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4. Running the Double Mass Analysis

After the appropriate preprocessor has been run to produce the special preprocessor file, the interactive double mass analysis can be started by pressing the Double Mass Analysis button on the startup screen. A file list dialog will be displayed requiring entry of the file names and selection of which type of data is to be analyzed. Pressing the OK button will cause the first set of stations to be plotted on the double mass screen. Note that the preprocessor does not need to be run in the same session as the double mass analysis. In fact, all that is required to run the double mass analysis is the preprocessor input file and the special output file.

Figure 4.1 Startup Screen Showing Double Mass Analysis Button
Figure 4.2 File Input Screen

The user has the ability to edit the Input Card file. Enter the file name in the Input Card File field and select the data type. Once the info is entered press the Edit Input Card File button. The editor specified in the user's EDITOR environment variable will be started with the Input Card File displayed.

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