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Hydrometeorological Automated Data System

HADS Data Collection Platform (DCP)

Each link provides a listing of meta data for all DCPs in that region and are updated hourly. The meta data fields are delimited by the vertical bar character.

The fields represent the following:

GOES NESDIS ID | NWSLI | DCP Owner | State Location | Hydrologic Service Area | Latitude | Longitude | Initial Daily Transmission Time (UTC) | DCP Transmission Interval (Minutes) | DCP Location Name | Decoding Modes | Up to 40 Sets of Physical Element Information - to include Base Elevation values and / or gage correction values |

Decoding mode can be S for Selftimed data only, R for Random data only, or B for Both Selftimed and Random data.

Latitude and longitude are expressed in degrees minutes seconds.

Parameter information are the SHEF Physical Element (PE) codes, the recorded time intervals (in minutes) of the data, the offset time for the specific PE code, any base elevation adjustment value applied to the specific PE, and any gage correction value applied to the specific PE.

Example: A site up-links 15 minute HP data at 0127 UTC and every 4 hours, and a base elevation adjustment has been defined at 500 feet.

Its' SHEF parameter fields would be |HP|15|12|500.00|0.00| , meaning to offset the time of the observed data time back 12 minutes to the nearest quarter hour to indicate that the most recent value of HP from this site was at 0115 UTC and that all other HP values are separated by 15 minute periods. Additionally, a base elevation adjustment of 500.00 feet will be added to the observed data value, and in this case the gage correction value is zero (0.00)

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Other Areas
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The Entire HADS Network (~20 mb)

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