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TEAM MEMBERS: Team A Dr. Lee W. Larson -- Co-Team Leader Chief, Hydrologic Research Laboratory Office of Hydrology Silver Spring, Maryland Phone: 301-713-0640x127 Fax: 301-713-0963 Dr. Thomas M. Graziano Meteorologist Office of Meteorology Silver Spring, Maryland Phone: 301-713-1970x103 Fax: 301-589-1321 Gerald J. Nibler Regional Hydrologist National Weather Service Alaska Region Anchorage, Alaska Phone: 907-266-5151 Fax: 907-266-5281 Stephanie N. Kenitzer Public Affairs Officer National Weather Service Public Affairs Silver Spring, Maryland Phone: 301-713-0622x166 Fax: 301-713-1292 Nicholas Leivers -- Eastern Region Consultant Dissemination Meteorologist National Weather Service Eastern Region Bohemia, New York Phone: 516-244-0122 Fax: 516-244-0167 Team B Professor Soroosh Sorooshian -- Co-Team Leader Department Head Department of Hydrology and Water Resources University of Arizona Tulsa, Arizona Phone: 602-621-1661 Fax: 520-621-1422 Eve Gruntfest Associate Professor Department of Geography University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Colorado Phone: 719-262-3513 Fax: 719-262-3019 William T. Davis Meteorologist-in-Charge National Weather Service Office Springfield, Missouri Phone: 417-863-8028 Fax: 417-863-6209 Mark L. Walton Service Hydrologist National Weather Service Office Grand Rapids, Michigan Phone: 616-949-0643 Fax: 616-949-1708 Arthur F. Henkle Development and Operations Hydrologist Colorado Basin River Forecast Center Salt Lake City, Utah Phone: 801-524-5130x323 Fax: 801-524-4030 Peter J. Gabrielsen -- Eastern Region Consultant Deputy Regional Hydrologist National Weather Service Eastern Region Bohemia, New York Phone: 516-244-0111 Fax: 516-244-0167 Dr. Eric A. Anderson -- NWS Consultant National Weather Service Moneta, Virginia Phone: 540-721-1994 Fax: none ITINERARY: Team A Team B Return to Table of Contents

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