NOAA Weather Wire Service (NWWS)

Mission: Timely delivery of critical weather information

Description: NWWS' singular purpose is to provide timely meteorological, hydrologic, climate, and geophysical information to State and Federal governments, emergency managers, commercial users, media outlets (television, radio and social), and to the general public for the protection of life, property and to enhance the economy.

NWWS collects various weather products, alerts and warnings from NWS National Centers and Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs) and makes all available over NOAA satellites and via the Internet.


To sign-up for user account or request the End-User Client (EUC) software go to “News” on the menu bar. To review software status, please go to the “Updates” dropdown menu under “News.”

If you are experiencing problems with NWWS Satellite Service or the NWWS Open Interface (OI) service please contact NWWS support at


Current Status

NWWS Satellite Operational
NWWS Open Interface (OI) Operational

* Note: This status is only updated during normal business hours.