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NEWS AND ACTIVITIES (in reverse chronological order)

April 2010

The CAT held a planning workshop in Silver Spring during the week of January 5, 2010. With the CAT-II offices just beginning to migrate their operations to CHPS, the primary focus is to ensure Deltares, HSD, and OHD have the necessary resources to support 13 RFCs during the transition. Specifically, HSEB developers have begun CHPS training with a view to providing operational support when called upon by HSD. Training for HSEB personnel involves attendance at RFC training classes (as space permits), plus weekly coaching sessions provided by Deltares at OHD.

A national RFC CHPS workshop is planned for June 2010 in Boulder, CO.

October 2009

The third CAT Implementation Workshop was held at ABRFC in Tulsa, OK during 28 - 30 September. The CAT RFCs have begun their respective analyses of data forcings, and have drafted initial plans for parallel operations which they subsequently shared with the CAT-II RFCs.

Immediately following the CAT Implementation Workshop, the CAT-II attended their first Preparation Workshop in Tulsa. Most of the presentation and discussion sessions were led by the CAT members, with additional presentations by Deltares. Some top concerns from the workshop included operational support, training, and parallel operations.

July 2009

The CHPS Preparation Workshop #3 was held in Silver Spring during the week of January 26, 2009. The CAT discussed a range of topics which were focused mainly on activities that will impact them later in the Spring or Summer of 2009, such as:

  • the new Interactive Forecast Display (IFD)
  • a decision to accelerate the first version of an XEFS product generator as the solution for a CHPS-based version of the ESPADP
  • an early look at potential approaches for an Archive Database
  • discussions on Calibration and Verification
  • discussion of grid forcings for CHPS
  • adoption (and expansion) of WaterML as an XML standard
  • generation of deterministic products
  • introduction of a CAT "buddy" system:
  • CATs to conduct on-site "buddy" visits Summer 2009 instead of holding a national conference

With the NWSRFS-to-CHPS migration now underway, the CHPS Implementation Workshop #1 was held in Sacramento, CA (at CNRFC) during the week of March 30, 2009. This workshop focused on similar activities as the Preparation Workshop #3, but provided more depth and greater detail for the Archive Database, Calibration, and Verification approaches.

"CHPS Day" was held on February 26th during the national HIC meeting in Silver Spring, MD. This was intended as an information-sharing seminar between the CAT RFCs and the CAT-IIs. A wide range of CHPS-related topics was addressed; the CAT RFCs described their experiences and impressions.

The CHPS Implementation Workshop #2 for CAT RFCs was held in Portland, OR (at NWRFC) during the week of June 22, 2009. The CAT discussions focused on migration progress reports, completeness of system functionality, and a review of planned support as the CATs move into a parallel operations phase in October.

October 2008

A CHPS Preparation Workshop #2 was held in Taunton, MA (at NERFC) during the week of September 29. This is the second of three preparation workshops, resulting in a BOC CHPS that will be installed at the CAT RFCs by the end of this year. Of particular note was a demonstration of an early prototype interface developed by Deltares for FEWS, which goes a long way in concept towards many of the desired features requested at the IFP workshop in Taunton, MA (visit the Software Requirements Analysis page).

The CAT RFCs will migrate their existing segments to CHPS beginning January 2009; this is expected to be a 9 month activity, with the CAT RFCs sharing their progress and experiences along the way and providing valuable feedback as part of an effort designed to positively influence the experience for other RFCs. Much of the basic migration will be automated. Progress on the NWS-specific migration tools was presented to the CAT at the workshop.

July 2008

A CAT-OHD-Deltares workshop was held June 17-19 in Silver Spring, MD. A number of major CHPS topics were addressed, including data ingest and data flow through the system, verification, ensembles, and calibration. The CAT suggested an interim approach for Flash Flood Guidance. Approaches for many of the major capabilities will be refined over time.

Karel Heynert from Deltares gave a Delft-FEWS presentation to the Integrated Water Resources Science and Services (IWRSS) workshop participants on June 16. Don Cline subsequently gave a distilled version of his IWRSS presentation to the CAT, which then prompted a positive discussion on the future role of NOHRSC in CHPS.

The next CAT-OHD-Deltares workshop is scheduled for the week commencing September 29 2008, at NERFC. Workshops for all RFCs (other than the CAT) are expected to begin in March 2009 at a location yet to be determined.

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