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County Coverage Listing
Coverage Map Notes
The coverage statistics and maps are calculated using a computer model and station data assuming ideal conditions. Coverage may be 5 to 10 percent below the computer predicted coverage for the following reasons:
  • The computer model is sensitive to antenna performance. Antenna performance is a function of local conditions, causing signals to be stronger signal level in some directions than others.
  • Placement of NWR antennas is dictated by the tower owner, which may result in a less than ideal set up.
  • The antenna may be affected by nearby structures or bodies of water.
  • In some special instances, the antenna may have been intentionally adjusted to be "directional" and provide better coverage to a specific area to the detriment of other areas.
  • Because of variations in local site conditions, the performance of an individual transmitter and antenna may be less than predicted or expected.
  • Seasonal environmental conditions, such as icing or heavy rain, affect performance of a transmitter station and its various components, particularly those subject to continuous weather exposure.
  • The coverage maps are shown in a single color format, which relates to an estimated signal level.
    • White: Signal level of greater than 18dBuV: Reliable coverage

Utah Station Listing

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Weather Forecast Office (WFO)

Site NameTransmitter NameCall SignFrequencyPowerWFO
Salt Lake CityBacchusKEC78162.550330Salt Lake City, UT
Coalville/ Park CityLewis PeakKJY60162.475100Salt Lake City, UT
EscalanteBarney Top MountainKJY61162.42575Salt Lake City, UT
TabionaMount TabbyKJY79162.550300Salt Lake City, UT
WendoverWendover PeakKXI30162.475100Salt Lake City, UT
MoabBald MesaWNG556162.475300Grand Junction, CO
MantiSevier ValleyWNG594162.425300Salt Lake City, UT
Castle DaleHorn MountainWNG669162.500100Salt Lake City, UT
MonticelloMonticelloWNG687162.450300Grand Junction, CO
Tooele (South Mountain)South MountainWWF46162.450100Salt Lake City, UT
Tooele (Vernon Hills)Vernon HillsWWF47162.525120Salt Lake City, UT
St. GeorgeUtah HillWWF51162.475100Salt Lake City, UT
Bear LakeLaketownWXL63162.500100Salt Lake City, UT
LoganMount LoganWXM22162.400100Salt Lake City, UT
VernalAsphalt RidgeWXM23162.400100Grand Junction, CO
Milford/Cedar CityFrisco PeakWXM24162.400100Salt Lake City, UT
Lake PowellNavajo MountainWXM89162.55075Salt Lake City, UT

Number of Stations in Utah = 17

County Coverage for Utah

County/City/AreaSAMETransmitterSite StateCall SignFrequencyPowerWFO
Beaver049001Milford/Cedar CityUTWXM24162.400100Salt Lake City, UT
Box Elder049003WendoverUTKXI30162.475100Salt Lake City, UT
Box Elder049003Tooele (South Mountain)UTWWF46162.450100Salt Lake City, UT
Box Elder049003Salt Lake CityUTKEC78162.550330Salt Lake City, UT
Box Elder049003LoganUTWXM22162.400100Salt Lake City, UT
Cache049005LoganUTWXM22162.400100Salt Lake City, UT
Cache049005Bear LakeUTWXL63162.500100Salt Lake City, UT
Carbon049007Castle DaleUTWNG669162.500100Salt Lake City, UT
Daggett049009Rock SpringsWYKXI34162.550300Riverton, WY
Davis049011Tooele (Vernon Hills)UTWWF47162.525120Salt Lake City, UT
Davis049011Salt Lake CityUTKEC78162.550330Salt Lake City, UT
Davis049011Tooele (South Mountain)UTWWF46162.450100Salt Lake City, UT
Duchesne049013VernalUTWXM23162.400100Grand Junction, CO
Duchesne049013TabionaUTKJY79162.550300Salt Lake City, UT
Emery049015Castle DaleUTWNG669162.500100Salt Lake City, UT
Emery049015MoabUTWNG556162.475300Grand Junction, CO
Garfield049017Lake PowellUTWXM89162.55075Salt Lake City, UT
Garfield049017Castle DaleUTWNG669162.500100Salt Lake City, UT
Garfield049017EscalanteUTKJY61162.42575Salt Lake City, UT
Grand049019MoabUTWNG556162.475300Grand Junction, CO
Iron049021Milford/Cedar CityUTWXM24162.400100Salt Lake City, UT
Iron049021St. GeorgeUTWWF51162.475100Salt Lake City, UT
Juab049023Milford/Cedar CityUTWXM24162.400100Salt Lake City, UT
Juab049023MantiUTWNG594162.425300Salt Lake City, UT
Kane049025Lake PowellUTWXM89162.55075Salt Lake City, UT
Millard049027Milford/Cedar CityUTWXM24162.400100Salt Lake City, UT
Morgan049029Coalville/ Park CityUTKJY60162.475100Salt Lake City, UT
Piute049031---No NWR Coverage---0
Rich049033LoganUTWXM22162.400100Salt Lake City, UT
Rich049033EvanstonWYKXI85162.450300Salt Lake City, UT
Rich049033Bear LakeUTWXL63162.500100Salt Lake City, UT
Salt Lake049035Salt Lake CityUTKEC78162.550330Salt Lake City, UT
San Juan049037MonticelloUTWNG687162.450300Grand Junction, CO
San Juan049037Lake PowellUTWXM89162.55075Salt Lake City, UT
San Juan049037MoabUTWNG556162.475300Grand Junction, CO
Sanpete049039MantiUTWNG594162.425300Salt Lake City, UT
Sevier049041MantiUTWNG594162.425300Salt Lake City, UT
Sevier049041Castle DaleUTWNG669162.500100Salt Lake City, UT
Summit049043EvanstonWYKXI85162.450300Salt Lake City, UT
Summit049043Coalville/ Park CityUTKJY60162.475100Salt Lake City, UT
Tooele049045Tooele (South Mountain)UTWWF46162.450100Salt Lake City, UT
Tooele049045WendoverUTKXI30162.475100Salt Lake City, UT
Tooele049045Tooele (Vernon Hills)UTWWF47162.525120Salt Lake City, UT
Uintah049047VernalUTWXM23162.400100Grand Junction, CO
Uintah049047TabionaUTKJY79162.550300Salt Lake City, UT
Utah049049Salt Lake CityUTKEC78162.550330Salt Lake City, UT
Wasatch049051TabionaUTKJY79162.550300Salt Lake City, UT
Washington049053St. GeorgeUTWWF51162.475100Salt Lake City, UT
Wayne049055Castle DaleUTWNG669162.500100Salt Lake City, UT
Weber049057Tooele (South Mountain)UTWWF46162.450100Salt Lake City, UT
Weber049057Salt Lake CityUTKEC78162.550330Salt Lake City, UT
Weber049057LoganUTWXM22162.400100Salt Lake City, UT

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