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Distributed Model Intercomparison Project

DMIP2: Basin Boundary Data

Shapefiles of basin boundaries are provided for spatial reference. These shapefiles are in geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude).

The basin boundaries were derived using automated DEM processing procedures to derive flow directions (link to flowdirectionhtml.doc) and then delineating basin boundaries from the flow direction grids. Although the DEM processing and basin boundaries were derived in projected space, the Shapefiles provided here were transformed back into geographic coordinates to be more suitable for general use.

Oklahoma basins

The shapefile for the Oklahoma basins includes six of the parent basins to describe the spatial extent but does not delineate all the interior basins in the study

Sierra Nevada basins:

There are three shapefiles for the Sierra Nevada area. One for the North Fork of the American River, one for the Carson River above the Markleeville gage and one for the Carson River above the Gardnerville gage.

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