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                     SELECTED USER RELEASE

RELEASE DATE:  05/11/2005           RELEASE NUMBER:  82 


     DOCUMENT IDENTIFIER                  DOCUMENT TITLE                    STATUS
  1. OUTLINE-SLCT_USERS                   NWSRFS User Manual Outline for    UPDATE
                                           Selected Users Distribution     

  2. OUTLINE-BOTH_USERS                   NWSRFS User Manual Outline for    UPDATE
                                           All Users and Selected Users    

  3. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-FCTSWT                SUBROUTINE FCTSWT                 UPDATE

  4. IX.3.3B-SYSTEM-SETUP                 SUBROUTINE SETUP                  UPDATE

  5. IX.3.3C-SYSTEM-MOD130                Common Block MOD130               UPDATE

  6. IX.7-SYSTEM                          Flash Flood Guidance (FFG)        UPDATE
                                           System Modules                  

  7. IX.7.1-SYSTEM                        Flash Flood Guidance System       UPDATE
                                           (FFG) Program FFGUID Modules    

  8. IX.7.1A-SYSTEM                       Introduction to the Flash Flood   UPDATE
                                           Guidance System (FFG) Program   
                                           FFGUID Source Code Description  

  9. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM                       Flash Flood Guidance System       UPDATE
                                           (FFG) Program FFGUID Subroutine 

 10. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-CALCP                 SUBROUTINE CALCP                  UPDATE

 11. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-CALCRO                SUBROUTINE CALCRO                 UPDATE

 12. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-CKAREA                SUBROUTINE CKAREA                 UPDATE

 13. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-CPAREA                SUBROUTINE CPAREA                 UPDATE

 14. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-CPCARY                SUBROUTINE CPCARY                 UPDATE

 15. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-CPGRID                SUBROUTINE CPGRID                 UPDATE

 16. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-CPHED                 SUBROUTINE CPHED                  UPDATE

 17. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-CPSUP                 SUBROUTINE CPSUP                  UPDATE

 18. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-DUAREA                SUBROUTINE DUAREA                 UPDATE

 19. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-DUFFPM                SUBROUTINE DUFFPM                 UPDATE

 20. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-DUGDPM                SUBROUTINE DUGDPM                 UPDATE

 21. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-DUHED                 SUBROUTINE DUHED                  UPDATE

 22. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-DUSUP                 SUBROUTINE DUSUP                  UPDATE

 23. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-EDAREA                SUBROUTINE EDAREA                 UPDATE

 24. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-EDGDPM                SUBROUTINE EDGDPM                 UPDATE

 25. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-EDGRID                SUBROUTINE EDGRID                 UPDATE

 26. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-EDHED                 SUBROUTINE EDHED                  UPDATE

 27. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-EDSUP                 SUBROUTINE EDSUP                  UPDATE

 28. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-LININT                SUBROUTINE LININT                 UPDATE

 29. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-MBBLS                 SUBROUTINE MBBLS                  UPDATE

 30. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-MFFPRM                SUBROUTINE MFFPRM                 UPDATE

 31. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-MGRID                 SUBROUTINE MGRID                  UPDATE

 32. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-PINARE                SUBROUTINE PINARE                 UPDATE

 33. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-PINGPM                SUBROUTINE PINGPM                 UPDATE

 34. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-PINGRO                SUBROUTINE PINGRO                 UPDATE

 35. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-PINHED                SUBROUTINE PINHED                 UPDATE

 36. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-PINSUP                SUBROUTINE PINSUP                 UPDATE

 37. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-PUTARE                SUBROUTINE PUTARE                 UPDATE

 38. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-PUTGRO                SUBROUTINE PUTGRO                 UPDATE

 39. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-PUTHED                SUBROUTINE PUTHED                 UPDATE

 40. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-PUTSUP                SUBROUTINE PUTSUP                 UPDATE

 41. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-RCCI                  SUBROUTINE RCCI                   UPDATE

 42. IX.7.1B-SYSTEM-TRCARY                SUBROUTINE TRCARY                 UPDATE

 43. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM                       Flash Flood Guidance (FFG)        UPDATE
                                           System Common Block Descriptions

 44. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-ARPARM                FFGS Common Block ARPARM          UPDATE

 45. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-BSNSIZ                FFGS Common Block BSNSIZ          UPDATE

 46. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-COUNT                 FFGS Common Block COUNT           UPDATE

 47. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-FFGRID                FFGS Common Block FFGRID          UPDATE

 48. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-GBX                   FFGS Common Block GBX             UPDATE

 49. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-GDEBUG                FFGS Common Block GDEBUG          UPDATE

 50. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-GFX                   FFGS Common Block GFX             UPDATE

 51. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-GHFLD                 FFGS Common Block GHFLD           NEW

 52. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-GIDX                  FFGS Common Block GIDX            UPDATE

 53. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-GPO                   FFGS Common Block GPO             UPDATE

 54. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-GRIDPM                FFGS Common Block GRIDPM          UPDATE

 55. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-GRIDSZ                FFGS Common Block GRIDSZ          UPDATE

 56. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-HWPARM                FFGS Common Block HWPARM          UPDATE

 57. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-IGPARM                FFGS Common Block IGPARM          UPDATE

 58. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-IODEV                 FFGS Common Block IODEV           UPDATE

 59. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-IODNO                 FFGS Common Block IODNO           UPDATE

 60. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-IUWS                  FFGS Common Block IUWS            UPDATE

 61. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-LINSEG                FFGS Common Block LINSEG          UPDATE

 62. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-PATHS                 FFGS Common Block PATHS           UPDATE

 63. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-POPTNS                FFGS Common Block POPTNS          UPDATE

 64. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-PROGRM                FFGS Common Block PROGRM          UPDATE

 65. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-ROGRID                FFGS Common Block ROGRID          UPDATE

 66. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-TIMEZ                 FFGS Common Block TIMEZ           UPDATE

 67. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-UINFO                 FFGS Common Block UINFO           UPDATE

 68. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-WSPARM                FFGS Common Block WSPARM          UPDATE

 69. IX.7.1C-SYSTEM-XGPO                  FFGS Common Block XGPO            UPDATE

 70. IX.7.2-SYSTEM                        Flash Flood Guidance System       UPDATE
                                           (FFG) Program PRODGEN Modules   

 71. IX.7.2A-SYSTEM                       Introduction to the Flash Flood   UPDATE
                                           Guidance System (FFG) Program   
                                           PRODGEN Source Code Description 

 72. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM                       Flash Flood Guidance System       UPDATE
                                           (FFG) Program PRODGEN Subroutine

 73. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-DUGRPP                SUBROUTINE DUGRPP                 UPDATE

 74. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-DUPROD                SUBROUTINE DUPROD                 UPDATE

 75. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-DUTEXT                SUBROUTINE DUTEXT                 UPDATE

 76. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-EDGRPP                SUBROUTINE EDGRPP                 UPDATE

 77. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-EDPROD                SUBROUTINE EDPROD                 UPDATE

 78. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-EDTEXT                SUBROUTINE EDTEXT                 UPDATE

 79. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-GETDUT                SUBROUTINE GETDUT                 UPDATE

 80. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-GETGRP                SUBROUTINE GETGRP                 UPDATE

 81. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-GETPRD                SUBROUTINE GETPRD                 UPDATE

 82. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-GETTXT                SUBROUTINE GETTXT                 UPDATE

 83. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-GPAREA                SUBROUTINE GPAREA                 UPDATE

 84. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-GPCARY                SUBROUTINE GPCARY                 UPDATE

 85. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-GPCOMM                SUBROUTINE GPCOMM                 UPDATE

 86. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-GPDOTB                SUBROUTINE GPDOTB                 UPDATE

 87. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-GPGFFG                SUBROUTINE GPGFFG                 UPDATE

 88. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-GPGRPP                SUBROUTINE GPGRPP                 UPDATE

 89. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-GPHED                 SUBROUTINE GPHED                  UPDATE

 90. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-GPISSU                SUBROUTINE GPISSU                 UPDATE

 91. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-GPLABL                SUBROUTINE GPLABL                 UPDATE

 92. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-GPPROD                SUBROUTINE GPPROD                 UPDATE

 93. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-GPSUP                 SUBROUTINE GPSUP                  UPDATE

 94. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-GPTEXT                SUBROUTINE GPTEXT                 UPDATE

 95. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-GPUGC                 SUBROUTINE GPUGC                  UPDATE

 96. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-LISTID                SUBROUTINE LISTID                 UPDATE

 97. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-MPGPRM                SUBROUTINE MPGPRM                 UPDATE

 98. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-PINGRP                SUBROUTINE PINGRP                 UPDATE

 99. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-PINPRD                SUBROUTINE PINPRD                 UPDATE

100. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-PINTXT                SUBROUTINE PINTXT                 UPDATE

101. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-PROCID                SUBROUTINE PROCID                 UPDATE

102. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-PUTGRP                SUBROUTINE PUTGRP                 UPDATE

103. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-PUTPRD                SUBROUTINE PUTPRD                 UPDATE

104. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-PUTTXT                SUBROUTINE PUTTXT                 UPDATE

105. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-SHEFPE                SUBROUTINE SHEFPE                 UPDATE

106. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-WRDOTA                SUBROUTINE WRDOTA                 UPDATE

107. IX.7.2B-SYSTEM-WRDOTB                SUBROUTINE WRDOTB                 UPDATE

108. IX.7.2C-SYSTEM                       Flash Flood Guidance (FFG)        UPDATE
                                           System Program PRODGEN Common   
                                           Block Descriptions              

109. IX.7.2C-SYSTEM-GRPPAR                FFGS Common Block GRPPAR          UPDATE

110. IX.7.2C-SYSTEM-PFPARM                FFGS Common Block PFPARM          UPDATE

111. IX.7.2C-SYSTEM-PROPAR                FFGS Common Block PROPAR          UPDATE

112. IX.7.2C-SYSTEM-TXTPAR                FFGS Common Block TXTPAR          UPDATE

113. IX.7.3-SYSTEM                        Flash Flood Guidance (FFG)        UPDATE
                                           System Shared Source Code       

114. IX.7.3A-SYSTEM                       Introduction to the Flash Flood   UPDATE
                                           Guidance (FFG) System Shared    
                                           Source Code Description         

115. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM                       Flash Flood Guidance (FFG)        UPDATE
                                           System Shared Subroutine        

116. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-ADDIDX                SUBROUTINE ADDIDX                 UPDATE

117. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-ADELIM                SUBROUTINE ADELIM                 UPDATE

118. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-BTYPE                 SUBROUTINE BTYPE                  UPDATE

119. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-CKCPD                 SUBROUTINE CKCPD                  UPDATE

120. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-CVLLGD                SUBROUTINE CVLLGD                 UPDATE

121. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-DATIMI                SUBROUTINE DATIMI                 UPDATE

122. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-DATIMZ                SUBROUTINE DATIMZ                 UPDATE

123. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-DISPID                SUBROUTINE DISPID                 UPDATE

124. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-DSPBB                 SUBROUTINE DSPBB                  UPDATE

125. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-DSPGRD                SUBROUTINE DSPGRD                 UPDATE

126. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-GETAR                 SUBROUTINE GETAR                  UPDATE

127. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-GETBB                 SUBROUTINE GETBB                  UPDATE

128. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-GETGPM                SUBROUTINE GETGPM                 UPDATE

129. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-GETGRD                SUBROUTINE GETGRD                 UPDATE

130. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-GETHED                SUBROUTINE GETHED                 UPDATE

131. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-GETHIQ                SUBROUTINE GETHIQ                 UPDATE

132. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-GETIDX                SUBROUTINE GETIDX                 UPDATE

133. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-GETINF                SUBROUTINE GETINF                 UPDATE

134. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-GETSUP                SUBROUTINE GETSUP                 UPDATE

135. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-INFXDT                SUBROUTINE INFXDT                 UPDATE

136. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-INT2XT                SUBROUTINE INT2XT                 UPDATE

137. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-OPNLOG                SUBROUTINE OPNLOG                 UPDATE

138. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-PRBUG                 SUBROUTINE PRBUG                  UPDATE

139. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-PRNAMV                SUBROUTINE PRNAMV                 UPDATE

140. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-PSTCOD                SUBROUTINE PSTCOD                 UPDATE

141. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-STRGRD                SUBROUTINE STRGRD                 UPDATE

142. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-STRIDX                SUBROUTINE STRIDX                 UPDATE

143. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-STRINF                SUBROUTINE STRINF                 UPDATE

144. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-SUBIDX                SUBROUTINE SUBIDX                 UPDATE

145. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-TYPENT                SUBROUTINE TYPENT                 UPDATE

146. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-TZCNUM                SUBROUTINE TZCNUM                 UPDATE

147. IX.7.3B-SYSTEM-USRINF                SUBROUTINE USRINF                 UPDATE

148. IX.7.4-SYSTEM                        Flash Flood Guidance (FFG)        UPDATE
                                           System Utility Subroutines      

149. IX.7.4A-SYSTEM                       Introduction to the Flash Flood   UPDATE
                                           Guidance (FFG) System Utility   
                                           Source Code Descriptions        

150. IX.7.4B-SYSTEM                       Flash Flood Guidance (FFG)        UPDATE
                                           System Utility Subroutine       

151. IX.7.4B-SYSTEM-DEGCON                SUBROUTINE DEGCON                 UPDATE

152. IX.7.4B-SYSTEM-EDVCA                 SUBROUTINE EDVCA                  UPDATE

153. IX.7.4B-SYSTEM-EDVCAG                SUBROUTINE EDVCAG                 UPDATE

154. IX.7.4B-SYSTEM-EDVI                  SUBROUTINE EDVI                   UPDATE

155. IX.7.4B-SYSTEM-EDVIAG                SUBROUTINE EDVIAG                 UPDATE

156. IX.7.4B-SYSTEM-EDVID                 SUBROUTINE EDVID                  UPDATE

157. IX.7.4B-SYSTEM-EDVRA                 SUBROUTINE EDVRA                  UPDATE

158. IX.7.4B-SYSTEM-EDVRAG                SUBROUTINE EDVRAG                 UPDATE

159. IX.7.4B-SYSTEM-EDWTID                SUBROUTINE EDWTID                 UPDATE

160. IX.7.4B-SYSTEM-UC2IR                 SUBROUTINE UC2IR                  UPDATE

161. IX.7.4B-SYSTEM-UCW2C1                SUBROUTINE UCW2C1                 UPDATE

162. IX.7.4B-SYSTEM-UCW2C4                SUBROUTINE UCW2C4                 UPDATE

163. IX.7.4B-SYSTEM-UFFCH                 SUBROUTINE UFFCH                  UPDATE

164. IX.7.4B-SYSTEM-UFFIR                 SUBROUTINE UFFIR                  UPDATE

165. IX.7.4B-SYSTEM-UI2C4                 SUBROUTINE UI2C4                  UPDATE

166. IX.7.5-SYSTEM                        Flash Flood Guidance System       UPDATE
                                           (FFG) Data Base Access          

167. IX.7.5A-SYSTEM                       Introduction to the Flash Flood   UPDATE
                                           Guidance (FFG) System Data Base 
                                           Access Source Code Description  

168. IX.7.5B-SYSTEM                       Flash Flood Guidance System       UPDATE
                                           (FFG) Data Base Access          
                                           Subroutine Descriptions         

169. IX.7.5B-SYSTEM-DEVNUM                SUBROUTINE DEVNUM                 UPDATE

170. IX.7.5B-SYSTEM-DRNAME                SUBROUTINE DRNAME                 UPDATE

171. IX.7.5B-SYSTEM-ENVFIX                SUBROUTINE ENVFIX                 UPDATE

172. IX.7.5B-SYSTEM-FIXFIL                SUBROUTINE FIXFIL                 UPDATE

173. IX.7.5B-SYSTEM-FIXOPN                SUBROUTINE FIXOPN                 UPDATE

174. IX.7.5B-SYSTEM-MKFNAM                SUBROUTINE MKFNAM                 UPDATE

175. IX.7.5B-SYSTEM-RDXMRG                SUBROUTINE RDXMRG                 NEW

176. IX.7.5B-SYSTEM-RPPFIL                SUBROUTINE RPPFIL                 UPDATE

177. IX.7.5B-SYSTEM-WPPFIL                SUBROUTINE RPPFIL                 NEW

178. IX.7.5B-SYSTEM-WRXMRG                SUBROUTINE WRXMRG                 NEW

179. IX.7.6-SYSTEM                        GRIBIT Program GRIB Encoder       UPDATE

180. IX.7.6A-SYSTEM                       Introduction to the FFGS GRIBIT   UPDATE
                                           Module Source Code Descriptions 

181. IX.7.6B-SYSTEM                       GRIBIT (GRIB Encoder) Subroutine  UPDATE

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