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New NOAA Weather Wire Service (NWWS) 2013-2014

(Last update July 2013)

NWWS will be adding to the dissemination streams starting this fall. The NWWS will operate similar to the current contractor leased system, with dissemination of weather data via:
  1. C-band satellite
  2. Internet-based method known as the "Open Interface"
  3. International Justice and Public Safety Network known as Nlets.

Nlets has a private data stream for law enforcement/emergency management networks not open to the general public.

NWWS users will be given the opportunity to stay with their current configuration because CSC remains an NWS client/user or change to the new/proposed system and interfaces.


Current Leased System

Planned NWWS configuration

C-band satellite

CSC Satellite System



Calypso Receiver

NOVRA S300 or similar compatible Receiver
EMWIN Satellites


Internet “Open Interface”






Current; Internet via

Fall 2013: XMPP/chat room environment

Text Format(s)


WMO, CAP v1.1 and CAP v1.2*

Internet Open Interface
“push” connectivity


CSC service


Fall 2013: XMPP/chat room environment


CSC service

----under development----

*Common Alert Protocol (CAP) format is for alert text messages only.  CAPv1.2 will be available Fall 2013.  Only CAP v1.2 is compatible for Emergency Alert System (EAS) activation.
C-band satellite

CSC Satellite Service

No change.
(Service is expected to operate into 2014.)

SBN/NOAAPORT Satellite Service

Users can continue to re-use the outdoor antennas they already have in place (which will not require re-pointing), but will need 1) a new satellite receiver, 2) new Low Noise Block (LNB) down converter, and 3) new (or modified) weather data display software.

EMWIN Satellite Service

Satellite dish will need repointing. New hardware and software will need to be added.  http://www.nws.noaa.gov/emwin/user-intro.htm

Open Interface

CSC capability

WMO text products

No change to CSC, Marta, or current display software.

National Weather Service

All WMO text products (including alerts and warnings) by County

May need to modify or purchase new display software to pull desired products.

National Weather Service

****Alerts and Warnings Only****
RSS and ATOM feeds by State
WMO and CAP v1.1 text products

May need to modify or purchase new display software to pull desired products.

NWWS products are also available over the Emergency Managers Weather Information Network (EMWIN) satellite product stream and via the NWS Family of Services (all NWS and NWWS products).  Family of Services is a NWS for-fee dissemination capability.

“Push” Connectivity

CSC capability

Direct socket feed, no change

No change to current display software.

National Weather Service

Family of Services Option

This is a “for fee” service.

National Weather Service has not determined if there will be a “push” capability in the future.

As NWWS proceeds with the transition, your cooperation, collaboration, and input are appreciated.  Please feel free to contact NWS for more information about the upcoming change(s) or to provide input on system capabilities and proposed distribution methods and shortfalls of the available options.  


Please stay tuned to this website to keep informed about any upcoming change.

Contacts at NOAA/NWS

Gregory Zwicker (NOAA, NWWS Program Manager)
Tel. 301-713-9479 ext141, email gregory.zwicker@noaa.gov

Ronald Vaillant (NOAA, NLETS Program Manager)
Tel. 301-713-9478 ext171, email ronald.vaillant@noaa.gov

Ron DeWaters (NOAA, NWWS Satellite Program Lead)
Tel. 301-713-9478 ext173, email ron.dewaters@noaa.gov

Wendell Nakamine (NOAA, NWWS Technical Support)
Tel. 301-713-1743 ext110, email wendell.nakamine@noaa.gov

Santos Rodriguez (NOAA, EMWIN Technical Lead)
Tel. 301-713-0077, email santos.rodriguez@noaa.gov

Rob Wagner (NOAA, EMWIN Program Lead)
Tel. 301-713-0864 ext109, email robert.wagner@noaa.gov

Julie Hayes (NOAA, Family of Services Lead)
Tel. 301-713-0864 ext120, email julie.hayes@noaa.gov