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                     SELECTED USER RELEASE

RELEASE DATE:  04/21/2005           RELEASE NUMBER:  80 


     DOCUMENT IDENTIFIER                  DOCUMENT TITLE                    STATUS

  1. OUTLINE-SLCT_USERS                   NWSRFS User Manual Outline for    UPDATE
                                           Selected Users Distribution     

  2. OUTLINE-BOTH_USERS                   NWSRFS User Manual Outline for    UPDATE
                                           All Users and Selected Users    

  3. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM                       Forecast System Hydrologic        NEW
                                           Command Language (HCL) and      
                                           General Utility Subroutine      

  4. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-ERROR                 SUBROUTINE ERROR                  NEW

  5. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-ERRWRN                SUBROUTINE ERRWRN                 NEW

  6. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HADTEC                SUBROUTINE HADTEC                 UPDATE

  7. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HBLNKE                SUBROUTINE HBLNKE                 UPDATE

  8. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HBLNKS                SUBROUTINE HBLNKS                 UPDATE

  9. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HCARDI                SUBROUTINE HCARDI                 UPDATE

 10. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HCARDR                SUBROUTINE HCARDR                 UPDATE

 11. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HCARDW                SUBROUTINE HCARDW                 UPDATE

 12. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HCKARG                SUBROUTINE HCKARG                 UPDATE

 13. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HCKCNG                SUBROUTINE HCKCNG                 UPDATE

 14. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HCKDAT                SUBROUTINE HCKDAT                 UPDATE

 15. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HCKDTC                SUBROUTINE HCKDTC                 UPDATE

 16. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HCKIDS                SUBROUTINE HCKIDS                 UPDATE

 17. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HCKPSW                SUBROUTINE HCKPSW                 UPDATE

 18. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HCKTAG                SUBROUTINE HCKTAG                 UPDATE

 19. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HCKTYP                SUBROUTINE HCKTYP                 UPDATE

 20. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HCKYNI                SUBROUTINE HCKYNI                 UPDATE

 21. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HCLEAR                SUBROUTINE HCLEAR                 UPDATE

 22. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HCLBLOCK              BLOCK DATA HCLBLOCK               UPDATE

 23. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HCMPSU                SUBROUTINE HCMPSU                 UPDATE

 24. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HCNGPR                SUBROUTINE HCNGPR                 UPDATE

 25. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HCNUNV                SUBROUTINE HCNUNV                 UPDATE

 26. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HCOMPT                SUBROUTINE HCOMPT                 UPDATE

 27. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HDATEA                SUBROUTINE HDATEA                 UPDATE

 28. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HDATEC                SUBROUTINE HDATEC                 UPDATE

 29. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HDDFLT                SUBROUTINE HDDFLT                 UPDATE

 30. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HDELDF                SUBROUTINE HDELDF                 UPDATE

 31. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HDELFN                SUBROUTINE HDELFN                 UPDATE

 32. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HDELLD                SUBROUTINE HDELLD                 UPDATE

 33. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HDELOP                SUBROUTINE HDELOP                 UPDATE

 34. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HDELPR                SUBROUTINE HDELPR                 UPDATE

 35. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HDELTN                SUBROUTINE HDELTN                 UPDATE

 36. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HDFLTF                SUBROUTINE HDFLTF                 UPDATE

 37. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HDFLTP                SUBROUTINE HDFLTP                 UPDATE

 38. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HDFLTT                SUBROUTINE HDFLTT                 UPDATE

 39. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HDFUNC                SUBROUTINE HDFUNC                 UPDATE

 40. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HDLLD1                SUBROUTINE HDLLD1                 UPDATE

 41. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HDLLDA                SUBROUTINE HDLLDA                 UPDATE

 42. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HDLLDR                SUBROUTINE HDLLDR                 UPDATE

 43. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HDOPTN                SUBROUTINE HDOPTN                 UPDATE

 44. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HDPROC                SUBROUTINE HDPROC                 UPDATE

 45. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HDTECH                SUBROUTINE HDTECH                 UPDATE

 46. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HDWLDR                SUBROUTINE HDWLDR                 UPDATE

 47. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HEXECP                SUBROUTINE HEXECP                 UPDATE

 48. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HFDFNM                SUBROUTINE HFDFNM                 UPDATE

 49. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HFEQLS                SUBROUTINE HFEQLS                 UPDATE

 50. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HFEXCP                SUBROUTINE HFEXCP                 UPDATE

 51. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HFLPRN                SUBROUTINE HFLPRN                 UPDATE

 52. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HFND3B                SUBROUTINE HFND3B                 UPDATE

 53. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HFNDDF                SUBROUTINE HFNDDF                 UPDATE

 54. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HFRPRN                SUBROUTINE HFRPRN                 UPDATE

 55. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HGARSZ                SUBROUTINE HGARSZ                 UPDATE

 56. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HGETPM                SUBROUTINE HGETPM                 UPDATE

 57. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HGETTA                SUBROUTINE HGETTA                 UPDATE

 58. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HGFNUM                SUBROUTINE HGFNUM                 UPDATE

 59. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HGTDFR                SUBROUTINE HGTDFR                 UPDATE

 60. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HGTDIN                SUBROUTINE HGTDIN                 UPDATE

 61. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HGTGID                SUBROUTINE HGTGID                 UPDATE

 62. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HGTRCD                SUBROUTINE HGTRCD                 UPDATE

 63. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HGTRDN                SUBROUTINE HGTRDN                 UPDATE

 64. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HGTSTR                SUBROUTINE HGTSTR                 UPDATE

 65. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HIDCHK                SUBROUTINE HIDCHK                 UPDATE

 66. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HINCNX                SUBROUTINE HINCNX                 UPDATE

 67. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HLDCBS                SUBROUTINE HLDCBS                 UPDATE

 68. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HMCHID                SUBROUTINE HMCHID                 UPDATE

 69. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HMODCD                SUBROUTINE HMODCD                 UPDATE

 70. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HMODCK                SUBROUTINE HMODCK                 UPDATE

 71. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HNMPSW                SUBROUTINE HNMPSW                 UPDATE

 72. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HPASMD                SUBROUTINE HPASMD                 UPDATE


 74. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HPFLDF                SUBROUTINE HPFLDF                 UPDATE

 75. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HPFNUM                SUBROUTINE HPFNUM                 UPDATE

 76. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HPFUNG                SUBROUTINE HPFUNG                 UPDATE

 77. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HPOPTG                SUBROUTINE HPOPTG                 UPDATE

 78. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HPPLDF                SUBROUTINE HPPLDF                 UPDATE

 79. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HPPRCG                SUBROUTINE HPPRCG                 UPDATE

 80. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HPRARS                SUBROUTINE HPRARS                 UPDATE

 81. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HPRIDS                SUBROUTINE HPRIDS                 UPDATE

 82. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HPRMOD                SUBROUTINE HPRMOD                 UPDATE

 83. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HPRNTS                SUBROUTINE HPRNTS                 UPDATE

 84. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HPRTOG                SUBROUTINE HPRTOG                 UPDATE

 85. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HPRTOS                SUBROUTINE HPRTOS                 UPDATE

 86. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HPTCHN                SUBROUTINE HPTCHN                 UPDATE

 87. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HPTECG                SUBROUTINE HPTECG                 UPDATE

 88. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HPTRCD                SUBROUTINE HPTRCD                 UPDATE

 89. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HPTSTR                SUBROUTINE HPTSTR                 UPDATE

 90. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HPUTLD                SUBROUTINE HPUTLD                 UPDATE

 91. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HRDCTL                SUBROUTINE HRDCTL                 UPDATE

 92. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HREPPR                SUBROUTINE HREPPR                 UPDATE

 93. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HREPRD                SUBROUTINE HREPRD                 UPDATE

 94. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HREPRN                SUBROUTINE HREPRN                 UPDATE

 95. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HRIDXC                SUBROUTINE HRIDXC                 UPDATE

 96. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HRLDRR                SUBROUTINE HRLDRR                 UPDATE

 97. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HROPTN                SUBROUTINE HROPTN                 UPDATE

 98. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HSAVED                SUBROUTINE HSAVED                 UPDATE

 99. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HSETAR                SUBROUTINE HSETAR                 UPDATE

100. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HSETDY                SUBROUTINE HSETDY                 UPDATE

101. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HSETHR                SUBROUTINE HSETHR                 UPDATE

102. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HSETOP                SUBROUTINE HSETOP                 UPDATE

103. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HSRLDR                SUBROUTINE HSRLDR                 UPDATE

104. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HSYSDA                SUBROUTINE HSYSDA                 UPDATE

105. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HTODAY                SUBROUTINE HTODAY                 UPDATE

106. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HWDCTL                SUBROUTINE HWDCTL                 UPDATE

107. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HWIDXC                SUBROUTINE HWIDXC                 UPDATE

108. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HWIXEN                SUBROUTINE HWIXEN                 UPDATE

109. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HWPROC                SUBROUTINE HWPROC                 UPDATE

110. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-HWROPT                SUBROUTINE HWROPT                 UPDATE

111. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-JULDA                 SUBROUTINE JULDA                  NEW


113. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-PPHASH                SUBROUTINE PPHASH                 UPDATE

114. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-RCOMND                SUBROUTINE RCOMND                 UPDATE

115. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-RPCARD                SUBROUTINE RPCARD                 UPDATE

116. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-RVLRCD                SUBROUTINE RVLRCD                 UPDATE

117. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-SUBSTR                SUBROUTINE SUBSTR                 UPDATE

118. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UBEGIN                SUBROUTINE UBEGIN                 UPDATE

119. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UBLOCK                BLOCK DATA UBLOCK                 UPDATE

120. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UBLOCKF               BLOCK DATA UBLOCKF                UPDATE

121. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UCHNGE                SUBROUTINE UCHNGE                 UPDATE

122. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UCKFLT                SUBROUTINE UCKFLT                 UPDATE

123. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UCKINT                SUBROUTINE UCKINT                 UPDATE

124. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UCKLOG                SUBROUTINE UCKLOG                 UPDATE

125. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UDKBLK                SUBROUTINE UDKBLK                 UPDATE

126. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UDTRRS                SUBROUTINE UDTRRS                 UPDATE

127. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UDTYPE                SUBROUTINE UDTYPE                 UPDATE

128. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UDUCNV                SUBROUTINE UDUCNV                 UPDATE

129. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UDUNIT                SUBROUTINE UDUNIT                 UPDATE

130. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM UEROR                 SUBROUTINE UEROR                  UPDATE

131. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UFA2F                 SUBROUTINE UFA2F                  UPDATE

132. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UFA2I                 SUBROUTINE UFA2I                  UPDATE

133. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UFI2A                 SUBROUTINE UFI2A                  UPDATE

134. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UFI2AZ                SUBROUTINE UFI2AZ                 UPDATE

135. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UFIELD                SUBROUTINE UFIELD                 UPDATE

136. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UFLDST                SUBROUTINE UFLDST                 UPDATE

137. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UINDEX                SUBROUTINE UINDEX                 UPDATE

138. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UINTCH                SUBROUTINE UINTCH                 UPDATE

139. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-ULEFTC                SUBROUTINE ULEFTC                 UPDATE

140. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-ULENTH                SUBROUTINE ULENTH                 UPDATE

141. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-ULINE                 SUBROUTINE ULINE                  UPDATE

142. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-ULINEL                SUBROUTINE ULINEL                 UPDATE

143. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UMEMO2                SUBROUTINE UMEMO2                 UPDATE

144. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UMEMOV                SUBROUTINE UMEMOV                 UPDATE

145. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UMEMS2                SUBROUTINE UMEMS2                 UPDATE

146. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UMEMST                SUBROUTINE UMEMST                 UPDATE

147. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UMOVE                 SUBROUTINE UMOVE                  UPDATE

148. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UMOVEX                SUBROUTINE UMOVEX                 UPDATE

149. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UPAGE                 SUBROUTINE UPAGE                  UPDATE

150. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UPRFLD                SUBROUTINE UPRFLD                 UPDATE

151. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-URBLOCK               BLOCK DATA URBLOCK                UPDATE

152. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-URELCH                SUBROUTINE URELCH                 UPDATE

153. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UREPET                SUBROUTINE UREPET                 UPDATE

154. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-URGHTC                SUBROUTINE URGHTC                 UPDATE

155. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-USORT1                SUBROUTINE USORT1                 UPDATE

156. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-USORT2                SUBROUTINE USORT2                 UPDATE

157. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-USTOP                 SUBROUTINE USTOP                  UPDATE

158. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-UWARN                 SUBROUTINE UWARN                  UPDATE

159. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-WARN                  SUBROUTINE WARN                   NEW

160. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-WPCARD                SUBROUTINE WPCARD                 UPDATE

161. IX.3.0B-SYSTEM-WVLRCD                SUBROUTINE WVLRCD                 UPDATE

162. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM                       Forecast System Hydrologic        NEW
                                           Command Language (HCL) and      
                                           General Utility Common Block    

163. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-FCTIME                Common Block FCTIME               UPDATE

164. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-FENGMT                Common Block FENGMT               UPDATE

165. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HARGMN                Common Block HARGMN               UPDATE

166. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HCNTRL                Common Block HCNTRL               UPDATE

167. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HCOMND                Common Block HCOMND               UPDATE

168. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HCURFC                Common Block HCURFC               UPDATE

169. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HDATAS                Common Block HDATAS               UPDATE

170. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HDFLTS                Common Block HDFLTS               UPDATE

171. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HGARGM                Common Block HGARGM               UPDATE

172. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HGTECH                Common Block HGTECH               UPDATE

173. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HINDX                 Common Block HINDX                UPDATE

174. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HPRFLG                Common Block HPRFLG               UPDATE

175. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HPROCC                Common Block HPROCC               UPDATE

176. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HPTRAY                Common Block HPTRAY               UPDATE

177. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HSEG1                 Common Block HSEG1                UPDATE

178. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HSVCRD                Common Block HSVCRD               UPDATE

179. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HTECHN                Common Block HTECHN               UPDATE

180. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HUNITS                Common Block HUNITS               UPDATE

181. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HUPRM2                Common Block HUPRM2               UPDATE

182. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HWORDS                Common Block HWORDS               UPDATE

183. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HWORD2                Common Block HWORD2               UPDATE

184. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-HWORD3                Common Block HWORD3               UPDATE

185. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-IONUM                 Common Block IONUM                UPDATE

186. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-UCMDBX                Common Block UCMDBX               UPDATE

187. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-UDATAS                Common Block UDATAS               UPDATE

188. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-UDEBUG                Common Block UDEBUG               UPDATE

189. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-UDTYPC                Common Block UDTYPC               UPDATE

190. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-UDUNTX                Common Block UDUNTX               UPDATE

191. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-UERORX                Common Block UERORX               UPDATE

192. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-UFIELX                Common Block UFIELX               UPDATE

193. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-UFILES                Common Block UFILES               UPDATE

194. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-UFREEI                Common Block UFREEI               UPDATE

195. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-UFSTCD                Common Block UFSTCD               UPDATE

196. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-UIO                   Common Block UIO                  UPDATE

197. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-UIOX                  Common Block UIOX                 UPDATE

198. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-UPAGEX                Common Block UPAGEX               UPDATE

199. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-UPVRSX                Common Block UPVRSX               UPDATE

200. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-UTIMRX                Common Block UTIMRX               UPDATE

201. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-UUNITS                Common Block UUNITS               UPDATE

202. IX.3.0C-SYSTEM-WHERE                 Common Block WHERE                UPDATE

203. IX.3.1-SYSTEM                        Forecast System Data Entry        UPDATE

204. IX.3.1-SYSTEM-DFBLOCK                BLOCK DATA DFBLOCK                UPDATE

205. IX.3.1-SYSTEM-DGBLOCK                BLOCK DATA DGBLOCK                UPDATE

206. IX.3.1-SYSTEM-DGPRT                  SUBROUTINE DGPRT                  UPDATE

207. IX.3.1-SYSTEM-DSBLOCK                BLOCK DATA DSBLOCK                UPDATE

208. IX.3.1-SYSTEM-DSPRT                  SUBROUTINE DSPRT                  UPDATE

209. IX.3.1-SYSTEM-WDGCH                  SUBROUTINE WDGCH                  UPDATE

210. IX.3.1-SYSTEM-WDGCR                  SUBROUTINE WDGCR                  UPDATE

211. IX.3.1-SYSTEM-WDGD                   SUBROUTINE WDGD                   UPDATE

212. IX.3.1-SYSTEM-WDSCH                  SUBROUTINE WDSCH                  UPDATE

213. IX.3.1-SYSTEM-WDSCR                  SUBROUTINE WDSCR                  UPDATE

214. IX.3.1-SYSTEM-WDSD                   SUBROUTINE WDSD                   UPDATE

215. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM                       Forecast System Program FCINIT    NEW
                                           and Program FCST Forecast       
                                           Functions System Subroutine     

216. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-CALBIO                SUBROUTINE CALBIO                 UPDATE

217. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-CDINPT                SUBROUTINE CDINPT                 UPDATE

218. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-CGDEF                 SUBROUTINE CGDEF                  UPDATE

219. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-CGDEL                 SUBROUTINE CGDEL                  UPDATE

220. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-CGDELA                SUBROUTINE CGDELA                 UPDATE

221. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-CGDELB                SUBROUTINE CGDELB                 UPDATE

222. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-CGDELC                SUBROUTINE CGDELC                 UPDATE

223. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-CGDSEG                SUBROUTINE CGDSEG                 UPDATE

224. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-CHECKC                SUBROUTINE CHECKC                 NEW

225. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-CHECKP                SUBROUTINE CHECKP                 NEW

226. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-CHECKT                SUBROUTINE CHECKT                 UPDATE

227. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-CHEKRC                SUBROUTINE CHEKRC                 NEW

228. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-CHEKTS                SUBROUTINE CHEKTS                 NEW

229. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-CKINPT                SUBROUTINE CKINPT                 UPDATE

230. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-COXDRV                SUBROUTINE COXDRV                 UPDATE

231. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-COXDR1                SUBROUTINE COXDR1                 UPDATE

232. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-COXDR2                SUBROUTINE COXDR2                 UPDATE

233. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-COXDR3                SUBROUTINE COXDR3                 UPDATE


235. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-DEFWY                 SUBROUTINE DEFWY                  UPDATE

236. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-DELSEG                SUBROUTINE DELSEG                 UPDATE

237. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FAJMDQ                SUBROUTINE FAJMDQ                 NEW

238. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FARGCK                SUBROUTINE FARGCK                 NEW

239. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FAZE0                 SUBROUTINE FAZE0                  UPDATE

240. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FAZE1                 SUBROUTINE FAZE1                  UPDATE

241. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FAZE2                 SUBROUTINE FAZE2                  UPDATE

242. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FAZE3                 SUBROUTINE FAZE3                  UPDATE

243. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FBLEND                SUBROUTINE FBLEND                 NEW

244. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCARGS                SUBROUTINE FCARGS                 UPDATE

245. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCBFCK                SUBROUTINE FCBFCK                 UPDATE

246. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCDATE                SUBROUTINE FCDATE                 UPDATE

247. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCDELT                SUBROUTINE FCDELT                 UPDATE

248. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCDMP1                SUBROUTINE FCDMP1                 UPDATE

249. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCDMP2                SUBROUTINE FCDMP2                 UPDATE

250. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCDMP3                SUBROUTINE FCDMP3                 UPDATE

251. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCEXCT                SUBROUTINE FCEXCT                 UPDATE

252. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCEXEC                SUBROUTINE FCEXEC                 UPDATE

253. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCHKCO                SUBROUTINE FCHKCO                 UPDATE

254. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCIDCK                SUBROUTINE FCIDCK                 UPDATE

255. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCINIT                SUBROUTINE FCINIT                 UPDATE

256. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCKTSX                SUBROUTINE FCKTSX                 UPDATE

257. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCLCD                 SUBROUTINE FCLCD                  UPDATE

258. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCOBBL                SUBROUTINE FCOBBL                 NEW

259. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCONVT                SUBROUTINE FCONVT                 NEW

260. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCORDR                SUBROUTINE FCORDR                 NEW

261. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCOSEG                SUBROUTINE FCOSEG                 UPDATE

262. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCPPTS                SUBROUTINE FCPPTS                 UPDATE

263. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCRDCF                SUBROUTINE FCRDCF                 UPDATE

264. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCRDPF                SUBROUTINE FCRDPF                 UPDATE

265. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCRDRC                SUBROUTINE FCRDRC                 UPDATE

266. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCSORT                SUBROUTINE FCSORT                 UPDATE

267. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCTSRD                SUBROUTINE FCTSRD                 UPDATE

268. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCTSWT                SUBROUTINE FCTSWT                 UPDATE


270. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCWTCF                SUBROUTINE FCWTCF                 UPDATE

271. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCWTCK                SUBROUTINE FCWTCK                 UPDATE

272. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCWTCO                SUBROUTINE FCWTCO                 NEW

273. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCWTPF                SUBROUTINE FCWTPF                 UPDATE

274. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCWTRC                SUBROUTINE FCWTRC                 UPDATE

275. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FDATCK                SUBROUTINE FDATCK                 UPDATE

276. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FDCODE                SUBROUTINE FDCODE                 UPDATE

277. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FDEFRC                SUBROUTINE FDEFRC                 UPDATE

278. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FDELRC                SUBROUTINE FDELRC                 NEW

279. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FDMPA                 SUBROUTINE FDMPA                  UPDATE

280. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FDMPCB                SUBROUTINE FDMPCB                 UPDATE

281. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FDRIVE                SUBROUTINE FDRIVE                 UPDATE

282. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FDRIV1                SUBROUTINE FDRIV1                 UPDATE

283. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FDRIV2                SUBROUTINE FDRIV2                 UPDATE

284. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FDRIV3                SUBROUTINE FDRIV3                 UPDATE

285. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FDRVWY                SUBROUTINE FDRVWY                 UPDATE

286. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FFPUIN                SUBROUTINE FFPUIN                 UPDATE

287. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FFPURL                SUBROUTINE FFPURL                 UPDATE

288. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FFRDIN                SUBROUTINE FFRDIN                 UPDATE

289. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FFRDRL                SUBROUTINE FFRDRL                 UPDATE

290. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FGDEF                 SUBROUTINE FGDEF                  UPDATE

291. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FGDEL                 SUBROUTINE FGDEL                  UPDATE

292. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FGGET                 SUBROUTINE FGGET                  UPDATE

293. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FGSGLS                SUBROUTINE FGSGLS                 UPDATE

294. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FHYDEX                SUBROUTINE FHYDEX                 UPDATE

295. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FILSGO                SUBROUTINE FILSGO                 UPDATE

296. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FILUVO                SUBROUTINE FILUVO                 UPDATE

297. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FINDRC                SUBROUTINE FINDRC                 UPDATE

298. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FINDTS                SUBROUTINE FINDTS                 UPDATE

299. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FINICO                SUBROUTINE FINICO                 UPDATE

300. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FLCMPL                SUBROUTINE FLCMPL                 UPDATE

301. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FLOCSG                SUBROUTINE FLOCSG                 NEW

302. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FLOOPR                SUBROUTINE FLOOPR                 UPDATE

303. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FMCOPS                SUBROUTINE FMCOPS                 UPDATE

304. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FMVTSL                SUBROUTINE FMVTSL                 UPDATE

305. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FNOCSV                SUBROUTINE FNOCSV                 UPDATE

306. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FOBSSG                SUBROUTINE FOBSSG                 UPDATE


308. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FPDBIO                SUBROUTINE FPDBIO                 UPDATE

309. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FPHPWN                SUBROUTINE FPHPWN                 UPDATE

310. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FPPPRM                SUBROUTINE FPPPRM                 UPDATE

311. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FPPSEG                SUBROUTINE FPPSEG                 UPDATE

312. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FPRBUG                SUBROUTINE FPRBUG                 NEW

313. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FPRCBA                SUBROUTINE FPRCBA                 UPDATE

314. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FPRCBB                SUBROUTINE FPRCBB                 UPDATE

315. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FPRCBC                SUBROUTINE FPRCBC                 UPDATE

316. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FPRCBD                SUBROUTINE FPRCBD                 UPDATE

317. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FPRCBE                SUBROUTINE FPRCBE                 UPDATE

318. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FPRCBF                SUBROUTINE FPRCBF                 UPDATE

319. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FPROPS                SUBROUTINE FPROPS                 UPDATE

320. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FPRRC                 SUBROUTINE FPRRC                  UPDATE

321. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FPRTCB                SUBROUTINE FPRTCB                 UPDATE

322. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FPRTOP                SUBROUTINE FPRTOP                 UPDATE

323. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FPRTRC                SUBROUTINE FPRTRC                 UPDATE

324. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FPTCRY                SUBROUTINE FPTCRY                 UPDATE

325. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FPTPRM                SUBROUTINE FPTPRM                 UPDATE

326. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FRCERR                SUBROUTINE FRCERR                 UPDATE

327. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FRCFQ                 SUBROUTINE FRCFQ                  UPDATE

328. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FRCID                 SUBROUTINE FRCID                  UPDATE

329. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FRCLEX                SUBROUTINE FRCLEX                 UPDATE

330. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FRCOPT                SUBROUTINE FRCOPT                 UPDATE

331. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FRCRDC                SUBROUTINE FRCRDC                 UPDATE

332. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FRCSHF                SUBROUTINE FRCSHF                 UPDATE

333. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FRCUN                 SUBROUTINE FRCUN                  UPDATE

334. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FRCUPD                SUBROUTINE FRCUPD                 UPDATE

335. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FRDCAL                SUBROUTINE FRDCAL                 UPDATE

336. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FRDCAR                SUBROUTINE FRDCAR                 UPDATE

337. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FRDPDB                SUBROUTINE FRDPDB                 UPDATE

338. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FRESTR                SUBROUTINE FRESTR                 UPDATE

339. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FRPLAC                SUBROUTINE FRPLAC                 UPDATE

340. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FSERCH                SUBROUTINE FSERCH                 NEW

341. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FSETBG                SUBROUTINE FSETBG                 NEW

342. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FSETNW                SUBROUTINE FSETNW                 UPDATE

343. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FSGDAT                SUBROUTINE FSGDAT                 UPDATE

344. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FSGDEF                SUBROUTINE FSGDEF                 UPDATE

345. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FSIGFG                SUBROUTINE FSIGFG                 UPDATE

346. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FSNWTR                SUBROUTINE FSNWTR                 UPDATE

347. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FSPOOL                SUBROUTINE FSPOOL                 UPDATE

348. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FSTACG                SUBROUTINE FSTACG                 UPDATE

349. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FSTAFG                SUBROUTINE FSTAFG                 UPDATE

350. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FSTAHD                SUBROUTINE FSTAHD                 UPDATE

351. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FSTASG                SUBROUTINE FSTASG                 UPDATE

352. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FSTAT1                SUBROUTINE FSTAT1                 UPDATE

353. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FSTATS                SUBROUTINE FSTATS                 UPDATE

354. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FSTGQ                 SUBROUTINE FSTGQ                  NEW

355. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FSTITM                SUBROUTINE FSTITM                 UPDATE

356. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FSTQCO                SUBROUTINE FSTQCO                 UPDATE

357. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FTEKCK                SUBROUTINE FTEKCK                 UPDATE

358. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FTERPL                SUBROUTINE FTERPL                 UPDATE

359. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FTMCHK                SUBROUTINE FTMCHK                 UPDATE

360. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FUPDCO                SUBROUTINE FUPDCO                 UPDATE

361. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FWCLEX                SUBROUTINE FWCLEX                 UPDATE

362. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FWTCAL                SUBROUTINE FWTCAL                 UPDATE

363. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FWTCAR                SUBROUTINE FWTCAR                 UPDATE

364. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FWTPDB                SUBROUTINE FWTPDB                 UPDATE

365. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FXTRPL                SUBROUTINE FXTRPL                 UPDATE

366. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-IFBUG                 FUNCTION IFBUG                    UPDATE

367. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-IFMSNG                SUBROUTINE IFMSNG                 NEW

368. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-IFRUN                 FUNCTION IFRUN                    UPDATE

369. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-KILLFN                SUBROUTINE KILLFN                 UPDATE

370. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-KILLPM                SUBROUTINE KILLPM                 UPDATE

371. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-PROPTB                SUBROUTINE PROPTB                 UPDATE

372. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-PROPT1                SUBROUTINE PROPT1                 UPDATE

373. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-PROPT2                SUBROUTINE PROPT2                 UPDATE

374. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-PROPT3                SUBROUTINE PROPT3                 UPDATE

375. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-PUOPTB                SUBROUTINE PUOPTB                 UPDATE

376. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-PUOPT1                SUBROUTINE PUOPT1                 UPDATE

377. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-PUOPT2                SUBROUTINE PUOPT2                 UPDATE

378. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-PUOPT3                SUBROUTINE PUOPT3                 UPDATE

379. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-RDLIST                SUBROUTINE RDLIST                 UPDATE

380. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-SETUP                 SUBROUTINE SETUP                  UPDATE

381. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-SETUP1                SUBROUTINE SETUP1                 UPDATE

382. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-SETUP2                SUBROUTINE SETUP2                 UPDATE

383. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-SETUP3                SUBROUTINE SETUP3                 UPDATE

384. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-STOP                  SUBROUTINE STOP                   UPDATE

385. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-STOPFN                SUBROUTINE STOPFN                 UPDATE

386. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-STOPIN                SUBROUTINE STOPIN                 UPDATE

387. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-TSDEF                 SUBROUTINE TSDEF                  UPDATE

388. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM                       Forecast System Program FCINIT    NEW
                                           and Program FCST Forecast       
                                           Functions System Common Block   

389. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-ERRDAT                Common Block ERRDAT               UPDATE

390. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FAPICO                Common Block FAPICO               UPDATE

391. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FC                    Common Block FC                   UPDATE

392. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCARY                 Common Block FCARY                UPDATE

393. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCASSM                Common Block FCASSM               UPDATE

394. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCCGD1                Common Block FCCGD1               UPDATE

395. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCCGD2                Common Block FCCGD2               UPDATE

396. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCCVP                 Common Block FCCVP                UPDATE

397. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCDFLT                Common Block FCDFLT               UPDATE

398. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCFGS                 Common Block FCFGS                UPDATE

399. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCFGS2                Common Block FCFGS2               UPDATE

400. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCFUTP                Common Block FCFUTP               UPDATE

401. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCHGRS                Common Block FCHGRS               UPDATE

402. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCIO                  Common Block FCIO                 UPDATE

403. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCIOBF                Common Block FCIOBF               UPDATE

404. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCOAPI                Common Block FCOAPI               UPDATE

405. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCONIT                Common Block FCONIT               UPDATE

406. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCOPPT                Common Block FCOPPT               UPDATE

407. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCOSAC                Common Block FCOSAC               UPDATE

408. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCRFC                 Common Block FCRFC                UPDATE

409. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCRUNC                Common Block FCRUNC               UPDATE

410. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCSEGC                Common Block FCSEGC               UPDATE

411. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCSEGP                Common Block FCSEGP               UPDATE

412. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCSGC1                Common Block FCSGC1               UPDATE

413. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCSGP2                Common Block FCSGP2               UPDATE

414. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCTIM2                Common Block FCTIM2               UPDATE

415. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FCUNIT                Common Block FCUNIT               UPDATE

416. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FD                    Common Block FD                   UPDATE

417. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FDBUG                 Common Block FDBUG                NEW

418. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FDISPL                Common Block FDISPL               UPDATE

419. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FDISPS                Common Block FDISPS               UPDATE

420. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FFGCTL                Common Block FFGCTL               UPDATE

421. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FIGNOR                Common Block FIGNOR               UPDATE

422. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FLARYS                Common Block FLARYS               UPDATE

423. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FMODFT                Common Block FMODFT               UPDATE

424. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FNOPR                 Common Block FNOPR                UPDATE

425. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FP                    Common Block FP                   UPDATE

426. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FPLOTC                Common Block FPLOTC               UPDATE

427. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FPLTAB                Common Block FPLTAB               UPDATE

428. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FPROG                 Common Block FPROG                NEW

429. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FPXTYP                Common Block FPXTYP               UPDATE

430. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FRARSW                Common Block FRARSW               UPDATE

431. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FRCERS                Common Block FRCERS               UPDATE

432. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FRCPTR                Common Block FRCPTR               UPDATE

433. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FSACCO                Common Block FSACCO               UPDATE

434. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FSACPR                Common Block FSACPR               UPDATE

435. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FSDATA                Common Block FSDATA               UPDATE

436. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FSGLST                Common Block FSGLST               UPDATE

437. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FSKDATA               Common Block FSKDATA              UPDATE

438. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FSNW                  Common Block FSNW                 UPDATE

439. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FSNWUP                Common Block FSNWUP               UPDATE

440. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FT                    Common Block FT                   UPDATE

441. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FTS                   Common Block FTS                  UPDATE

442. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FWYDS                 Common Block FWYDS                UPDATE

443. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-FWYDAT                Common Block FWYDAT               UPDATE

444. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-KILLCD                Common Block KILLCD               UPDATE

445. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MOD102                Common Block MOD102               UPDATE

446. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MOD119                Common Block MOD119               UPDATE

447. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MOD126                Common Block MOD126               UPDATE

448. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MOD127                Common Block MOD127               UPDATE

449. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MOD129                Common Block MOD129               UPDATE

450. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MOD130                Common Block MOD130               UPDATE

451. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MOD135                Common Block MOD135               UPDATE

452. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MOD136                Common Block MOD136               UPDATE

453. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MOD138                Common Block MOD138               UPDATE

454. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MOD151                Common Block MOD151               UPDATE

455. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MODRCS                Common Block MODRCS               UPDATE

456. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MODUHG                Common Block MODUHG               UPDATE

457. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-OLDC                  Common Block OLDC                 UPDATE

458. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-OLDP                  Common Block OLDP                 UPDATE

459. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-OLDT                  Common Block OLDT                 UPDATE

460. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-OLDTS                 Common Block OLDTS                UPDATE

461. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-OPLIST                Common Block OPLIST               UPDATE

462. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-PUDFLT                Common Block PUDFLT               UPDATE

463. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-RESETC                Common Block RESETC               UPDATE

464. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-SNCO19                Common Block SNCO19               UPDATE

465. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-SYSBUG                Common Block SYSBUG               UPDATE

466. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-TOTERZ                Common Block TOTERZ               UPDATE

467. IX.3.4B-SYSTEM-PDHASH                SUBROUTINE PDHASH                 UPDATE

468. IX.3.7B-SYSTEM                       Forecast Component Data Base      UPDATE
                                           Read/Write System Subroutine    

469. IX.3.7C-SYSTEM                       Forecast System Forecast          UPDATE
                                           Component Data Base Read/Write  
                                           Common Block Descriptions       

470. IX.4.5C-SYSTEM                       Forecast Component Data Base      NEW
                                           File Interactions               

471. IX.4.5C-SYSTEM-CGDEF                 Program FCINIT Command CGDEF      NEW

472. IX.4.5C-SYSTEM-DEF-RC                Program FCINIT Command DEF-RC     NEW

473. IX.4.5C-SYSTEM-DELETE                Program FCINIT Command DELETE     NEW

474. IX.4.5C-SYSTEM-FGDEF                 Program FCINIT Commands FGDEF     NEW
                                           and SPECIALFG                   

475. IX.4.5C-SYSTEM-RESEGDEF              Program FCINIT Command RESEGDEF   NEW

476. IX.4.5C-SYSTEM-SEGDATE               Program FCINIT Command SEGDATE    NEW

477. IX.4.5C-SYSTEM-SEGDEF                Program FCINIT Command SEGDEF     NEW

478. IX.6.1-SYSTEM                        Extended Streamflow Prediction    UPDATE
                                           (ESP) Internal System Arrays    

479. IX.6.1-SYSTEM-A                      Extended Streamflow Prediction    UPDATE
                                           Internal Array A                

480. IX.6.2-SYSTEM                        Extended Streamflow Prediction    NEW
                                           (ESP) System Subroutine         

481. IX.6.3-SYSTEM                        Extended Streamflow Prediction    NEW
                                           (ESP) System Common Block       

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