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                     SELECTED USER RELEASE

RELEASE DATE:  01/27/2005           RELEASE NUMBER:  78 


     DOCUMENT IDENTIFIER                DOCUMENT TITLE                    STATUS

  1. OUTLINE-SLCT_USERS                 NWSRFS User Manual Outline for    UPDATE
                                         Selected Users Distribution     

  2. OUTLINE-BOTH_USERS                 NWSRFS User Manual Outline for    UPDATE
                                         All Users and Selected Users    

  3. VII.5.3B-SYSTEM-INDEXX             SUBROUTINE INDEXX                 NEW

  4. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-PPHASH              SUBROUTINE PPHASH                 NEW

  5. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-FCTIME              Common Block FCTIME               UPDATE

  6. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HCNTRL              Common Block HCNTRL               UPDATE

  7. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HINDX               Common Block HINDX                UPDATE

  8. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-UFSTCD              Common Block UFSTCD               NEW

  9. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM                     Forecast System Program PPINIT    NEW
                                         and Program FCST Preprocessor   
                                         Functions Subroutine            

 10. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-IPBUG               FUNCTION IPBUG                    UPDATE

 11. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QDISPL              SUBROUTINE QDISPL                 UPDATE

 12. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QDNORM              SUBROUTINE QDNORM                 UPDATE

 13. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QDSPLY              SUBROUTINE QDSPLY                 UPDATE

 14. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QDTYPE              SUBROUTINE QDTYPE                 UPDATE

 15. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QEXTRP              SUBROUTINE QEXTRP                 UPDATE

 16. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QINPUT              SUBROUTINE QINPUT                 UPDATE

 17. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QINSTM              SUBROUTINE QINSTM                 UPDATE

 18. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QINSTN              SUBROUTINE QINSTN                 UPDATE

 19. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QISTFT              SUBROUTINE QISTFT                 UPDATE

 20. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QMEAN               SUBROUTINE QMEAN                  UPDATE

 21. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QMEANM              SUBROUTINE QMEANM                 UPDATE

 22. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QOBSDA              SUBROUTINE QOBSDA                 UPDATE

 23. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QOVLAP              SUBROUTINE QOVLAP                 UPDATE

 24. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QPRNT               SUBROUTINE QPRNT                  UPDATE

 25. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QPRTTS              SUBROUTINE QPRTTS                 UPDATE

 26. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QSETMG              SUBROUTINE QSETMG                 UPDATE

 27. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QSPRRS              SUBROUTINE QSPRRS                 UPDATE

 28. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QSRPRD              SUBROUTINE QSRPRD                 UPDATE

 29. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QSWPRD              SUBROUTINE QSWPRD                 UPDATE

 30. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QWRITS              SUBROUTINE QWRITS                 UPDATE

 31. IX.3.2B-SYSTEM-QXWPRD              SUBROUTINE QXWPRD                 UPDATE

 32. IX.3.2C-SYSTEM                     Forecast System Program PPINIT    NEW
                                         and Program FCST Preprocessor   
                                         Functions Common Block          

 33. IX.3.2C-SYSTEM-SUOPTX              Common Block SUOPTX               UPDATE

 34. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM                     Preprocessor Data Base            UPDATE
                                         Read/Write Subroutine           

 35. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-IPDCKD              FUNCTION IPDCKD                   UPDATE

 36. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-IPDCKR              FUNCTION IPDCKR                   UPDATE

 37. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-IPDFDT              FUNCTION IPDFDT                   UPDATE

 38. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-PDBBLOCK            BLOCK DATA PDBBLOCK               UPDATE

 39. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-PDFNDI              SUBROUTINE PDFNDI                 UPDATE

 40. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-PDFNDR              SUBROUTINE PDFNDR                 UPDATE

 41. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PDHASH              SUBROUTINE PDHASH                 MOVED TO IX.3.4B IN RELEASE 79

 42. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-PDPUTR              SUBROUTINE PDPUTR                 UPDATE

 43. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-RPDCKD              SUBROUTINE RPDCKD                 UPDATE

 44. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-RPDCKR              SUBROUTINE RPDCKR                 UPDATE

 45. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-RPDGRD              SUBROUTINE RPDGRD                 UPDATE

 46. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-RPDMDR              SUBROUTINE RPDMDR                 UPDATE

 47. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-WPDC                SUBROUTINE WPDC                   UPDATE

 48. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-WPDCR               SUBROUTINE WPDCR                  UPDATE

 49. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-WPDD                SUBROUTINE WPDD                   UPDATE

 50. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-WPDDLY              SUBROUTINE WPDDLY                 UPDATE

 51. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-WPDHSH              SUBROUTINE WPDHSH                 UPDATE

 52. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-WPDMDR              SUBROUTINE WPDMDR                 UPDATE

 53. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-WPDPCN              SUBROUTINE WPDPCN                 UPDATE

 54. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-WPDSS               SUBROUTINE WPDSS                  NEW

 55. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-WPD24P              SUBROUTINE WPD24P                 UPDATE

 56. IX.3.4C-SYSTEM                     Preprocessor Data Base            UPDATE
                                         Read/Write Common Block         

 57. IX.3.4C-SYSTEM-PDDDFC              Common Block PDDDFC               UPDATE

 58. IX.3.4C-SYSTEM-PDDTDR              Common Block PDDTDR               UPDATE

 59. IX.3.4C-SYSTEM-PDHSHC              Common Block PDHSHC               UPDATE

 60. IX.3.4C-SYSTEM-PDHSHI              Common Block PDHSHI               UPDATE

 61. IX.3.4C-SYSTEM-PDSIFC              Common Block PDSIFC               UPDATE

 62. IX.3.4C-SYSTEM-PDRRSC              Common Block PDRRSC               UPDATE

 63. IX.3.4C-SYSTEM-PDUNTS              Common Block PDUNTS               UPDATE

 64. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM                     Processed Data Base Read/Write    UPDATE
                                         System Subroutine Descriptions  

 65. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PCICRM              SUBROUTINE PCICRM                 UPDATE

 66. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PCKDLT              SUBROUTINE PCKDLT                 UPDATE

 67. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PCKDTC              SUBROUTINE PCKDTC                 UPDATE

 68. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PCMPBT              SUBROUTINE PCMPBT                 UPDATE

 69. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PEXPBT              SUBROUTINE PEXPBT                 UPDATE

 70. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PFDFID              SUBROUTINE PFDFID                 UPDATE

 71. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PFDTIC              SUBROUTINE PFDTIC                 UPDATE

 72. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PFDTYP              SUBROUTINE PFDTYP                 UPDATE

 73. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PFFTYP              SUBROUTINE PFFTYP                 UPDATE

 74. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PGETLU              SUBROUTINE PGETLU                 UPDATE

 75. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PGETTS              SUBROUTINE PGETTS                 UPDATE

 76. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PGTSIL              SUBROUTINE PGTSIL                 UPDATE

 77. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PIXACC              SUBROUTINE PIXACC                 UPDATE

 78. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PMOVTS              SUBROUTINE PMOVTS                 UPDATE

 79. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PPIKOF              SUBROUTINE PPIKOF                 UPDATE

 80. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PPTSIC              SUBROUTINE PPTSIC                 UPDATE

 81. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PPUTTS              SUBROUTINE PPUTTS                 UPDATE

 82. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PRDBLOCK            BLOCK DATA PRDBLOCK               UPDATE

 83. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PSERCH              SUBROUTINE PSERCH                 UPDATE

 84. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-RTSRCD              SUBROUTINE RTSRCD                 UPDATE

 85. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-WPDBCO              SUBROUTINE WPDBCO                 UPDATE


 87. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-WPRDEL              SUBROUTINE WPRDEL                 UPDATE


 89. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-WTSRCD              SUBROUTINE WTSRCD                 UPDATE

 90. IX.3.5C-SYSTEM                     Processed Data Base Read/Write    UPDATE
                                         Common Block Descriptions       

 91. IX.3.5C-SYSTEM-PDATAS              Common Block PDATAS               UPDATE

 92. IX.3.5C-SYSTEM-PDFTBL              Common Block PDFTBL               UPDATE

 93. IX.3.5C-SYSTEM-PICDMG              Common Block PICDMG               UPDATE

 94. IX.3.5C-SYSTEM-PICPTR              Common Block PICPTR               UPDATE

 95. IX.3.5C-SYSTEM-PMAXDM              Common Block PMAXDM               UPDATE

 96. IX.3.5C-SYSTEM-PRDQPF              COMMON BLOCK PRDQPF               NEW

 97. IX.3.5C-SYSTEM-PREADS              Common Block PREADS               UPDATE

 98. IX.3.5C-SYSTEM-PTSCTL              Common Block PTSCTL               UPDATE

 99. IX.3.5C-SYSTEM-PTSICB              Common Block PTSICB               UPDATE

100. IX.3.5C-SYSTEM-PUNITS              Common Block PUNITS               UPDATE

101. IX.3.6B-SYSTEM                     Preprocessor Parametric Data      UPDATE
                                         Base Read/Write System          
                                         Subroutine Descriptions         

102. IX.3.6B-SYSTEM-IPCKDT              FUNCTION IPCKDT                   UPDATE

103. IX.3.6B-SYSTEM-PPFNDR              SUBROUTINE PPFNDR                 UPDATE

104. IX.3.6B-SYSTEM-PPPBLOCK            BLOCK DATA PPPBLOCK               UPDATE

105. IX.3.6B-SYSTEM-PPPUTR              SUBROUTINE PPPUTR                 UPDATE

106. IX.3.6B-SYSTEM-WPPCOF              SUBROUTINE WPPCOF                 UPDATE

107. IX.3.6B-SYSTEM-WPPDCH              SUBROUTINE WPPDCH                 UPDATE

108. IX.3.6B-SYSTEM-WPPDEL              SUBROUTINE WPPDEL                 UPDATE

109. IX.3.6B-SYSTEM-WPPDMT              SUBROUTINE WPPDMT                 UPDATE

110. IX.3.6B-SYSTEM-WPPPCO              SUBROUTINE WPPPCO                 UPDATE

111. IX.3.6B-SYSTEM-WPPREC              SUBROUTINE WPPREC                 UPDATE

112. IX.3.6B-SYSTEM-WPP1CH              SUBROUTINE WPP1CH                 UPDATE

113. IX.3.6B-SYSTEM-WPP1MT              SUBROUTINE WPP1MT                 UPDATE

114. IX.3.6C-SYSTEM                     Preprocessor Parametric Data      UPDATE
                                         Base Read/Write Common Block    

115. IX.3.6C-SYSTEM-PPDTDR              Common Block PPDTDR               UPDATE

116. IX.3.6C-SYSTEM-PPMCTL              Common Block PPMCTL               UPDATE

117. IX.3.6C-SYSTEM-PPPDTA              Common Block PPPDTA               UPDATE

118. IX.3.6C-SYSTEM-PPUNTS              Common Block PPUNTS               UPDATE

119. IX.3.6C-SYSTEM-PPXCTL              Common Block PPXCTL               UPDATE

120. IX.4A-SYSTEM                       Operational Forecast System Data  NEW
                                         Base Locks                      

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