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New York Propagation Coverage Map

Coverage Map Notes
The coverage statistics and maps are calculated using a computer model and station data assuming ideal conditions. Coverage may be 5 to 10 percent below the computer predicted coverage for the following reasons:
  • The computer model is sensitive to antenna performance. Antenna performance is a function of local conditions, causing signals to be stronger signal level in some directions than others.
  • Placement of NWR antennas is dictated by the tower owner, which may result in a less than ideal set up.
  • The antenna may be affected by nearby structures or bodies of water.
  • In some special instances, the antenna may have been intentionally adjusted to be "directional" and provide better coverage to a specific area to the detriment of other areas.
  • Because of variations in local site conditions, the performance of an individual transmitter and antenna may be less than predicted or expected.
  • Seasonal environmental conditions, such as icing or heavy rain, affect performance of a transmitter station and its various components, particularly those subject to continuous weather exposure.
  • The coverage maps are shown in a single color format, which relates to an estimated signal level.
    • White: Signal level of greater than 18dBuV: Reliable coverage

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Weather Forecast Office (WFO)

Station Listing

Site Name Transmitter Name Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
White Hill Parishville KBS508 162.525 300South Burlington, VT
Buffalo North Boston KEB98 162.550 600Buffalo, NY
Rochester Baker Hill KHA53 162.400 500Buffalo, NY
Norwich Barnes Hill KHC49 162.525 300Binghamton, NY
Gore Mtn. Gore Mtn. KSC43 162.450 300Albany, NY
New York City  (OUT OF SERVICE)New York City KWO35 162.550 1000Upton, NY
Spencerport Spencerport WNG539 162.525 300Buffalo, NY
Frewsburg Mayville WNG541 162.525 175Buffalo, NY
Stamford Stamford WWF43 162.400 300Binghamton, NY
Cattaraugus Little Valley WWG32 162.425 100Buffalo, NY
Walton  (OUT OF SERVICE)Houck Mtn. WWH34 162.425 100Binghamton, NY
Cooperstown Cornish Hill Rd. WWH35 162.450 100Binghamton, NY
Syracuse Makyes Rd. WXL31 162.550 1000Binghamton, NY
Albany New Scotland WXL34 162.550 1000Albany, NY
Highland Illinois Mtn. WXL37 162.475 1000Albany, NY
Binghamton Binghamton WXL38 162.475 1000Binghamton, NY
Elmira Hawley Hill WXM31 162.400 1000Binghamton, NY
Middleville Herkimer County WXM45 162.425 300Albany, NY
Riverhead Riverhead WXM80 162.475 1000Upton, NY
Call Hill Call Hill WXN29 162.425 300Binghamton, NY
Mt. Washington Bath WXN55 162.450 300Binghamton, NY
Ithaca Ithaca WXN59 162.500 1000Binghamton, NY
Watertown Miser Hill WXN68 162.475 100Buffalo, NY
Lyons Lyons WZ2536 162.475 250Buffalo, NY
Number of Stations in New York = 24

County Coverage Listing

County/City/Area SAME Transmitter Site State Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Putnam 036079 CornwallCTWWH33162.500500Albany, NY
Suffolk 036103 MeridenCTWXJ42162.400750Upton, NY
Dutchess 036027 CornwallCTWWH33162.500500Albany, NY
Suffolk 036103 New LondonCTKHB47162.550750Upton, NY
Nassau 036059 MeridenCTWXJ42162.400750Upton, NY
Rensselaer 036083 Mt. GreylockMAWWF48162.525125Albany, NY
Rensselaer 036083 EgremontMAWXM82162.450300Albany, NY
Orange 036071 HardystonNJKZZ31162.5001000Mount Holly, NJ
Sullivan 036105 HardystonNJKZZ31162.5001000Mount Holly, NJ
Rockland 036087 HardystonNJKZZ31162.5001000Mount Holly, NJ
Queens 036081 New York City (OUT OF SERVICE)NYKWO35162.5501000Upton, NY
Schoharie 036095 CooperstownNYWWH35162.450100Binghamton, NY
Putnam 036079 HighlandNYWXL37162.4751000Albany, NY
Schoharie 036095 MiddlevilleNYWXM45162.425300Albany, NY
Schoharie 036095 StamfordNYWWF43162.400300Binghamton, NY
Schoharie 036095 AlbanyNYWXL34162.5501000Albany, NY
Rensselaer 036083 AlbanyNYWXL34162.5501000Albany, NY
Saratoga 036091 AlbanyNYWXL34162.5501000Albany, NY
Richmond 036085 New York City (OUT OF SERVICE)NYKWO35162.5501000Upton, NY
Saratoga 036091 Gore Mtn.NYKSC43162.450300Albany, NY
Schenectady 036093 AlbanyNYWXL34162.5501000Albany, NY
Rockland 036087 New York City (OUT OF SERVICE)NYKWO35162.5501000Upton, NY
Otsego 036077 NorwichNYKHC49162.525300Binghamton, NY
Onondaga 036067 SyracuseNYWXL31162.5501000Binghamton, NY
Ontario 036069 Mt. WashingtonNYWXN55162.450300Binghamton, NY
Ontario 036069 RochesterNYKHA53162.400500Buffalo, NY
Oneida 036065 SyracuseNYWXL31162.5501000Binghamton, NY
Oneida 036065 MiddlevilleNYWXM45162.425300Albany, NY
Albany 036001 AlbanyNYWXL34162.5501000Albany, NY
Niagara 036063 BuffaloNYKEB98162.550600Buffalo, NY
Oneida 036065 CooperstownNYWWH35162.450100Binghamton, NY
Ontario 036069 SyracuseNYWXL31162.5501000Binghamton, NY
Orange 036071 HighlandNYWXL37162.4751000Albany, NY
Otsego 036077 CooperstownNYWWH35162.450100Binghamton, NY
Otsego 036077 MiddlevilleNYWXM45162.425300Albany, NY
Otsego 036077 StamfordNYWWF43162.400300Binghamton, NY
Otsego 036077 BinghamtonNYWXL38162.4751000Binghamton, NY
Oswego 036075 WatertownNYWXN68162.475100Buffalo, NY
Orleans 036073 BuffaloNYKEB98162.550600Buffalo, NY
Orleans 036073 RochesterNYKHA53162.400500Buffalo, NY
Oswego 036075 SyracuseNYWXL31162.5501000Binghamton, NY
Otsego 036077 Walton (OUT OF SERVICE)NYWWH34162.425100Binghamton, NY
Schuyler 036097 IthacaNYWXN59162.5001000Binghamton, NY
Warren 036113 Gore Mtn.NYKSC43162.450300Albany, NY
Washington 036115 Gore Mtn.NYKSC43162.450300Albany, NY
Wayne 036117 LyonsNYWZ2536162.475250Buffalo, NY
Ulster 036111 StamfordNYWWF43162.400300Binghamton, NY
Ulster 036111 HighlandNYWXL37162.4751000Albany, NY
Tompkins 036109 BinghamtonNYWXL38162.4751000Binghamton, NY
Tompkins 036109 ElmiraNYWXM31162.4001000Binghamton, NY
Tompkins 036109 IthacaNYWXN59162.5001000Binghamton, NY
Wayne 036117 RochesterNYKHA53162.400500Buffalo, NY
Wayne 036117 SyracuseNYWXL31162.5501000Binghamton, NY
Yates 036123 IthacaNYWXN59162.5001000Binghamton, NY
Yates 036123 Mt. WashingtonNYWXN55162.450300Binghamton, NY
Yates 036123 RochesterNYKHA53162.400500Buffalo, NY
Yates 036123 ElmiraNYWXM31162.4001000Binghamton, NY
Wyoming 036121 RochesterNYKHA53162.400500Buffalo, NY
Westchester 036119 New York City (OUT OF SERVICE)NYKWO35162.5501000Upton, NY
Wyoming 036121 BuffaloNYKEB98162.550600Buffalo, NY
Wyoming 036121 Call HillNYWXN29162.425300Binghamton, NY
Tioga 036107 IthacaNYWXN59162.5001000Binghamton, NY
Tioga 036107 ElmiraNYWXM31162.4001000Binghamton, NY
Seneca 036099 RochesterNYKHA53162.400500Buffalo, NY
Seneca 036099 SyracuseNYWXL31162.5501000Binghamton, NY
St. Lawrence 036089 WatertownNYWXN68162.475100Buffalo, NY
Seneca 036099 Mt. WashingtonNYWXN55162.450300Binghamton, NY
Seneca 036099 IthacaNYWXN59162.5001000Binghamton, NY
Nassau 036059 RiverheadNYWXM80162.4751000Upton, NY
Schuyler 036097 Mt. WashingtonNYWXN55162.450300Binghamton, NY
Seneca 036099 ElmiraNYWXM31162.4001000Binghamton, NY
St. Lawrence 036089 White HillNYKBS508162.525300South Burlington, VT
Steuben 036101 Call HillNYWXN29162.425300Binghamton, NY
Sullivan 036105 HighlandNYWXL37162.4751000Albany, NY
Sullivan 036105 Walton (OUT OF SERVICE)NYWWH34162.425100Binghamton, NY
Tioga 036107 BinghamtonNYWXL38162.4751000Binghamton, NY
Suffolk 036103 RiverheadNYWXM80162.4751000Upton, NY
Suffolk 036103 New York City (OUT OF SERVICE)NYKWO35162.5501000Upton, NY
Steuben 036101 ElmiraNYWXM31162.4001000Binghamton, NY
Steuben 036101 Mt. WashingtonNYWXN55162.450300Binghamton, NY
Schuyler 036097 ElmiraNYWXM31162.4001000Binghamton, NY
New York 036061 New York City (OUT OF SERVICE)NYKWO35162.5501000Upton, NY
Chenango 036017 Walton (OUT OF SERVICE)NYWWH34162.425100Binghamton, NY
Columbia 036021 AlbanyNYWXL34162.5501000Albany, NY
Columbia 036021 HighlandNYWXL37162.4751000Albany, NY
Chenango 036017 StamfordNYWWF43162.400300Binghamton, NY
Chenango 036017 NorwichNYKHC49162.525300Binghamton, NY
Chemung 036015 Mt. WashingtonNYWXN55162.450300Binghamton, NY
Chenango 036017 BinghamtonNYWXL38162.4751000Binghamton, NY
Chenango 036017 CooperstownNYWWH35162.450100Binghamton, NY
Cortland 036023 BinghamtonNYWXL38162.4751000Binghamton, NY
Cortland 036023 IthacaNYWXN59162.5001000Binghamton, NY
Nassau 036059 New York City (OUT OF SERVICE)NYKWO35162.5501000Upton, NY
Delaware 036025 StamfordNYWWF43162.400300Binghamton, NY
Delaware 036025 Walton (OUT OF SERVICE)NYWWH34162.425100Binghamton, NY
Delaware 036025 CooperstownNYWWH35162.450100Binghamton, NY
Delaware 036025 BinghamtonNYWXL38162.4751000Binghamton, NY
Cortland 036023 NorwichNYKHC49162.525300Binghamton, NY
Cortland 036023 SyracuseNYWXL31162.5501000Binghamton, NY
Chemung 036015 IthacaNYWXN59162.5001000Binghamton, NY
Chemung 036015 ElmiraNYWXM31162.4001000Binghamton, NY
Broome 036007 IthacaNYWXN59162.5001000Binghamton, NY
Broome 036007 NorwichNYKHC49162.525300Binghamton, NY
Broome 036007 Walton (OUT OF SERVICE)NYWWH34162.425100Binghamton, NY
Broome 036007 ElmiraNYWXM31162.4001000Binghamton, NY
Broome 036007 BinghamtonNYWXL38162.4751000Binghamton, NY
Allegany 036003 BuffaloNYKEB98162.550600Buffalo, NY
Allegany 036003 Call HillNYWXN29162.425300Binghamton, NY
Bronx 036005 New York City (OUT OF SERVICE)NYKWO35162.5501000Upton, NY
Cattaraugus 036009 BuffaloNYKEB98162.550600Buffalo, NY
Cattaraugus 036009 CattaraugusNYWWG32162.425100Buffalo, NY
Chautauqua 036013 CattaraugusNYWWG32162.425100Buffalo, NY
Chautauqua 036013 FrewsburgNYWNG541162.525175Buffalo, NY
Chemung 036015 BinghamtonNYWXL38162.4751000Binghamton, NY
Chautauqua 036013 BuffaloNYKEB98162.550600Buffalo, NY
Cayuga 036011 SyracuseNYWXL31162.5501000Binghamton, NY
Cayuga 036011 IthacaNYWXN59162.5001000Binghamton, NY
Cayuga 036011 RochesterNYKHA53162.400500Buffalo, NY
Dutchess 036027 HighlandNYWXL37162.4751000Albany, NY
Delaware 036025 NorwichNYKHC49162.525300Binghamton, NY
Lewis 036049 White HillNYKBS508162.525300South Burlington, VT
Livingston 036051 Call HillNYWXN29162.425300Binghamton, NY
Livingston 036051 RochesterNYKHA53162.400500Buffalo, NY
Lewis 036049 WatertownNYWXN68162.475100Buffalo, NY
Lewis 036049 SyracuseNYWXL31162.5501000Binghamton, NY
Jefferson 036045 White HillNYKBS508162.525300South Burlington, VT
Kings 036047 New York City (OUT OF SERVICE)NYKWO35162.5501000Upton, NY
Lewis 036049 MiddlevilleNYWXM45162.425300Albany, NY
Madison 036053 CooperstownNYWWH35162.450100Binghamton, NY
Madison 036053 MiddlevilleNYWXM45162.425300Albany, NY
Montgomery 036057 AlbanyNYWXL34162.5501000Albany, NY
Montgomery 036057 CooperstownNYWWH35162.450100Binghamton, NY
Montgomery 036057 MiddlevilleNYWXM45162.425300Albany, NY
Monroe 036055 SpencerportNYWNG539162.525300Buffalo, NY
Monroe 036055 RochesterNYKHA53162.400500Buffalo, NY
Madison 036053 NorwichNYKHC49162.525300Binghamton, NY
Madison 036053 SyracuseNYWXL31162.5501000Binghamton, NY
Jefferson 036045 SyracuseNYWXL31162.5501000Binghamton, NY
Jefferson 036045 WatertownNYWXN68162.475100Buffalo, NY
Essex 036031 Gore Mtn.NYKSC43162.450300Albany, NY
Greene 036039 AlbanyNYWXL34162.5501000Albany, NY
Franklin 036033 White HillNYKBS508162.525300South Burlington, VT
Genesee 036037 RochesterNYKHA53162.400500Buffalo, NY
Genesee 036037 BuffaloNYKEB98162.550600Buffalo, NY
Fulton 036035 AlbanyNYWXL34162.5501000Albany, NY
Fulton 036035 Gore Mtn.NYKSC43162.450300Albany, NY
Fulton 036035 MiddlevilleNYWXM45162.425300Albany, NY
Erie 036029 BuffaloNYKEB98162.550600Buffalo, NY
Greene 036039 HighlandNYWXL37162.4751000Albany, NY
Hamilton 036041 MiddlevilleNYWXM45162.425300Albany, NY
Herkimer 036043 CooperstownNYWWH35162.450100Binghamton, NY
Herkimer 036043 MiddlevilleNYWXM45162.425300Albany, NY
Greene 036039 StamfordNYWWF43162.400300Binghamton, NY
Hamilton 036041 Gore Mtn.NYKSC43162.450300Albany, NY
Delaware 036025 HonesdalePAWNG705162.450300Binghamton, NY
Broome 036007 HonesdalePAWNG705162.450300Binghamton, NY
Sullivan 036105 Wilkes-BarrePAWXL43162.550750Binghamton, NY
Delaware 036025 Wilkes-BarrePAWXL43162.550750Binghamton, NY
Sullivan 036105 HonesdalePAWNG705162.450300Binghamton, NY
Chautauqua 036013 EriePAKEC58162.400750Cleveland, OH
Orange 036071 Wilkes-BarrePAWXL43162.550750Binghamton, NY
Essex 036031 BurlingtonVTKIG60162.400500South Burlington, VT
Washington 036115 BurlingtonVTKIG60162.400500South Burlington, VT
Clinton 036019 BurlingtonVTKIG60162.400500South Burlington, VT
Warren 036113 BurlingtonVTKIG60162.400500South Burlington, VT
Washington 036115 WindsorVTWXM44162.475400South Burlington, VT