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11. Information About a Point on the Plotted Curve

The user can view information about individual points on the double mass plot. The information displayed is the Station ID, Station Name, information from the station history such as station moves, the date and accumulated value for the selected point, the group base accumulated value, and whether or not the raw observation was missing and was estimated by the preprocessor.

The estimated missing data is determined by the preprocessor. If the preprocessor finds any data value in a month missing, then the entire month is considered missing for display. The missing value is estimated by using the data from the surrounding stations within the preprocessor.

To get information about a point, the user selects the "Point" option under the Information menu. The cursor will change into a ? (question mark). Move the cursor over the point on the input data plot and click on it. If multiple stations are very close to the cursor location, the information displayed may be for a different station then wanted. To insure that the correct point is found, "Hide" the stations that are to close.

Figure 11.1  Point Information Screen

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