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Distributed Model Intercomparison Project
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DMIP Participants Who Submitted Simulations

1.  MIT (Dr. Raphael Bras)

2.  University of Arizona (Dr. Hoshin Gupta)

3.  Hydrologic Research Center (Dr. Konstantine Georgakakos)

4.  NWS/NCEP Environmental Modeling Center (Dr. Dag Lohmann, Dr. Ken Mitchell) and NASA-GSFC (Dr. Christa Peters-Lidard)

5.  Hydrology Laboratory, NWS

6.  Utah State University (Dr. David Tarboton) and National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand (Dr. Ross Woods)

7.  USDA ARS (Dr. Jeff Arnold) and TAES Blackland Research Center (Dr. Mauro Di Luzio)

8.  University of California at Berkeley (Dr. Xu Liang)

9.  The Hydraulic and Electrical College of WuHan University, China (Dr. Li Lan)

10.  University of Waterloo, Ontario (Dr. Allyson Bingeman)

11.  Danish Hydraulics Institute (DHI) (Dr. Michael Butts)

12.  University of Oklahoma (Dr. Baxter Vieux)

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