• Satellite Dish 1.2m or larger
  • Low Noise Band (LNB) down converter
  • DVB-S2 compatible satellite receiver (NOVRA S300 or similar)
  • Ethernet, RF coaxial and CAT5 network cables as necessary
  • Windows - based PC
  • Minimum - 20GB storage and 3GB RAM
  • Ingest product filter (for either or both satellite and OI)
  • XML/XMPP format reader (for NWWS-OI only) - EUC, Java, Pidgin, Google or other...
  • NWWS End User Client (EUC) v1.0.1

NWS does not advocate one commercial hardware or software over another. These are user choices. The hardware and software identified are known to meet requirements for access and display of NWWS products and are intended as examples only.