NWWS Future Configuration



Previous NWWS User Configuration

Current NWWS-2 Configuration

  • Satellite Dish (1.2m or 2.4m)
  • ViaSat Calypso Receiver - automatically filters products
  • Satellite Dish - NO CHANGE
  • Low Noise Band (LNB) down conveter (NEW)
  • DVB-S2 compatible Satellite Receiver (NOVRA Model S300 or similar) (NEW)
  • User product filter required (NEW)
  • Additional ethernet, RF coxial and CAT5 network cable as necessary. (NEW)
  • Commercially Developed (i.e. Marta System "Skytap")
  • User Developed
  • Weather Message
  • NWS Basic EUC Program (signed disclaimer required from user)
  • Commercial Open-Source / User Modified
  • Commercially Developed
  • User Developed

  • Adds sequence "000" number
  • Does not have sequence number

NWS does not advocate one software over another or preference of commercial software over development. These are user choices. The software identified is known to meet user requirements for access and display of NWWS products. If other software is applicable please provide a description and contact information to the NWWS Program Manager.