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ADVIS Automated Flood Advisory Procedure AFOS Automation of Field Operations and Services AHPS Advanced Hydrologic Prediction System ALERT Automated Local Evaluation in Real Time AMS American Meteorological Society API Antecedent Precipitation Index ARC Automatic Remote Collectors ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers ASOS Automated Surface Observing System AWIPS Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System CADAS Centralized Automated Data Acquisition System COE U.S. Army Corps of Engineers CWA County Warning Area CWFA County Warning and Forecast Area DAPM Data Acquisition Program Manager DCP Data Collection Platform EBS Emergency Broadcast System EMA Emergency Management Agency EMWIN Emergency Management Weather Information Network ESA Electronics Systems Analyst ESP Ensemble Streamflow Prediction FCC Federal Communications Commission FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard FLARE Flood Analysis and River Emulator GOES Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite HADS Hydrometeorological Automated Data System HAS Hydrometeorological Analysis and Support HMD Hydrometeorological Discussion Product HPC Hydrologic Prediction Center HSA Hydrologic Service Area IFLOWS Integrated Flood Observing and Warning System IFP Interactive Forecast Program IWIN Interactive Weather Information Network (Internet version of EMWIN) LAN Local Area Network LARC Limited Automated Remote Collectors MAP Mean Areal Precipitation MAR Modernization and Associated Restructuring MARFC Middle Atlantic River Forecast Center MIC Meteorologist-in-Charge NAS National Academy of Sciences NAWAS National Warning System NCCF NOAA Central Computer Facility NCEP National Center for Environmental Prediction NEXRAD Next Generation Weather Radar NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOHRSC National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center NPPU National Precipitation Prediction Unit NWA National Weather Association NWR NOAA Weather Radio NWS National Weather Service NWSFO NEXRAD Weather Service Forecast Office NWSO NEXRAD Weather Service Office NWSRFS National Weather Service River Forecast System NWWS NOAA Weather Wire Service OES Office of Emergency Services OH Office of Hydrology OHRFC Ohio River Forecast Center OML Operations Manual Letter OSF WSR-88D Operational Support Facility PMDEPD Extended Forecast Discussion from the HPC/NCEP QPF Quantitative Precipitation Forecast QPFERD Excessive Rainfall Potential Outlook from the HPC/NCEP QPFPFD Quantitative Precipitation Forecast Discussion from the HPC/NCEP RDA Radar Data Acquisition RFC River Forecast Center ROML Regional Operations Manual Letter ROSA Remote Observation System Automation RPG Radar Product Generator SDM Station Duty Manual SEUS Snow Estimation and Updating System SH Service Hydrologist SHEF Standard Hydrometeorological Exchange Format SOO Science and Operations Officer SRBC Susquehanna River Basin Commission UADJ UADJUST parameter for NWSRFS UHF Ultra High Frequency USGS U.S. Geological Survey UTC universale temp coordinaire (French) translated as coordinated universal time WAN Wide Area Network WCM Warning Coordination Meteorologist WARFS Water Resources Forecast System WHFS WFO Hydrologic Forecast System WSH National Weather Service Headquarters WSR-88D Doppler Weather Surveillance Radar Return to Table of Contents

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