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                     SELECTED USER RELEASE

RELEASE DATE:  05/08/2005           RELEASE NUMBER:  81 


DOCUMENT IDENTIFIER                  DOCUMENT TITLE                    STATUS

II.9-FFG                             Flash Flood and Water Supply      DELETE

II.9-FFG-COMP                        Flash Flood Guidance              DELETE
                                      Computational Method            

II.9-FFG-OPER                        Flash Flood Guidance Operation    DELETE

II.9-FFG-RUNOFF                      Threshold Runoff                  DELETE

II.9-FFG-SYS                         System Specifications             DELETE

II.9-FFG-SYS-FFGUID                  Flash Flood Guidance Program -    DELETE

II.9-FFG-SYS-PRODGEN                 Product Generation Program -      DELETE

II.9-FFG-WSUP                        Municipal Water Supply Guidance   DELETE

IX.3.0B-ERROR                        SUBROUTINE ERROR                  DELETE

IX.3.0B-JULDA                        SUBROUTINE JULDA                  DELETE

IX.3.0B-MDYH1,MDYH2                  SUBROUTINES MDYH1 and MDYH2       DELETE

IX.3.3B-CHECKC                       SUBROUTINE CHECKC                 DELETE

IX.3.3B-CHECKP                       SUBROUTINE CHECKP                 DELETE

IX.3.3B-CHEKRC                       SUBROUTINE CHEKRC                 DELETE

IX.3.3B-CHEKTS                       SUBROUTINE CHEKTS                 DELETE

IX.3.3B-FAJMDQ                       SUBROUTINE FAJMDQ                 DELETE

IX.3.3B-FBLEND                       SUBROUTINE FBLEND                 DELETE

IX.3.3B-FCDATE                       SUBROUTINE FCDATE                 DELETE

IX.3.3B-FCOBBL                       SUBROUTINE FCOBBL                 DELETE

IX.3.3B-FCONVT                       SUBROUTINE FCONVT                 DELETE

IX.3.3B-FCORDR                       SUBROUTINE FCORDR                 DELETE

IX.3.3B-FCWTCO                       SUBROUTINE FCWTCO                 DELETE

IX.3.3B-FDCODE                       SUBROUTINE FDCODE                 DELETE

IX.3.3B-FLOCSG                       SUBROUTINE FLOCSG                 DELETE

IX.3.3B-FOPCDE                       SUBROUTINE FOPCDE                 DELETE

IX.3.3B-FPRBUG                       SUBROUTINE FPRBUG                 DELETE

IX.3.3B-FSERCH                       SUBROUTINE FSERCH                 DELETE

IX.3.3B-FSETBG                       SUBROUTINE FSETBG                 DELETE

IX.3.3B-FSTGQ                        SUBROUTINE FSTGQ                  DELETE

IX.3.3B-IFMSNG                       FUNCTION IFMSNG                   DELETE

IX.3.3C-FAPICO                       Common Block FAPICO               DELETE

IX.3.3C-FCARY                        Common Block FCARY                DELETE

IX.3.3C-FCOAPI                       Common Block FCOAPI               DELETE

IX.3.3C-FCONIT                       Common Block FCONIT               DELETE

IX.3.3C-FCOSAC                       Common Block FCOSAC               DELETE

IX.3.3C-FCSEGC                       Common Block FCSEGC               DELETE

IX.3.3C-FDBUG                        Common Block FDBUG                DELETE

IX.3.3C-FDISPS                       Common Block FDISPS               DELETE

IX.3.3C-FNOPR                        Common Block FNOPR                DELETE

IX.3.3C-FPLOTC                       Common Block FPLOTC               DELETE

IX.3.3C-FPLTAB                       Common Block FPLTAB               DELETE

IX.3.3C-FPROG                        Common Block FPROG                DELETE

IX.3.3C-FPXTYP                       Common Block FPXTYP               DELETE

IX.3.3C-FRARSW                       Common Block FRARSW               DELETE

IX.3.3C-FSACPR                       Common Block FSACPR               DELETE

IX.3.3C-FSDATA                       Common Block FSDATA               DELETE

IX.3.3C-FSNW                         Common Block FSNW                 DELETE

IX.3.3C-FSNWUP                       Common Block FSNWUP               DELETE

IX.3.3C-MOD126                       Common Block MOD126               DELETE

IX.3.3C-MOD129                       Common Block MOD129               DELETE

IX.3.3C-MOD135                       Common Block MOD135               DELETE

IX.3.3C-MOD136                       Common Block MOD136               DELETE

IX.3.4B-WPDSS                        SUBROUTINE WPDSS                  DELETE

IX.4.5C                              Forecast Component Data Base      DELETE
                                      File Interactions               

IX.4.5C-CGDEF                        Command CGDEF                     DELETE

IX.4.5C-DEF-RC                       Command DEF-RC                    DELETE

IX.4.5C-DELETE                       Command DELETE                    DELETE

IX.4.5C-FGDEF                        Commands FGDEF and SPECIALFG      DELETE

IX.4.5C-RESEGDEF                     Command RESEGDEF                  DELETE

IX.4.5C-SEGDATE                      Command SEGDATE                   DELETE

IX.4.5C-SEGDEF                       Command SEGDEF                    DELETE

IX.4.7A-GRID                         File Name: /grro/hrd /grff/hrd    DELETE

IX.4.7A-USRINFO                      File Name: usrinfo                DELETE

IX.6.2-EFINTS                        SUBROUTINE EFINTS                 DELETE

IX.6.2-EFNDSG                        SUBROUTINE EFNDSG                 DELETE

IX.6.2-ESPRDF                        SUBROUTINE ESPRDF                 DELETE

IX.6.2-ESTRT                         SUBROUTINE ESTRT                  DELETE

IX.6.3-EP                            Common Block EP                   DELETE

IX.6.3-ESP                           Common Block ESP                  DELETE

IX.6.3-ESPFLE                        Common Block ESPFLE               DELETE

IX.6.3-ESPSEG                        Common Block ESPSEG               DELETE

IX.6.3-ETS                           Common Block ETS                  DELETE

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