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Hydrometeorological Automated Data System

GOES DCPs transmissions that contain Parity Errors

These calendar based pages provide a listing of those GOES  Data Collection Platforms whose raw data messages were flagged by the Wallops Island GOES Data Collection System (DCS) as having transmission errors and the times they occurred.

All DCP messages that HADS attempts to decode, and contain a parity error, are logged onto these pages.

NESDISID  Day   Time (GMT) and Channel Number(s) 

165E248E     31   0330- 77E    0730- 77E   1130- 77E   1530- 77E   1930- 77E
16F5E46E     31   0134- 29E    0406-127E   0534- 29E   0915-127E   0934- 29E   1334- 29E
                  1714-127E    1734- 29E
CE51CFA6     31   0632- 88W    1432- 88W   1832- 88W

The exact error was not identified by the facility, but the DCS determined that at least one bit of data was corrupt.    A parity error indicator flag was set by the DCS system and encoded into the raw data message.

This is how the HADS decoder handles the DCPs with parity errors.  If the corrupt raw data message was still decodable by the HADS processor program, HADS  acknowledged the parity flag and set the SHEF encoder to append the 'parity error' Data Qualifier Code to each data value associated with the questionable raw data stream.

If the raw message was  contaminated to a greater degree, then it may not have been decoded at all by HADS.

Example of a SHEF message, containing the parity error flag.....

.E SRGT2 011031 DH1045/HGIRG/DIN15/3.01F/3.01F/3.01F/3.01F/3.01F/3.01F
.E1 3.01F/3.01F/3.01F/3.01F/3.01F/3.01F/3.01F/3.01F/3.01F/3.01F

.E SRGT2 011031 DH1045/PCIRG/DIN15/15.18F/15.18F/15.18F/15.18F/15.18F
.E1 15.18F/15.18F/15.18F/15.18F/15.18F/15.18F/15.18F/15.18F/15.18F
.E2 15.18F/15.18F