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New NOAA Weather Wire Service (NWWS-2) 2015

April 2015

NWWS-2 will begin operation April 2015. Users will have a 90-day transition period to switch to the new service.

March 2015:

The new NOAA Weather Wire Service (NWWS-2) is scheduled to replace the current NWWS by June 2015. The NWWS-2 Satellite interface component is complete. This is the new SBN/NOAAPORT Channel or PID 201that carries only NWWS products. The End User Client (EUC) for Channel 201 product receipt will be released for “beta” testing current satellite capability. Please e-mail to initiate the process. SBN/NOAAPORT Channels or PIDs 101-105 will continue to carry all NWWS products with other NWS products without change.

The NWWS-2 Open Interface will be released for “beta” testing later this month.

The current CSC leased service will continue through the end of May 2015.


Dates have changed from the information listed below and do not correlate to the current level of effort. The information provided was deemed beneficial and was left for site users to access. Please contact the NWWS Program Manager if you have any questions. Thank you.