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An attempt was made to identify the 33 reported flood deaths by name. The following is the result of that effort. Deaths Pennsylvania 18 New York 9 West Virginia 1 Virginia 4 Vermont 1 Total 33 (NOTE -- the names in bold were listed in newspaper articles. Others were not confirmed) 1. Jean Lepley, 62, Bedford, Pennsylvania -- truck was swept away. 2. Walter McChessney III, 17, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania -- swept into river while riding bicycle, repeated rescue attempts by helicopter and jetski. 3. Lois Quarry, 68, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania -- flood related stress. 4 & 5. Frank Vincent Kagenski, 77, and his wife Gladys, 75, Trout Run, Pennsylvania -- vehicle swept away by flood waters on State Route 14. 6 & 7. Robert Barron, 8, New Cumberland, Pennsylvania -- mother and son driving home? Kimberly Sue Barron, 35, Mifflin, Pennsylvania. 8. John Keck, 68, Landisville, Pennsylvania -- vehicle swept of bridge on State Route 14. 9. Mary Ann Blair, 38, Cogan Station, Pennsylvania -- mobile home swept away by flooding. 10. Melvin Trine, 54, Montreoton, Pennsylvania -- died of hypothermia and asphyxiation due to drowning. 11. Dorothea Williams, 59, Williamsport, Pennsylvania -- hypothermia, asphyxiation, and shock. 12. James R. Schwegler, 41, Landsdale, Pennsylvania -- swept into Perkiomen Creek. 13. Melody Kay Schlaline, 34, Mifflin, Pennsylvania -- left note at her car saying she would walk home; swept away. 14. William Hackenberger, 38, Mifflin, Pennsylvania. 15. Craig E. Enck, Hampton Township, Pennsylvania. 16-20. The following 5 people died in Delaware County, New York, driving in one car when a pond dam collapsed. Donald Cobb Sr., 27 Laurie Cobb, 32 Tyler Cobb, 1 Donald Cobb, 3 Melvin B. Cobb, 23 21. Unidentified person killed in same pond dam collapse, driving a car. 22-25. Four deaths occurred in Culpeper County, Virginia. A car carrying two 14- year-old and one 15-year-old teenagers, and a 20-year-old adult drove past a high water barrier late Friday night and were swept away by raging flash flood currents. 26. A 75-year-old man refused to abandon his home during the evacuation in Snyder County near Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. He later attempted to leave by car and was swept away. 27. A 32-year-old man drove around a barricade in Cumberland County near Middlesex, Pennsylvania. He abandoned his car in the water and was on foot when he fell through ice on the flooded roadway. 28. Pennsylvania - unknown. 29-31. New York - unknown 32. West Virginia - unknown 33. Vermont -- unknown. Return to Table of Contents

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