Flood Fatalities: May 2007        Monthly Total: 18  Vehicle Related: 12

Day State County Gender Age Circumstances
2 TX Comanche F 80 Car swept into creek, male rescued, female perished
2 TX Bexar F 57 Found in submerged car while rescuers saving another driver
2 TX Kendall F 75 Woman attempted to cross flooded low water crossing on her drive and washed off road. Husband noticed headlights and got in his vehicle to check. He attempted to wade through the water to his wife and was also washed away.
M 82
2 TX Blanco F 6 Man and daughters attemtped to drive through flooded low water crossing. Attempted to back out in pickup, but current carried the vehicle across the bridge where it flipped and submerged. Father attempted to swim out with both girls but lost his grip on the victim.
6 OK Washita M 71 Car swept off roadway by flood waters
8 OK Butler M ? Car swept off road into flooded ditch
14 CO Denver ? ? Floodwaters inundated bike path adjacent to creek. A woman with her child sought refuge under a bridge and were trapped by flood waters. Woman slipped and stroller was swept away.
24 TX Bell M 5 Vehicle swept away by flooding near Killeen, mother and 2 siblings rescued
M 6
24 TX Bell M 20 Found in culvert in Killeen
24 TX Coryell F ? Elderly couple washed away in minivan
M ?
24 TX Gillespie  M 21

Victim skirted a high water barrier and washed away in his SUV

24 TX Bell M 48 Victim was moving a friend's car when a swollen creek washed him away
29 TX Somervell F 16 Female pulled under by strong floodwaters while swimming with friends in Paluxy River. A game warden drowned while searching for her body after the search boat collapsed.
M 28
30 MO Clay ? 10? Child fell into flooded drainage ditch and drowned