentana Randel KPS507 162.525 100Glasgow, MT
Circle Linsay KHC26 162.550 300Glasgow, MT
Jordan Brockway KHB53 162.500 300Glasgow, MT
Poplar Poplar KGG94 162.425 300Glasgow, MT
Winnett Mosby WNG670 162.400 300Glasgow, MT
Havre Squaw Butte WXL53 162.400 300Great Falls, MT
Helena Hogback Mtn. WXK66 162.400 1000Great Falls, MT
Belgian Hill Conrad WWG84 162.500 300Great Falls, MT
Dillon Red Rock WNG638 162.475 150Great Falls, MT
Browning Browning WNG533 162.525 300Great Falls, MT
Great Falls Bootlegger Hill WXJ43 162.550 300Great Falls, MT
Lewistown Mocassin Mtn. KZZ54 162.500 100Great Falls, MT
Bozeman Courthouse KGG97 162.500 100Great Falls, MT
Missoula Point Six Mtn. WXL25 162.400 100Missoula, MT
Butte Xl Heights WXL79 162.550 100Missoula, MT
Kalispell Blacktail Mtn. WXL82 162.550 100Missoula, MT
Number of Stations in Montana = 31

County Coverage Listing

County/City/Area SAME Transmitter Site State Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Beaverhead 030001 ButteMTWXL79162.550100Missoula, MT
Beaverhead 030001 DillonMTWNG638162.475150Great Falls, MT
Big Horn 030003 SheridanWYWXM46162.475400Billings, MT
Big Horn 030003 BillingsMTWXL27162.550300Billings, MT
Big Horn 030003 HardinMTWNG724162.450100Billings, MT
Blaine 030005 HavreMTWXL53162.400300Great Falls, MT
Broadwater 030007 HelenaMTWXK66162.4001000Great Falls, MT
Carbon 030009 CodyWYWNG563162.400300Riverton, WY
Carbon 030009 BillingsMTWXL27162.550300Billings, MT
Carter 030011 Miles CityMTWXL54162.400300Billings, MT
Carter 030011 LeadSDWXL23162.525300Rapid City, SD
Carter 030011 BroadusMTWNG567162.425300Billings, MT
Carter 030011 BakerMTWXK57162.550300Billings, MT
Carter 030011 EkalakaMTWZ2533162.475300Billings, MT
Cascade 030013 Great FallsMTWXJ43162.550300Great Falls, MT
Chouteau 030015 HavreMTWXL53162.400300Great Falls, MT
Chouteau 030015 LewistownMTKZZ54162.500100Great Falls, MT
Chouteau 030015 Great FallsMTWXJ43162.550300Great Falls, MT
Chouteau 030015 Belgian HillMTWWG84162.500300Great Falls, MT
Custer 030017 Miles CityMTWXL54162.400300Billings, MT
Custer 030017 ForsythMTWNG719162.525100Billings, MT
Custer 030017 BroadusMTWNG567162.425300Billings, MT
Custer 030017 BakerMTWXK57162.550300Billings, MT
Daniels 030019 ScobeyMTWWF92162.45025Glasgow, MT
Daniels 030019 GlentanaMTKPS507162.525100Glasgow, MT
Dawson 030021 GlendiveMTWWF93162.475100Glasgow, MT
Dawson 030021 CircleMTKHC26162.550300Glasgow, MT
Deer Lodge 030023 ButteMTWXL79162.550100Missoula, MT
Fallon 030025 BakerMTWXK57162.550300Billings, MT
Fergus 030027 LewistownMTKZZ54162.500100Great Falls, MT
Flathead 030029 KalispellMTWXL82162.550100Missoula, MT
Gallatin 030031 ButteMTWXL79162.550100Missoula, MT
Gallatin 030031 BozemanMTKGG97162.500100Great Falls, MT
Garfield 030033 GlasgowMTWXL32162.400300Glasgow, MT
Glacier 030035 BrowningMTWNG533162.525300Great Falls, MT
Glacier 030035 Belgian HillMTWWG84162.500300Great Falls, MT
Golden Valley 030037 BillingsMTWXL27162.550300Billings, MT
Golden Valley 030037 RyegateMTKAD95162.450300Billings, MT
Granite 030039 ButteMTWXL79162.550100Missoula, MT
Granite 030039 MissoulaMTWXL25162.400100Missoula, MT
Hill 030041 HavreMTWXL53162.400300Great Falls, MT
Jefferson 030043 ButteMTWXL79162.550100Missoula, MT
Jefferson 030043 HelenaMTWXK66162.4001000Great Falls, MT
Judith Basin 030045 Great FallsMTWXJ43162.550300Great Falls, MT
Judith Basin 030045 LewistownMTKZZ54162.500100Great Falls, MT
Lake 030047 MissoulaMTWXL25162.400100Missoula, MT
Lake 030047 KalispellMTWXL82162.550100Missoula, MT
Lewis and Clark 030049 HelenaMTWXK66162.4001000Great Falls, MT
Liberty 030051 Belgian HillMTWWG84162.500300Great Falls, MT
Lincoln 030053 Bonners FerryIDWWG99162.500100Spokane, WA
Lincoln 030053 KalispellMTWXL82162.550100Missoula, MT
McCone 030055 GlasgowMTWXL32162.400300Glasgow, MT
McCone 030055 CircleMTKHC26162.550300Glasgow, MT
McCone 030055 Miles CityMTWXL54162.400300Billings, MT
Madison 030057 ButteMTWXL79162.550100Missoula, MT
Meagher 030059 HelenaMTWXK66162.4001000Great Falls, MT
Mineral 030061 MissoulaMTWXL25162.400100Missoula, MT
Missoula 030063 MissoulaMTWXL25162.400100Missoula, MT
Musselshell 030065 RyegateMTKAD95162.450300Billings, MT
Musselshell 030065 BillingsMTWXL27162.550300Billings, MT
Park 030067 Elk PlazaWYWNG686162.425300Riverton, WY
Park 030067 Grant VillageWYWNG667162.450300Riverton, WY
Park 030067 LivingstonMTWNG682162.525100Billings, MT
Petroleum 030069 WinnettMTWNG670162.400300Glasgow, MT
Phillips 030071 MaltaMTWWG85162.47575Glasgow, MT
Pondera 030073 Belgian HillMTWWG84162.500300Great Falls, MT
Powder River 030075 Miles CityMTWXL54162.400300Billings, MT
Powder River 030075 BroadusMTWNG567162.425300Billings, MT
Powell 030077 ButteMTWXL79162.550100Missoula, MT
Prairie 030079 CircleMTKHC26162.550300Glasgow, MT
Prairie 030079 GlendiveMTWWF93162.475100Glasgow, MT
Prairie 030079 Miles CityMTWXL54162.400300Billings, MT
Ravalli 030081 MissoulaMTWXL25162.400100Missoula, MT
Richland 030083 WillistonNDWXL84162.5501000Bismarck, ND
Richland 030083 GlendiveMTWWF93162.475100Glasgow, MT
Roosevelt 030085 WillistonNDWXL84162.5501000Bismarck, ND
Roosevelt 030085 PoplarMTKGG94162.425300Glasgow, MT
Roosevelt 030085 GlasgowMTWXL32162.400300Glasgow, MT
Rosebud 030087 ForsythMTWNG719162.525100Billings, MT
Rosebud 030087 Miles CityMTWXL54162.400300Billings, MT
Sanders 030089 Bonners FerryIDWWG99162.500100Spokane, WA
Sanders 030089 MissoulaMTWXL25162.400100Missoula, MT
Sanders 030089 KalispellMTWXL82162.550100Missoula, MT
Sheridan 030091 PlentywoodMTWWF50162.47550Glasgow, MT
Silver Bow 030093 ButteMTWXL79162.550100Missoula, MT
Stillwater 030095 BillingsMTWXL27162.550300Billings, MT
Stillwater 030095 RyegateMTKAD95162.450300Billings, MT
Sweet Grass 030097 BillingsMTWXL27162.550300Billings, MT
Sweet Grass 030097 LivingstonMTWNG682162.525100Billings, MT
Sweet Grass 030097 RyegateMTKAD95162.450300Billings, MT
Teton 030099 Great FallsMTWXJ43162.550300Great Falls, MT
Teton 030099 Belgian HillMTWWG84162.500300Great Falls, MT
Toole 030101 Belgian HillMTWWG84162.500300Great Falls, MT
Treasure 030103 ForsythMTWNG719162.525100Billings, MT
Treasure 030103 Miles CityMTWXL54162.400300Billings, MT
Valley 030105 GlentanaMTKPS507162.525100Glasgow, MT
Valley 030105 GlasgowMTWXL32162.400300Glasgow, MT
Wheatland 030107 RyegateMTKAD95162.450300Billings, MT
Wheatland 030107 BillingsMTWXL27162.550300Billings, MT
Wibaux 030109 BakerMTWXK57162.550300Billings, MT
Wibaux 030109 WibauxMTWZ2528162.500300Glasgow, MT
Wibaux 030109 GlendiveMTWWF93162.475100Glasgow, MT
Yellowstone 030111 Grant VillageWYWNG667162.450300Riverton, WY
Yellowstone 030111 BillingsMTWXL27162.550300Billings, MT
Dawson 130021 CircleMTKHC26162.550300Glasgow, MT
McCone 130055 GlasgowMTWXL32162.400300Glasgow, MT
Richland 130083 PoplarMTKGG94162.425300Glasgow, MT
Roosevelt 130085 GlasgowMTWXL32162.400300Glasgow, MT
Dawson 230021 CircleMTKHC26162.550300Glasgow, MT
Garfield 230033 GlasgowMTWXL32162.400300Glasgow, MT
McCone 230055 GlasgowMTWXL32162.400300Glasgow, MT
McCone 330055 PoplarMTKGG94162.425300Glasgow, MT
Dawson 430021 CircleMTKHC26162.550300Glasgow, MT
Garfield 430033 WinnettMTWNG670162.400300Glasgow, MT
McCone 430055 CircleMTKHC26162.550300Glasgow, MT
McCone 430055 GlasgowMTWXL32162.400300Glasgow, MT
Roosevelt 430085 GlasgowMTWXL32162.400300Glasgow, MT
Dawson 530021 CircleMTKHC26162.550300Glasgow, MT
McCone 530055 CircleMTKHC26162.550300Glasgow, MT
Garfield 630033 GlasgowMTWXL32162.400300Glasgow, MT
McCone 630055 CircleMTKHC26162.550300Glasgow, MT
Dawson 730021 CircleMTKHC26162.550300Glasgow, MT
McCone 730055 CircleMTKHC26162.550300Glasgow, MT
Richland 730083 GlendiveMTWWF93162.475100Glasgow, MT
Roosevelt 730085 GlasgowMTWXL32162.400300Glasgow, MT
Dawson 830021 CircleMTKHC26162.550300Glasgow, MT
McCone 830055 CircleMTKHC26162.550300Glasgow, MT
Richland 830083 GlendiveMTWWF93162.475100Glasgow, MT
Garfield 930033 JordanMTKHB53162.500300Glasgow, MT
McCone 930055 CircleMTKHC26162.550300Glasgow, MT
Richland 930083 GlendiveMTWWF93162.475100Glasgow, MT