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The NWS Diversity Ambassadors
A resource for NWS and its employees

Working with the NWS Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management Office, and the NWS Diversity Council, the NWS Diversity Ambassadors were formed to be communications mechanism of diversity management principles and a national support mechanism for Diversity Focal Points as well as all NWS employees.

  • The NWS Diversity Ambassadors actively keep abreast of diversity trends, and thus, in addition to Diversity Council members, and the NWS Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management Office, they are a national contact resource for diversity questions, guidance, and resources to all NWS employees.

  • Volunteer Ambassadors actively acquire specialized knowledge or experience in specific areas such as race/cultural issues, GLBT, gender issues, age/generations, family issues, etc… . Information artifacts associated with these focus areas (data, readings, etc…) are retained in a knowledge base that can be called upon through the Ambassadors.

  • Diversity Ambassadors can act as advocates for their areas of specialization, being a voice on related matters (participating in conference calls, policy meetings etc…)

  • Not only will they have subject matter expertise, which could be called upon by Focal Points, but the Ambassadors may be called upon to add their knowledge in participation on panels, or in workshops, etc…

  • Volunteer Ambassadors may also put together and/or lead Webinars on topics that they have an expertise in. Ambassadors could also conduct Diversity Training in the field in the absence of a local Focal Point if funding and availability permit.

  • Acting in a general advisory capacity, the Diversity Ambassadors can advise and assist Diversity Focal points and other NWS staff with planning local workshops and other local diversity activities.

Your NWS Diversity Ambassadors are (Note: all Diversity Ambassadors are well versed and fully knowledgeable in a broad spectrum of diversity matters, some however have additional knowledge in specialized areas – these specialties are indicated below their names):

José Garcia

José GarcíaSince the inception of the National Weather Service Diversity program, Mr. José Garcia has maintained a passion for promoting diversity as a leadership best practice.  He served as one of the first Regional Diversity Coordinators for the Southern Region of the NWS, and also served on the National Weather Service Diversity Management council from the early 90s through 2011.  He was Chair of the National Weather Service Diversity Council from 2010-2011.  During his tenure on the NWS Diversity Council, he was involved in the development of the NWS Diversity Marketing concept which resulted in the LMS online diversity curriculum, national diversity management presentation, and the NWS diversity poster initiative.  As Meteorologist In Charge at WFO Amarillo, Texas he has been a leader for diversity initiatives at the local, regional and national level.

Throughout his work with diversity management, Mr. Garcia has provided countless presentations on leadership, teamwork and cultural office issues as they relate to diversity.   He has more than 10 years of facilitation experience and serves as one of the facilitators for the Southern Region Building Leaders for a Solid Tomorrow (BLAST) leadership development program.  Mr. Garcia’s  Diversity Ambassador focus is on leadership, teamwork and cultural diversity, and he is available to assist or provide training/webinars in these areas.

Jose Garcia (WFO Amarillo,, 806-335-2911 x222)
(Leadership, Team/workplace Diversity, Cultural issues)

Todd Hall

Todd HallAfter graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles, one of the most diverse universities in the Nation as ranked by U.S. News and World Report, Todd joined the National Weather Service as a Meteorologist in 2000. Serving four Weather Forecast Offices and two different regions, he takes a diverse approach to weather forecasting insisting that there are many different ways to view and analyze the atmosphere.  Todd joined the National Weather Service Diversity Program in 2004 serving as NWS Western Region’s Hispanic Special Emphasis Program Manager on Western Region’s Diversity Action Committee (WR DAC).  While serving on the WR DAC, he helped the group win a Regional Cline Award for Diversity.  While chairing the committee between 2008-2011, Todd also co-chaired (with Dr. Joshua Scheck) the team that designed, marketed, and implemented the first online diversity management curriculum for all NWS employees.  Currently, Todd remains active in the National Weather Service Diversity Program serving as a member of the NWS Diversity Training team, a team making future changes to the CLC Diversity Curriculum and mentoring Western Region’s Diversity Focal Points on an interim basis.

Though Todd is well-versed in many diversity topics and issues, he chooses to specialize in generational diversity, diversity through dress, family and work-life issues, and targeted workplace recruitments.

Todd Hall (WFO Los Angeles,, 805-988-6615 x284)
(Generation/age issues, family, work-life, dress/appearance, recruitment)

Hope Hasberry

Hope HasberrySince August 2012, Ms. Hasberry has worked as the acting Director of the National Weather Service’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management.  She has worked for the National Weather Service as an Equal Employment Opportunity/Diversity Management Specialist since 2002.  In this capacity she assists in developing the agency’s EEO and Diversity Management policy, planning and communication.  She also coordinates the agency’s agenda in setting goals for its affirmative employment, training and strategic planning efforts.  Ms. Hasberry provides training to NWS employees on a variety of EEO and Diversity Management related topics.  Hope is the Weather Services’ Federal Women’s Program Manager.

Hope is a native of Heidelberg, Mississippi.  She attended Jackson State University in Jackson, MS earning a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Economics.  She also has a Master of Arts degree in Human Resource Economics from Howard University in Washington, DC.

Hope Hasberry (NWS Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management,, 301-713-0692 x216)
(All Diversity Management and EEO related issues)

Delyne Kirkham

Delyne KirkhamDelyne Kirkham’s twelve year career with the federal government began in 2001 in Elko, Nevada with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  While at the BLM she worked closely with the Bureau of Indian Affairs program to train local Native Americans in firefighting and served on the BLM Special Emphasis Committee.  She joined the National Weather Service in 2005.

For five years Delyne held a Diversity Focal Point position and was honored in 2010 to receive a national Cline Award for outstanding contributions to NWS WR Diversity Management Program through strong initiative and teamwork.  Delyne was selected in 2011 to serve on the Western Region (WR) Diversity Action Committee as WR Special Emphasis Program Manager for Individuals with Disabilities.  She also is editor of the WR Diversity newsletter that is published quarterly.  Before her federal service, she supervised a local program teaching job skills to individuals with disabilities in the private sector.

Delyne assists with information to WR Focal Points and personnel on individuals with disabilities, special emphasis month program recognition, diversity management, inclusion, quality of worklife and teamwork.  She is on the committee that created and reviews the CLC Diversity Curriculum for the NWS Diversity Certification program and the NWS Quality of Worklife team.  As one of the Diversity Ambassadors, Delyne chooses to focus on persons with disabilities, gender, inclusion and teamwork.

Delyne Kirkham (WFO Elko,, 775-778-6718)
(Disabilities, Work-life, Team Diversity)

Cheryl Latif

Cheryl LatifCheryl Latif’s twenty year career with the federal government began in 1992 with the U.S. Customs Service (now Customs and Border Protection).  She was hired as an Import Specialist at JFK Airport, NY and for ten years she also held the collateral position of Disabilities Program Manager.  In 2003 she joined the NWS in her full time role as Eastern Region EEO Manager.

Cheryl provides information to ER personnel on the EEO process and, in addition to conducting her own special emphasis month program activities at ERH, assists the EEO focal points in the field with their celebrations of these months as well.  She also makes various forms of diversity training available for the Diversity Focal Points to give to their staff members.

After learning about the high number of employees that can be categorized (according to MBTI results) as “introverted”, she created a presentation on the differences between extraversion and introversion that was used at an Eastern Region MIC/HIC Conference and a SOD conference.

She is on the committee that reviews the CLC Diversity Curriculum for future changes and was the project leader in forming the national NWS Diversity Toolbox, which acts as a clearinghouse of diversity information for NWS employees.  As one of the Diversity Ambassadors, Cheryl chooses to focus on persons with disabilities and EEO.

Cheryl Latif (ERH,, 631-244-0162)
(EEO, Disabilities, Diversity Toolbox Point-of-Contact)

Teresa Murphy

Teresa MurphyTeresa Murphy, a physical scientist at National Weather Service Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, began her federal career at the National Climatic Data Center while still an Atmospheric Sciences student at the University of North Carolina at Asheville.

Teresa served as the Diversity Focal point at both the Atlanta and Rapid City WFOs, creating break room displays observing diversity months. She also dealt informally with generational diversity in the workplace. Teresa grew up with generational diversity in her immediate family. Her parents were older than those of her peers, giving a unique perspective on issues affecting people of all ages and insight on how to bridge differences.

Prior to working in Silver Spring, Teresa was an instructor at the National Weather Service Training Center. In addition to training center duties, Teresa facilitated sessions on work-life issues and eating disorders at the Kansas City Federal Diversity Workshop.

When she is not at the office, Teresa and her family enjoy spending time outdoors running and biking on the trails around the city.

Teresa Murphy (
(Generational issues)

Shari Mutchler

Shari’s special focus is on women and family life issues.

Shari has over 20 years experience in the NWS and NCEP as a forecaster, mom, and wife, working rotating shifts. She has studied the effects of rotating shift work on health, family and social aspects of life in an effort to find ways of improving  / minimizing its negative impacts.

Shari was a charter member of the NOAA EEO council in 1998, and a member of the NWS Central Region team for Women and Minorities through 2002. Shari currently serve as the AWC Diversity Focal Point.

Shari Mutchler (AWC,, 816-584-7200 X269)
( Marriage/marital status; Women’s/family issues)

David Rowell

dave-teach.jpgAs both a most genuine believer and practitioner of diversity principles, David Rowell has been expansively involved in fostering diversity and inclusion in working with NOAA, OMAO, NCEP and NWS. At present he is the Chair of the NWS Diversity Council and a NOAA Special Emphasis Program Manager [LGBT]. David has been a diversity instructor for many years, teaching diversity at NWSTC and conducting diversity workshops in the field. He is completely fluent in all aspects of diversity and diversity management. David’s present focus is on gender issues and LGBT, especially current workplace impacts and trends. This includes being knowledgeable in various facets of such including: gender traits in the work place, women’s and men’s issues, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, Trans-gendered, etc…. .

David has also been heavily involved in team building (training, facilitation …) for a great many years and is broadly knowledgeable about all factors that affect team performance, synergy and relationships. He has a knowledge bank of information on hand in all these areas and can further assist with research and resources. David can offer information, advocating, training, and support (e.g. assistance with workshops, webinars, panels … ). A personal note from David : Beyond the academics let me say that I have a heartfelt passion in seeing everyone treated fairly, treated respectfully and above all given the chance to be their selves fully, bring everything they have to the table, and achieve to their fullest potential. I hope I can be a resource in the understanding of these issues and the leveraging of diversity in the workplace.

David Rowell (NWSTC,, 816-994-3010)
(Team Diversity; Gender issues; GLBTQI)

James C. Su, Ph.D.

James C. Su, Ph.D.Dr. Su has been known as the NWS Headquarters Asian American and Pacific Islander Special Emphasis Program Manager (AAPI SEPM) for a decade and half.  He joined the EEO and Diversity Management community in mid-1990s.  In 1994, he attended the Workshop on Asian American and Pacific Islanders initiated by former NWS AA, Elbert “Joe” Friday, held in Honolulu, HI.  Then, he became interested and got involved in the EEO and Diversity Management tasks.  He was appointed by NWS AA, Joe Friday to serve as the AAPI SEPM for NWS Headquarters.  He received formal SEPM training sponsored by NWS EEO Office.  Under former NWS AA John “Jack” Kelly, he worked in one of the groups on NWS strategic planning for EEO led by former NWS EEO Manager Gloria Walker.  Dr. Su led a sub-group working on NWS employee retention program.  He also participated in the work of NWS mentoring program at a later time.

Shortly after becoming the AAPI SEPM for NWS Headquarters, Dr. Su was introduced to become a member of Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC).  FAPAC is a Federal and District of Columbia Government employees of Asian countries and Pacific islands heritage, a nation-wide and government-wide organization.  This organization is an advocate of EEO and upward mobility of AAPI’s government careers.  As a FAPAC member for longer than a decade and half, he served as executive board members for many years.  The Board positions he held include:  Senior Vice President for Operation, Vice President for Committees, Executive Secretary, and Recording Secretary.  He also served as Chairman of FAPAC Annual National Leadership Training Conference and Chairmen of several FAPAC committees.

When Dr. Su was the FAPAC Senior Vice President, he served as a member of U. S. EEOC Asian American and Pacific Islander Work Group (EEOC AAPI WG) initiated by former EEOC Chair, Naomi Earp.  He also served as a member of Heritage Community Liaison Council under the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), representing FAPAC.  The EEOC AAPI WG studied the “bamboo ceiling” (glass ceiling) issues in the AAPI Federal Government employment.  Triggers of bamboo ceiling were identified.  A report was compiled and posted on the U. S. EEOC website.  The ODNI’s Heritage Community Liaison Council works on outreach effort to recruit potential employees from Asian and Pacific Islands heritage communities (ethnic backgrounds) to work for Federal intelligence agencies.  The work outside of NOAA’s NWS and Commerce Department gave Dr. Su opportunities to work with employees in other Federal agencies, and expanded his experience in EEO and Diversity Management.

Supporting activities of NOAA Civil Rights Office, Dr. Su was a member of NOAA EEO Council under former NOAA Civil Rights Director, Alfred A. Corea.  He also served as a Collateral Duty EEO Counselor for NOAA Civil Rights Office under former Director Larry Beat (Jerry).  In addition, he participated in Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month activities sponsored by Department of Commerce and NOAA civil rights offices.

Under extensive support from former OEODM Director, Charly Wells, Dr. Su has been enjoying good working relationship with OEODM staff and NWS personnel.  Through friendly work environment, he earned awards for participating in EEO and Diversity Management tasks.  Those awards include: (1) U. S. Department of Commerce Bronze Medal Award for designing, marketing and implementing a comprehensive online Diversity Management curriculum for all NWS employees; (2) NWS Regional / Office Level Isaac Cline Award; and (3) NWS Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management Award, at the First NWS Biennial EEO/Diversity Management Training Conference.

He has B.Sc. degree in meteorology from National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan; M.Sc. degree in meteorology from McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  He did graduate studies on geophysical fluid dynamics and atmospheric sciences at University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.  Then he earned his Ph.D. degree from Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon.

Dr. Su’s main job title is meteorologist and he has been doing EEO and Diversity Management tasks for collateral duty.  He has two sons and three grand-children.  He also serves as a deacon at his church.

James C. Su, Ph.D. (NWS HQ,, 301-713-0023 x139)
(Culture Diversity, Employee Retention, and Mentoring issues.  Strategic and Conference Planning)

Jason B. Wright

Jason B. WrightJason Wright has over 22 years of experience in the NWS working at five field offices, mainly as a rotational shift work forecaster.  Because of mental health issues that have occurred on his late mother’s side of the family, along with having a mother in law who currently is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, Jason has experienced mental health issue impacts to his professional and personal life.  Jason is currently the Diversity Focal Point at WFO Nashville, providing quarterly training, including several in person interactive office presentations.  He is currently working with OEODM on developing a mental health awareness program initiative for all NWS employees.  Jason is currently the new co-chair of the NWS Quality for Work Life Team (QWLT), along with chair of the National Weather Service Employee’s Organization (NWSEO) Diversity Team.

Him and his wife Jamie were previously foster parents, and have adopted two children from hard places.  When Jason is not in the office, he enjoys running(completed his first marathon last April), along with keeping up with his kids extracurricular sport activities.

Thus, as one of the Diversity Ambassadors, Jason chooses to focus on mental health awareness and work-life issues.

Jason Wright (WFO Nashville, TN, 615-754-8500 Ext. 555)
(Mental Health Awareness, Work-Life)  

Additional NWS EEO and Diversity Contacts:

The NWS Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity Management Staff

This office, under its Director, directs and administers the NWS EEO and Diversity Management Program, resolves issues related to such, and sets national policy in regards to EEO and Diversity.


The NWS Diversity Council

The Council is a conduit through which employees can share ideas related to diversity and diversity management. These volunteers from throughout the service identify diversity initiatives throughout NWS. Also, in conjunction with OEODM, the Council helps ensure Diversity resources are available to Diversity Focal points and all NWS employees. .



 Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management

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