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Distributed Model Intercomparison Project
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DMIP Participants Form

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Name & Organization




Type of model:

What data are needed to run the model?

What parameters need to be defined or estimated? How are they derived?

Representation of hydrologic processes:

    a. What is the spatial element over which the input is lumped?

    b. What is the rainfall/runoff transformation mechanism?

    c. How is runoff routed within each element?

    d. How is runoff routed to the basin outlet?

    e. How is 'sub-grid' variability of processes accounted for?

What techniques are used to decide the resolution of the spatial element?

What is the finest/coarsest level of resolution?

How is the surface/topography represented? e.g., TIN, grid, etc.

How is the model calibrated?

What is your experience with the model?

Are there publications desribing the model?

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