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Distributed Model Intercomparison Project

Multisensor (NEXRAD and gauge)
Precipitation Data for Oklahoma Basins

(last modified 1/31/2007)


About the Multisensor (NEXRAD and gauge) Data

Known data problems

Elk River Basin, January 4, 1998


Use the data from the following files for all simulations. These files were obtained directly from ABRFC. Some of the data files are improved over those available for DMIP 1 so returning DMIP 1 participants should replace the files they used in DMIP 1 with these files for any overlapping period. Each tar file contains three months worth of hourly data files. The individual hourly files are compressed using the UNIX compress utility. For example, to extract files for January, February, and March of 1996, you could use the command: 'tar -xvf 1996_1.tar' and then uncompress the files with the command 'uncompress -v *'. Each resulting hourly file covers the entire ABRFC forecast area. The file names (xmrgDDMMYYYHHz) indicate the ending time of the data. For example, a file named 'xmrg0829200419z' contains hourly precipitation totals for August 29, 2004 from 18 GMT to 19 GMT. File format specifics and example codes to read the file are provided below.

For the earlier years, some of the precipitation grid files may have been created on HP Unix systems. In more recent years, the RFCs have switched to generating these grids on computers with a different type of chip that run the Linux operating system. This affects the way in which binary files are written; however, the programs we provide (see link below) can automatically account for this when reading these files.

Information on how to read and georeference xmrg files.

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