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Distributed Model Intercomparison Project


DEMs of two different resolutions -- 15 arc-second DEM data and 1 arc-second DEM data are now available from this page. The current DMIP 2 project design does not require the use of any particular DEM. These DEM data are provided for convenience, but participants are welcome to use any DEM data that are available to them.

All files are provided in a gzipped ASCII format. The first several lines of the ASCII files give spatial reference information such as:

nrows = number of rows
ncols = number of columns
xllcorner, yllcorner = coordinater for the lower left corner of the lower left cell
cellsize (units are decimal degrees)

Data following the header information are listed in row-major order with the top (northernmost) row on the first line.

For users of ESRI software, data can be imported into Arc/Info using the "asciigrid" command or imported in to the ArcView Spatial Analyst using the File --> Import Data Source option.

15 arc-second DEMs

These data represent sampled elevations at regularly spaced, 15 arc-second (0.0041666 degrees) intervals, in geographic coordinates. The National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center (NOHRSC) created a 15 arc-second national DEM by resampling 3 arc-second DEMs (1:250,000 scale) distributed by the U.S. Geological Survey. The 15 arc-second data available through this web site are for clipped windows, which cover the DMIP study areas.

Clicking on following links will download an ASCII file with 15 arc-second DEM data covering the specified geographic region.

Western Basins (American and Carson basins in CNRFC)

   DEM (geographic coordinates, 15 arc-second resolution):

Illinois and Blue River Basins in ABRFC

   DEM (geographic coordinates, 15 arc-second resolution, covers DMIP basins only):

1 arc-second (30-m) DEMs (from USGS NED project)

1 arc-second DEM data are available from the USGS National Elevation Dataset (NED) through the Seamless Data Distribution System (SDDS). SDDS offers seamless data for a user-defined area, in a variety of formats, for online download or media delivery.

The DEMs covering the DMIP 2 basins are made available below. They are in geographic coordinates. See the USGS data distribution link above for metadata on 1 arc-second DEMs. The main data files accessible from the links below are in ASCII format (same as described for the 15 arc-second data) and have been compressed using gzip.

Western Basins (American and Carson basins in CNRFC)

   North Fork American River Basin:
   East Fork Carson River Basin:

Illinois and Blue River Basins in ABRFC

   Illinois River basins:
   Blue River basin:

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