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                     SELECTED USER RELEASE

RELEASE DATE:  03/03/2005           RELEASE NUMBER:  79 


     DOCUMENT IDENTIFIER                DOCUMENT TITLE                    STATUS

  1. OUTLINE-SLCT_USERS                 NWSRFS User Manual Outline for    UPDATE
                                         Selected Users Distribution     

  2. OUTLINE-BOTH_USERS                 NWSRFS User Manual Outline for    UPDATE
                                         All Users and Selected Users    

  3. IV.4.1-MCP3-SYSTEM                 Manual Calibration Program        UPDATE
                                         (MCP3) System Commands          

  4. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-PPHASH              SUBROUTINE PPHASH                 UPDATE

  5. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HDFLTS              Common Block HDFLTS               UPDATE

  6. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-UFSTCD              Common Block UFSTCD               UPDATE

  7. IX.3.2C-SYSTEM                     Forecast System Program PPINIT    UPDATE
                                         and Program FCST Preprocessor   
                                         Functions Common Block          

  8. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCDELT              SUBROUTINE FCDELT                 NEW

  9. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCPPTS              SUBROUTINE FCPPTS                 NEW


 11. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FDEFRC              SUBROUTINE FDEFRC                 NEW

 12. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FSIGFG              SUBROUTINE FSIGFG                 UPDATE

 13. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-KILLFN              SUBROUTINE KILLFN                 NEW

 14. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-KILLPM              SUBROUTINE KILLPM                 NEW

 15. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-STOP                SUBROUTINE STOP                   NEW

 16. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-STOPFN              SUBROUTINE STOPFN                 NEW

 17. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FAPICO              Common Block FAPICO               NEW

 18. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCARY               Common Block FCARY                NEW

 19. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCFGS               Common Block FCFGS                UPDATE

 20. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCOAPI              Common Block FCOAPI               NEW

 21. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCONIT              Common Block FCONIT               NEW

 22. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCOSAC              Common Block FCOSAC               NEW

 23. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCSEGC              Common Block FCSEGC               NEW

 24. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCUNIT              Common Block FCUNIT               UPDATE

 25. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FDISPS              Common Block FDISPS               UPDATE

 26. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FFGCTL              Common Block FFGCTL               UPDATE

 27. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FNOPR               Common Block FNOPR                NEW

 28. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FPLOTC              Common Block FPLOTC               NEW

 29. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FPLTAB              Common Block FPLTAB               NEW

 30. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FPXTYP              Common Block FPXTYP               NEW

 31. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FRARSW              Common Block FRARSW               NEW

 32. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FRCPTR              Common Block FRCPTR               UPDATE

 33. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FSACPR              Common Block FSACPR               NEW

 34. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FSDATA              Common Block FSDATA               NEW

 35. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FSNW                Common Block FSNW                 NEW

 36. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FSNWUP              Common Block FSNWUP               NEW

 37. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MOD102              Common Block MOD102               UPDATE

 38. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MOD119              Common Block MOD119               UPDATE

 39. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MOD126              Common Block MOD126               NEW

 40. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MOD127              Common Block MOD127               UPDATE

 41. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MOD129              Common Block MOD129               NEW

 42. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MOD130              Common Block MOD130               UPDATE

 43. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MOD135              Common Block MOD135               NEW

 44. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MOD136              Common Block MOD136               NEW

 45. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MOD138              Common Block MOD138               UPDATE

 46. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MODRCS              Common Block MODRCS               UPDATE

 47. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MODUHG              Common Block MODUHG               NEW

 48. IX.3.5B-SYSTEM-PDHASH              SUBROUTINE PDHASH                 UPDATE

 49. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EACDRV               SUBROUTINE EACDRV                 UPDATE

 50. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EACTIM               SUBROUTINE EACTIM                 UPDATE

 51. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EADJ                 SUBROUTINE EADJ                   UPDATE

 52. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EANLYZ               SUBROUTINE EANLYZ                 UPDATE

 53. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EBLNPP               SUBROUTINE EBLNPP                 UPDATE

 54. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ECALBF               SUBROUTINE ECALBF                 UPDATE

 55. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ECARDF               SUBROUTINE ECARDF                 UPDATE

 56. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ECDFNI               FUNCTION ECDFNI                   UPDATE

 57. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ECHKTS               SUBROUTINE ECHKTS                 UPDATE

 58. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ECNV                 SUBROUTINE ECNV                   UPDATE

 59. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ECOBCK               SUBROUTINE ECOBCK                 UPDATE

 60. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ECONVT               SUBROUTINE ECONVT                 UPDATE

 61. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EDEFSG               SUBROUTINE EDEFSG                 UPDATE

 62. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EDELSG               SUBROUTINE EDELSG                 UPDATE

 63. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EDEX01               SUBROUTINE EDEX01                 UPDATE

 64. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EDEX02               SUBROUTINE EDEX02                 UPDATE

 65. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EDFLTI               FUNCTION EDFLTI                   UPDATE

 66. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EDIN01               SUBROUTINE EDIN01                 UPDATE

 67. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EDIN02               SUBROUTINE EDIN02                 UPDATE

 68. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EDIS                 SUBROUTINE EDIS                   UPDATE

 69. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EDSDRV               SUBROUTINE EDSDRV                 UPDATE

 70. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EDSPA                SUBROUTINE EDSPA                  UPDATE

 71. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EDSUNT               SUBROUTINE EDSUNT                 UPDATE

 72. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EEBLOCKU             BLOCK DATA EEBLOCKU               UPDATE

 73. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EEBLOCKX             BLOCK DATA EEBLOCKX               UPDATE

 74. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EFAZE0               SUBROUTINE EFAZE0                 UPDATE

 75. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EFAZE1               SUBROUTINE EFAZE1                 UPDATE

 76. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EFAZE2               SUBROUTINE EFAZE2                 UPDATE

 77. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EFCLST               SUBROUTINE EFCLST                 UPDATE

 78. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EFINTS               SUBROUTINE EFINTS                 NEW

 79. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EFNDSG               SUBROUTINE EFNDSG                 NEW

 80. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EFNORE               SUBROUTINE EFNORE                 UPDATE

 81. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EFREQ                SUBROUTINE EFREQ                  UPDATE

 82. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EGEX01               SUBROUTINE EGEX01                 UPDATE

 83. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EGEX02               SUBROUTINE EGEX02                 UPDATE

 84. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EGIN01               SUBROUTINE EGIN01                 UPDATE

 85. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EGIN02               SUBROUTINE EGIN02                 UPDATE

 86. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EGOPLT               SUBROUTINE EGOPLT                 UPDATE

 87. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EHEAD                SUBROUTINE EHEAD                  UPDATE

 88. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EHEAD1               SUBROUTINE EHEAD1                 UPDATE

 89. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EHEAD2               SUBROUTINE EHEAD2                 UPDATE

 90. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EILSGO               SUBROUTINE EILSGO                 UPDATE

 91. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EILUVO               SUBROUTINE EILUVO                 UPDATE

 92. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EIPOS                SUBROUTINE EIPOS                  UPDATE

 93. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ELTFIT               SUBROUTINE ELTFIT                 UPDATE

 94. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EMINMX               SUBROUTINE EMINMX                 UPDATE

 95. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EMNX                 SUBROUTINE EMNX                   UPDATE

 96. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EMOM2                SUBROUTINE EMOM2                  UPDATE

 97. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EMOM3                SUBROUTINE EMOM3                  UPDATE

 98. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EMPFIT               SUBROUTINE EMPFIT                 UPDATE

 99. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ENFIT                SUBROUTINE ENFIT                  UPDATE

100. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EPG                  SUBROUTINE EPG                    UPDATE

101. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EPLOT                SUBROUTINE EPLOT                  UPDATE

102. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EPP                  SUBROUTINE EPP                    UPDATE

103. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EPPG                 SUBROUTINE EPPG                   UPDATE

104. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EPRD01               SUBROUTINE EPRD01                 UPDATE

105. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EPRD02               SUBROUTINE EPRD02                 UPDATE

106. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EPRG01               SUBROUTINE EPRG01                 UPDATE

107. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EPRG02               SUBROUTINE EPRG02                 UPDATE

108. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EPRHD                SUBROUTINE EPRHD                  UPDATE

109. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EPRINT               SUBROUTINE EPRINT                 UPDATE

110. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EPRP                 SUBROUTINE EPRP                   UPDATE

111. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EPRSEG               SUBROUTINE EPRSEG                 UPDATE

112. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EPRTS                SUBROUTINE EPRTS                  UPDATE

113. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EPUNCH               SUBROUTINE EPUNCH                 UPDATE

114. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ERDAN                SUBROUTINE ERDAN                  UPDATE

115. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ERDCMD               SUBROUTINE ERDCMD                 UPDATE

116. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ERDDFL               SUBROUTINE ERDDFL                 UPDATE

117. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ERDHST               SUBROUTINE ERDHST                 UPDATE

118. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EREAD                SUBROUTINE EREAD                  UPDATE

119. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ERNCHK               SUBROUTINE ERNCHK                 UPDATE

120. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ESETA                SUBROUTINE ESETA                  UPDATE

121. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ESETFT               SUBROUTINE ESETFT                 UPDATE

122. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ESETSM               SUBROUTINE ESETSM                 UPDATE

123. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ESGCHK               SUBROUTINE ESGCHK                 UPDATE

124. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ESGINF               SUBROUTINE ESGINF                 UPDATE

125. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ESHFT                SUBROUTINE ESHFT                  UPDATE

126. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ESINCR               SUBROUTINE ESINCR                 UPDATE

127. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ESPEX                SUBROUTINE ESPEX                  UPDATE

128. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ESPRDF               SUBROUTINE ESPRDF                 NEW

129. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ESPTS                SUBROUTINE ESPTS                  UPDATE

130. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ESPWTF               SUBROUTINE ESPWTF                 UPDATE

131. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ESTABL               SUBROUTINE ESTABL                 UPDATE

132. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ESTRT                SUBROUTINE ESTRT                  NEW

133. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ESTS                 SUBROUTINE ESTS                   UPDATE

134. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ESYMB                SUBROUTINE ESYMB                  UPDATE

135. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ETITLE               SUBROUTINE ETITLE                 UPDATE

136. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ETMCHK               SUBROUTINE ETMCHK                 UPDATE

137. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ETMEX                SUBROUTINE ETMEX                  UPDATE

138. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ETRAN                SUBROUTINE ETRAN                  UPDATE

139. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ETRANI               SUBROUTINE ETRANI                 UPDATE

140. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ETSDEF               SUBROUTINE ETSDEF                 UPDATE

141. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ETSRD                SUBROUTINE ETSRD                  UPDATE

142. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-ETSWT                SUBROUTINE ETSWT                  UPDATE

143. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EUPDAT               SUBROUTINE EUPDAT                 UPDATE

144. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EVAC01               SUBROUTINE EVAC01                 UPDATE

145. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EVAC02               SUBROUTINE EVAC02                 UPDATE

146. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EVAC03               SUBROUTINE EVAC03                 UPDATE

147. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EVAC04               SUBROUTINE EVAC04                 UPDATE

148. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EVAC05               SUBROUTINE EVAC05                 UPDATE

149. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EVAC06               SUBROUTINE EVAC06                 UPDATE

150. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EVAC07               SUBROUTINE EVAC07                 UPDATE

151. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EVAC08               SUBROUTINE EVAC08                 UPDATE

152. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EWRIT                SUBROUTINE EWRIT                  UPDATE

153. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EWTDFL               SUBROUTINE EWTDFL                 UPDATE

154. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-EWTINF               SUBROUTINE EWTINF                 UPDATE

155. IX.6.2-SYSTEM-FUN004               SUBROUTINE FUN004                 UPDATE

156. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-EA                   Common Block EA                   UPDATE

157. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-EACC                 Common Block EACC                 UPDATE

158. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-EBLEND               Common Block EBLEND               UPDATE

159. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-EDATA                Common Block EDATA                UPDATE

160. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-EFDATE               Common Block EFDATE               UPDATE

161. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-EFUTP                Common Block EFUTP                UPDATE

162. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-ELIMIT               Common Block ELIMIT               UPDATE

163. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-EMOD                 Common Block EMOD                 UPDATE

164. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-EOUTPT               Common Block EOUTPT               UPDATE

165. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-EP                   Common Block EP                   NEW

166. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-EPARM                Common Block EPARM                UPDATE

167. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-EPERM                Common Block EPERM                UPDATE

168. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-ESCRAT               Common Block ESCRAT               UPDATE

169. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-ESP                  Common Block ESP                  NEW

170. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-ESPFLE               Common Block ESPFLE               NEW

171. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-ESPREC               Common Block ESPREC               UPDATE

172. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-ESPRUN               Common Block ESPRUN               UPDATE

173. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-ESPSEG               Common Block ESPSEG               NEW

174. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-ESWTCH               Common Block ESWTCH               UPDATE

175. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-ETIME                Common Block ETIME                UPDATE

176. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-ETS                  Common Block ETS                  NEW

177. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-ETSDAT               Common Block ETSDAT               UPDATE

178. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-EUNIT                Common Block EUNIT                UPDATE

179. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-EVAR                 Common Block EVAR                 UPDATE

180. IX.6.3-SYSTEM-EYRWT                Common Block EYRWT                UPDATE

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