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Virginia Propagation Coverage Map

Coverage Map Notes
The coverage statistics and Maps are calculated using a computer model and station data assuming ideal conditions. Coverage may be 5 to 10 percent below the computer predicted coverage for the following reasons:
  • The computer model is sensitive to antenna performance. Antenna performance is a function of local conditions, causing signals to be stronger signal level in some directions than others.
  • Placement of NWR antennas is dictated by the tower owner, which may result in a less than ideal set up.
  • The antenna may be affected by nearby structures or bodies of water.
  • In some special instances, the antenna may have been intentionally adjusted to be "directional" and provide better coverage to a specific area to the detriment of other areas.
  • Because of variations in local site conditions, the performance of an individual transmitter and antenna may be less than predicted or expected.
  • Seasonal environmental conditions, such as icing or heavy rain, affect performance of a transmitter station and its various components, particularly those subject to continuous weather exposure.
  • The coverage Maps are shown in a single color format, which relates to an estimated signal level.
    • White: Signal level of greater than 18dBuV: Reliable coverage

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Weather Forecast Office (WFO)

Station Listing

Site Name Transmitter Name Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Manassas Independent Hill KHB36 162.550 1000Sterling, VA
Norfolk Driver KHB37 162.550 1000Wakefield, VA
South Boston South Boston KJY86 162.525 1000Blacksburg, VA
Accomack Onley (AG) KJY99 162.525 1000Wakefield, VA
Covesville Mt. Oliver KZZ28 162.450 1000Sterling, VA
Richmond Sandston WXK65 162.475 1000Wakefield, VA
Roanoke  (OUT OF SERVICE)Poor Mtn. WXL60 162.475 1000Blacksburg, VA
Lynchburg Madison Heights WXL92 162.550 1000Blacksburg, VA
Heathsville Heathsville WXM57 162.400 1000Wakefield, VA
Sand Mtn Wythe County WZ2500 162.450 300Blacksburg, VA
Fredericksburg Fredericksburg WZ2527 162.425 300Sterling, VA
Richlands Steeleburg WZ2543 162.425 300Blacksburg, VA
Number of Stations in Virginia = 12

County Coverage Listing

County/City/Area SAME Transmitter Site State Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
City of Lexington 051678 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
City of Lexington 051678 LynchburgVAWXL92162.5501000Blacksburg, VA
Prince Edward 051147 LynchburgVAWXL92162.5501000Blacksburg, VA
City of Galax 051640 Sand MtnVAWZ2500162.450300Blacksburg, VA
City of Lynchburg 051680 LynchburgVAWXL92162.5501000Blacksburg, VA
Pittsylvania 051143 South BostonVAKJY86162.5251000Blacksburg, VA
Patrick 051141 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
City of Martinsville 051690 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
Pittsylvania 051143 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
Pulaski 051155 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
Pulaski 051155 Sand MtnVAWZ2500162.450300Blacksburg, VA
City of Covington 051580 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
City of Covington 051580 HintonWVWXM72162.4251000Blacksburg, VA
City of Buena Vista 051530 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
City of Danville 051590 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
City of Danville 051590 South BostonVAKJY86162.5251000Blacksburg, VA
Roanoke 051161 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
Rockbridge 051163 LynchburgVAWXL92162.5501000Blacksburg, VA
Rockbridge 051163 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
City of Radford 051750 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
City of Radford 051750 Sand MtnVAWZ2500162.450300Blacksburg, VA
Franklin 051067 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
Floyd 051063 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
Halifax 051083 LynchburgVAWXL92162.5501000Blacksburg, VA
Grayson 051077 Sand MtnVAWZ2500162.450300Blacksburg, VA
Grayson 051077 Mount JeffersonNCWNG588162.500300Blacksburg, VA
Giles 051071 Sand MtnVAWZ2500162.450300Blacksburg, VA
Giles 051071 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
Giles 051071 HintonWVWXM72162.4251000Blacksburg, VA
Halifax 051083 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
Halifax 051083 South BostonVAKJY86162.5251000Blacksburg, VA
Montgomery 051121 Sand MtnVAWZ2500162.450300Blacksburg, VA
City of Salem 051775 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
City of Roanoke 051770 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
Montgomery 051121 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
Mecklenburg 051117 South BostonVAKJY86162.5251000Blacksburg, VA
Henry 051089 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
Craig 051045 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
Craig 051045 HintonWVWXM72162.4251000Blacksburg, VA
Charlotte 051037 South BostonVAKJY86162.5251000Blacksburg, VA
City of Galax 051640 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
Bland 051021 HintonWVWXM72162.4251000Blacksburg, VA
Campbell 051031 LynchburgVAWXL92162.5501000Blacksburg, VA
Campbell 051031 South BostonVAKJY86162.5251000Blacksburg, VA
Alleghany 051005 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
Alleghany 051005 HintonWVWXM72162.4251000Blacksburg, VA
Charlotte 051037 LynchburgVAWXL92162.5501000Blacksburg, VA
Bland 051021 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
Botetourt 051023 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
Bland 051021 Sand MtnVAWZ2500162.450300Blacksburg, VA
Buckingham 051029 LynchburgVAWXL92162.5501000Blacksburg, VA
Washington 051191 Mount JeffersonNCWNG588162.500300Blacksburg, VA
Bedford 051019 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
Bedford 051019 LynchburgVAWXL92162.5501000Blacksburg, VA
Wythe 051197 Sand MtnVAWZ2500162.450300Blacksburg, VA
Tazewell 051185 HintonWVWXM72162.4251000Blacksburg, VA
Tazewell 051185 RichlandsVAWZ2543162.425300Blacksburg, VA
Appomattox 051011 LynchburgVAWXL92162.5501000Blacksburg, VA
Amherst 051009 LynchburgVAWXL92162.5501000Blacksburg, VA
Smyth 051173 Sand MtnVAWZ2500162.450300Blacksburg, VA
Carroll 051035 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
Carroll 051035 Sand MtnVAWZ2500162.450300Blacksburg, VA
Bath 051017 HintonWVWXM72162.4251000Blacksburg, VA
Wythe 051197 Roanoke (OUT OF SERVICE)VAWXL60162.4751000Blacksburg, VA
Dickenson 051051 GilbertWVWXM75162.475750Charleston, WV
Tazewell 051185 BeckleyWVWXM71162.5501000Charleston, WV
Buchanan 051027 GilbertWVWXM75162.475750Charleston, WV
Wise 051195 PikevilleKYWWG69162.400500Jackson, KY
Dickenson 051051 PikevilleKYWWG69162.400500Jackson, KY
Buchanan 051027 PikevilleKYWWG69162.400500Jackson, KY
Lee 051105 BristolTNWXK47162.550500Morristown, TN
City of Norton 051720 BristolTNWXK47162.550500Morristown, TN
Scott 051169 BristolTNWXK47162.550500Morristown, TN
Wise 051195 BristolTNWXK47162.550500Morristown, TN
Washington 051191 BristolTNWXK47162.550500Morristown, TN
Russell 051167 BristolTNWXK47162.550500Morristown, TN
City of Bristol 051520 BristolTNWXK47162.550500Morristown, TN
Smyth 051173 BristolTNWXK47162.550500Morristown, TN
Carroll 051035 Winston-SalemNCWXL42162.4001000Raleigh, NC
Grayson 051077 Winston-SalemNCWXL42162.4001000Raleigh, NC
City of Danville 051590 Winston-SalemNCWXL42162.4001000Raleigh, NC
Patrick 051141 Winston-SalemNCWXL42162.4001000Raleigh, NC
Pittsylvania 051143 Winston-SalemNCWXL42162.4001000Raleigh, NC
Henry 051089 Winston-SalemNCWXL42162.4001000Raleigh, NC
Brunswick 051025 HendersonNCWNG586162.500300Raleigh, NC
City of Galax 051640 Winston-SalemNCWXL42162.4001000Raleigh, NC
City of Martinsville 051690 Winston-SalemNCWXL42162.4001000Raleigh, NC
Mecklenburg 051117 HendersonNCWNG586162.500300Raleigh, NC
Loudoun 051107 Washington DCDCWNG736162.450300Sterling, VA
Louisa 051109 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Loudoun 051107 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
Greene 051079 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Highland 051091 MoorefieldWVWXM73162.400500Sterling, VA
Warren 051187 HagerstownMDWXM42162.4751000Sterling, VA
Westmoreland 051193 FredericksburgVAWZ2527162.425300Sterling, VA
King George 051099 FredericksburgVAWZ2527162.425300Sterling, VA
Warren 051187 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
King George 051099 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
Loudoun 051107 HagerstownMDWXM42162.4751000Sterling, VA
Page 051139 HagerstownMDWXM42162.4751000Sterling, VA
Spotsylvania 051177 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
Rappahannock 051157 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
Prince William 051153 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
Goochland 051075 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Prince William 051153 FredericksburgVAWZ2527162.425300Sterling, VA
Spotsylvania 051177 FredericksburgVAWZ2527162.425300Sterling, VA
Spotsylvania 051177 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Shenandoah 051171 MoorefieldWVWXM73162.400500Sterling, VA
Shenandoah 051171 HagerstownMDWXM42162.4751000Sterling, VA
Rockingham 051165 MoorefieldWVWXM73162.400500Sterling, VA
Rockingham 051165 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Stafford 051179 FredericksburgVAWZ2527162.425300Sterling, VA
Prince Edward 051147 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Nottoway 051135 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Orange 051137 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Nelson 051125 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Madison 051113 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
Madison 051113 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Orange 051137 FredericksburgVAWZ2527162.425300Sterling, VA
Orange 051137 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
Stafford 051179 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
Powhatan 051145 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Page 051139 MoorefieldWVWXM73162.400500Sterling, VA
Page 051139 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
Lunenburg 051111 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Fluvanna 051065 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Caroline 051033 FredericksburgVAWZ2527162.425300Sterling, VA
Campbell 051031 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
City of Waynesboro 051820 MoorefieldWVWXM73162.400500Sterling, VA
City of Waynesboro 051820 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Charlotte 051037 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
City of Winchester 051840 HagerstownMDWXM42162.4751000Sterling, VA
Buckingham 051029 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Culpeper 051047 FredericksburgVAWZ2527162.425300Sterling, VA
Culpeper 051047 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
Culpeper 051047 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Clarke 051043 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
Clarke 051043 HagerstownMDWXM42162.4751000Sterling, VA
City of Alexandria 051510 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
City of Charlottesville 051540 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
City of Manassas Park 051685 FredericksburgVAWZ2527162.425300Sterling, VA
City of Manassas Park 051685 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
City of Harrisonburg 051660 MoorefieldWVWXM73162.400500Sterling, VA
City of Fredericksburg 051630 FredericksburgVAWZ2527162.425300Sterling, VA
City of Fredericksburg 051630 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
City of Manassas 051683 FredericksburgVAWZ2527162.425300Sterling, VA
City of Manassas 051683 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
City of Staunton 051790 MoorefieldWVWXM73162.400500Sterling, VA
City of Staunton 051790 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
City of Fairfax 051600 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
City of Falls Church 051610 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
Cumberland 051049 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
City of Winchester 051840 MoorefieldWVWXM73162.400500Sterling, VA
Amelia 051007 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Fairfax 051059 Washington DCDCWNG736162.450300Sterling, VA
Amherst 051009 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Appomattox 051011 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Fauquier 051061 FredericksburgVAWZ2527162.425300Sterling, VA
Fauquier 051061 HagerstownMDWXM42162.4751000Sterling, VA
Frederick 051069 MoorefieldWVWXM73162.400500Sterling, VA
Frederick 051069 HagerstownMDWXM42162.4751000Sterling, VA
Albemarle 051003 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Fauquier 051061 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
Arlington 051013 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
Fairfax 051059 ManassasVAKHB36162.5501000Sterling, VA
Essex 051057 FredericksburgVAWZ2527162.425300Sterling, VA
Augusta 051015 CovesvilleVAKZZ28162.4501000Sterling, VA
Augusta 051015 MoorefieldWVWXM73162.400500Sterling, VA
Arlington 051013 Washington DCDCWNG736162.450300Sterling, VA
Accomack 051001 SalisburyDEKEC92162.4751000Wakefield, VA
Surry 051181 NorfolkVAKHB37162.5501000Wakefield, VA
City of Franklin 051620 MargarettsvilleNCWWG33162.450300Wakefield, VA
Accomack 051001 NorfolkVAKHB37162.5501000Wakefield, VA
Sussex 051183 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
Accomack 051001 HeathsvilleVAWXM57162.4001000Wakefield, VA
York 051199 NorfolkVAKHB37162.5501000Wakefield, VA
Sussex 051183 NorfolkVAKHB37162.5501000Wakefield, VA
City of Franklin 051620 NorfolkVAKHB37162.5501000Wakefield, VA
Richmond 051159 HeathsvilleVAWXM57162.4001000Wakefield, VA
City of Emporia 051595 MargarettsvilleNCWWG33162.450300Wakefield, VA
City of Chesapeake 051550 NorfolkVAKHB37162.5501000Wakefield, VA
Southampton 051175 MargarettsvilleNCWWG33162.450300Wakefield, VA
Charles City 051036 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
Southampton 051175 NorfolkVAKHB37162.5501000Wakefield, VA
Caroline 051033 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
Amelia 051007 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
Sussex 051183 MargarettsvilleNCWWG33162.450300Wakefield, VA
Chesterfield 051041 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
Spotsylvania 051177 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
City of Fredericksburg 051630 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
Westmoreland 051193 HeathsvilleVAWXM57162.4001000Wakefield, VA
Brunswick 051025 MargarettsvilleNCWWG33162.450300Wakefield, VA
City of Colonial Heights 051570 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
City of Poquoson 051735 NorfolkVAKHB37162.5501000Wakefield, VA
King William 051101 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
King William 051101 HeathsvilleVAWXM57162.4001000Wakefield, VA
Dinwiddie 051053 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
King and Queen 051097 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
Lancaster 051103 HeathsvilleVAWXM57162.4001000Wakefield, VA
Cumberland 051049 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
Mathews 051115 NorfolkVAKHB37162.5501000Wakefield, VA
Mathews 051115 HeathsvilleVAWXM57162.4001000Wakefield, VA
Louisa 051109 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
King and Queen 051097 HeathsvilleVAWXM57162.4001000Wakefield, VA
James City 051095 NorfolkVAKHB37162.5501000Wakefield, VA
Accomack 051001 AccomackVAKJY99162.5251000Wakefield, VA
Fluvanna 051065 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
Goochland 051075 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
Gloucester 051073 HeathsvilleVAWXM57162.4001000Wakefield, VA
Greensville 051081 MargarettsvilleNCWWG33162.450300Wakefield, VA
Hanover 051085 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
Isle of Wight 051093 NorfolkVAKHB37162.5501000Wakefield, VA
Essex 051057 HeathsvilleVAWXM57162.4001000Wakefield, VA
Henrico 051087 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
Mecklenburg 051117 MargarettsvilleNCWWG33162.450300Wakefield, VA
City of Williamsburg 051830 NorfolkVAKHB37162.5501000Wakefield, VA
City of Norfolk 051710 NorfolkVAKHB37162.5501000Wakefield, VA
City of Petersburg 051730 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
Gloucester 051073 NorfolkVAKHB37162.5501000Wakefield, VA
City of Portsmouth 051740 NorfolkVAKHB37162.5501000Wakefield, VA
City of Newport News 051700 NorfolkVAKHB37162.5501000Wakefield, VA
Powhatan 051145 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
Prince George 051149 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
Prince Edward 051147 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
City of Hopewell 051670 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
City of Richmond 051760 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
Nottoway 051135 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
New Kent 051127 RichmondVAWXK65162.4751000Wakefield, VA
City of Virginia Beach 051810 NorfolkVAKHB37162.5501000Wakefield, VA
Middlesex 051119 HeathsvilleVAWXM57162.4001000Wakefield, VA
Northampton 051131 AccomackVAKJY99162.5251000Wakefield, VA
Northampton 051131 HeathsvilleVAWXM57162.4001000Wakefield, VA
City of Suffolk 051800 NorfolkVAKHB37162.5501000Wakefield, VA
Northumberland 051133 HeathsvilleVAWXM57162.4001000Wakefield, VA
Northampton 051131 NorfolkVAKHB37162.5501000Wakefield, VA
City of Hampton 051650 NorfolkVAKHB37162.5501000Wakefield, VA