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NWS Hydrologic and Hydraulic Model Calibration

A. Calibration of Hydrologic Models

1. Calibration of Hydrologic Models for NWS River Forecasting
  1. Eric Anderson Calibration Manual (~200 pages)
  2. AGU paper by Smith: "Calibration in the NWS"
  3. Calibration Training Video Series by Eric Anderson, Konstantine Georgakakos, and Mike Smith (available on request)
  4. Links to NWSRFS documentation.
  5. Koren et al., 2008. Use of soil moisture data for hydrologic model calibration
  6. NWS Hydrologic Model Calibration - Research and Development (2004)
2. NWS/OHD Calibration Training Workshop Materials (Power Point Presentations)
  1. Lumped models
  2. Distributed models
3. A priori parameters to aid calibration
  1. Koren et al., 2000
  2. Koren et al., 2003
  3. Anderson et al., 2004
  4. Zhang et al., 2012
  5. Data set description (Ziya Zhang)
4. Derivation of Historical Data for Model Calibration
  1. Lumped models (see 1.d)
  2. Distributed models
    1. Bias adjusted Multisensor precipitation data (Zhang et al., 2010)
    2. Gauge-only QPE in mountainous areas for distributed hydrologic modeling (EWRI presentation, 2010)
5. Programs and Tools
  1. Interactive Calibration Program (ICP)
  2. Interactive Double Mass Analysis Program (IDMA)
  3. Calibration Assistance Program (CAP)
  4. Stat_q. Statistical analysis of time series.
  5. Stepwise Line Search (SLS) auto-calibration tool (Kuzmin et al., 2008)
B. Calibration of Hydraulic Models
  1. Training PowerPoint presentations
  2. Mashriqui et al. Calibration of the Potomac River HEC-RAS

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