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1.2 Hydraulic Model Operationalization

The current operational implementation of FldWav is incorporated in the AWIPS baseline. Technical support for users of FldWav is provided by the Hydraulics group of the Hydrologic Science and Modeling Branch (HSMB) of the NWS/OHD.

Many RFCs have indicated that the current capabilities of FldWav do not meet all of their requirements, and that either significant enhancements or alternatives to FldWav are needed in order to provide accurate and timely river forecasts.

The NWS has therefore recently embarked upon an effort to examine four software packages, with the ultimate goal of identifying and evaluating the differences and similarities between the packages (models), and making recommendations based on their scientific and operational readiness capabilities. One or more software packages examined in the evaluation would subsequently be used instead of, or in addition to the AWIPS baseline version of FldWav.

The software(s) recommended in the technical evaluation, would be used instead of or in addition to the currently used software, FldWav. However, there is a need for the evaluation of the operational aspect. This is the subject of this project, determine the effort required for implementation of the software(s) recommended into NWS, so it can be used in river forecast operations.

Team Members: To be determined.

Project Term: To be determined.

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